DC: 26 Hilarious Wonder Woman Comics That Are Extra Sweet

There’s a joke making the rounds on the internet— you know Wonder Woman has super strength because she has to carry the DC Movie franchise. Ba dum bum bsssh. That was a drum snare written out phonetically. That joke is more fact than quip though. With the recent release of Avengers: Infinity War Part One, which as advertised, truly is the most ambitious cinematic crossover in history, we’re left comparing the franchise to its less successful cousin who has never really moved out of his parents’ basement. Sure, he’s got dreams of stardom replete with gritty crossovers as well. Batman v. Superman and Man of Steel may have performed fine at the box office, but they were far from the critical darlings that Marvel seems to churn out with Flash-like superspeed.

Enter Wonder Woman. The year was 2017. You may remember it. The age was a harrowing time. Cinema-goers flocked to the theatres to see the popular movie — after all it had been some time since any DC movie had hit the mainstream. These tent-pole blockbusters put posteriors in seats and make bank precisely because they count on us begrudging attendees. Bafflingly, the movie wasn’t half bad. By DC standards, it was gosh-dang Citizen Kane. Patty Jenkin’s assured direction and a fine script packed with strong emotion was certainly key, but the film largely succeeded due to the character of Wonder Woman as played by Gal Gadot. It turns out audiences were hungry for some superheroes who aren’t male and still have families. What a shocker. Wonder Woman caught us all in her Lasso of Truth and she hasn’t let go.

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26 More Like Badman


Art by: dragonarte.com.br

Batman, you jerk! This is way not okay in the wake of everything going on right now. Batman has invited Wonder Woman out to a pretty picnic in the park. As soon as she gets there, he unfurls his cape as the picnic blanket. It makes him look like quite the gentleman. So far so good. Who says you need parents around to teach you good picnic manners? Unfortunately, when Wonder Woman steps onto the picnic blanket— which is really Batman’s cape, as we have seen — he suddenly grabs it and captures her. He then runs off with her. Yes, he kidnapped her. It’s not cute or okay. He… He took her. Okay, it’s a little cute because otherwise, it wouldn’t be part of our little collection we have here. I guess Batman did need some parents around. They would’ve taught him that it’s not okay to go grabbing girls you like and stuffing them into capes. Also, can we talk about Batman’s clear crush on Wonder Woman here? Obviously he’s taken a shining to her, otherwise, he wouldn’t have rolled out his whole cape plan. Also, can’t she just like bust out of there? She’s an Amazonian warrior for crying out loud!

25 Super Mortals


Fantastic. This comic is a success in my book because it portrays Superman and Wonder Woman in a realistic light. If they were real people— cops or special forces presumably— they would have to take care of their bodies like the rest of us mortals. Of course, Superman would be pumping mad iron and be ripped as all heck. You can see him here juicing in the kitchen. He’s got his protein powder. He’s got his veggies. He’s even got the shirt that says, “Do you even lift, bro?” I’m sorry if you didn’t think Superman wouldn’t be a bro, but yeah he’d a bro. The shirt could also be ironic. Do you even lift, bro? Well, um, clearly I do. I’m ripped as heck. Then you have Wonder Woman in the background doing chin-ups. I love that you can tell this is Wonder Woman despite very few details. The major one is her trademark spandex. It’s got her colors and stars. It also makes you wonder what their household must be like. Superman and Wonder Woman must have some fun times partying when they’re not busy getting sweaty by lifting weights. I’d love to read a full comic for myself.

24 Say You're Sorry


Art by: izzymatic.deviantart

The name of this comic is Justice Babies. That’s right. We already want to see a whole series. Batman and Wonder Woman are a couple of regular jokers— always getting into all kinds of wild shenanigans! In the more traditional comics and films, Batman and Wonder Woman are portrayed in starkly grim terms— Batman especially. The Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher are considered by most people to be the finest cinematic incarnation of Batman ever filmed. Batman, as portrayed by Christian Bale, is a dark character indeed.

I don’t know what he’s complaining about. Lots of people would be very happy with how this turned out for him.

He’s got the requisite orphan status and all, but there’s a gloominess to his character that it isn’t present in other Batman movies— armor-plated bod anyone? So it’s extra funny to see that character reduced to a sprawling whiny infant who is easily dominated by Diana. Wonder Woman obviously has a crush on Batman. It’s a stereotype but little boys and girls love to give each other a hard time on the playground. He can whine and flail as much as he wants, it’s not going to make this Amazonian Warrior move an inch.

23 Wonder Woman's Batman Impression


Art by: jadenwithwings.deviantart

Just because Wonder Woman and Batman are fighting crime doesn’t mean they don’t have time to goof off every now and then. And it’s easy to make fun of Batman because he doesn’t have any parents— I mean because he’s constantly brooding all the time. Superman is pretty serious himself. I don’t know where he gets off making fun of Batman for being too serious but whatever. Wonder Woman is also extremely literal. She doesn’t really understand comedic timing either, but that’s okay.

Standing next to Batman, both of them are as gut-bustlingly hilarious as The Joker.

It’s just too easy to make fun of Bruce Wayne. Every single thing he ever does is so noble and broody. He even seems like he hates playing the part of billionaire womanizer Bruce Wayne who has to date all these supermodels to keep up appearances lest someone suspect he’s Batman. I don’t know why dating supermodels is what throws people off the scene, but fine. I suspect Bruce really just dates supermodels because he’s basically Elon Musk except slightly less of a superhero. You can stop pretending you don’t like the supermodels, Bruce. We know. Wait, what was this entry about again?

22 Waiting For Gadot


Art by: duuurhminic.deviantart

This is an illustration of a scene from Wonder Woman. Towards the end of the act, Wonder Woman and Chris Pine Man besiege an outpost in a small European village. SPOILERS— The battle is a raging success! Chris Pine and Wonder Woman even celebrate with some dancing. All the men around are smitten with Wonder Woman. To celebrate all the bloodshed, they take a photo outside the wreckage. It’s not quite as silly as the picture we see here, but we can wish. The movie was so successful in part because of its strong emotional core. Gadot and Pine had real chemistry and it was obvious. The scenes between them were full of sparks and we have to wonder what Wonder Woman would say about Chris Pine— I mean Steve Trevor if she had been wrapped in the Lasso of Truth. Besides Chris Pine, Wonder Woman is helped by a whole squad of European resistance fighters. Unbeknownst to her, the big baddie Ares is somewhere among the world but if you don’t know that, you really owe it to yourself to watch the movie. The director, Patty Jenkins, just secured the biggest payday for any female director in history for Wonder Woman II.

21 Late Dinner


Art by: dee-linquent.deviantart

This comic is simple yet elegant. Bruce Wayne and Diana have just ballroom danced or something. Wonder Woman looks stunning in her flowing gown. It’s noticeably lacking in the sword sticking up along her back. For his part, Bruce is as dapper as ever in his suit and tie. The man sure cleans up good. We have to guess a little at what the context is here. Obviously, this is not from the DC Universe. I think it would be fairly risqué if Ben Affleck approached Gal Gadot in this upfront manner. In the universe of this webcomic, anything goes though. They’ve just danced the night away after fending off many baddies. Obviously, there is no Cat Woman in this world. Obviously, Steve Trevor has long been exploded.

What’s so fascinating about superheroes is that they’re mutable from story to story, like action figures taking on new roles every time they’re picked out of the toy box.

Here Batman and Wonder Woman are romantically linked. In some other webcomic or franchise, they might not be. The characters are enduring and they’re passed to every writer, like toys, to reassemble as they wish.

20 Wondering About Boys


Art by: nebezial.deviantart

Wonder Woman is many things, but well-versed in the ways of the human world she ain’t. The movie mines a lot of comedic gold out of that lack of experience. Notably, that scene on the boat where Wonder Woman answers Steve Trevor’s questions and unduly excites him is hilarious. He’s under the impression he has stepped into a wicked cool Amazonian culture where the women are free an anything goes. He’s sadly mistaken. Instead, he discovers that Wonder Woman is some kinda demigod and she’s never even seen a dude before, let alone pined for their company. Far from having some good dates like he wanted, Steve Trevor is disappointed by Wonder Woman’s lack of experience. He’s only disappointed for the first two acts of the film, though. After they go on a date after dancing, that’s when the audiences knows he’s not going to be around for much longer. Whenever characters get what they want romantically halfway through a drama such as this, that’s a sure sign they’re not going to be there for the final scene if you know what I mean.

19 Pretending To Be Hurt


Art by: abbadon82.deviantart

Wonder Woman takes what she wants. Besides being all powerful and having super strength and wicked high jumping abilities, Wonder Woman is a role model for men and women because she has a WILL of super strength. She’s a far cry from the weeping damsel stock character of old. Even when she’s knocked down and does need some saving, it’s not because she’s too weak compared to the others, it’s because she’s an equal. She’s saved Batman and Superman plenty of times in her own life. And even when she’s DOWN, she still doesn’t miss a beat. She musters the devilish idea to pretend like she’s more hurt than she is so she can hear what Batman really thinks of her. She’s clearly wanted to her for a long time. Likely she’s into the Bat too, otherwise, she’s just being mean. As we have covered in these comics, the characters can’t seem to reveal how they really feel about each other unless one of them is on the point of being destroyed for good. That seems like terrible timing to me, but to each their own. I guess it increases the drama if anything.

18 What They Really Mean


Art by: brilliant-beatrice.deviantart

This one has a sort of Annie Hall vibe. Do you know what I’m talking about? There’s a famous scene in Annie Hall where Diane Keaton and Woody Allen are having a conversation and then you see all the subtext imposed on top of what they’re saying. Besides being very funny, it’s a commentary on the communication problems between men and women in romantic settings. This is a lot like that— except with the socially problematic resonances of Woody Allen and all the terrible things he’s done. I’m sure this is what he was going for when he wrote the scene— a Batman and Wonder Woman version. You know, Wonder Woman can be with other men besides Superman. There’s Bat Man and uh… Chris Pine and us… well that’s about it. So Wonder Woman and Batman are having a regular conversation here. At least it appears regular on the surface. You can see what they’re both thinking thanks to the text box. They both admire each other from afar. Part of that is because they both admire each other’s warrior chops but clearly that has evolved into love too. Here’s hoping Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck can make it work

17 Batman Makes A New Family


Art by: anaba3.deviantart

Oh this is so sweet! If you’re in need of a last-minute Valentine’s Day card for the mister or missus— well you’re probably not going to have a mister or missus for much longer because you forgot about Valentine’s Day— but look no further than Izzymatic’s Deviantart page. The art style is simple yet elegant, with no hard shading lines or even facial expressions. Batman and Wonder Woman are shown in an immediately recognizable romantic light. As you can see from Wonder Woman’s flattered pose and the telltale hearts floating above her head, she’s on board with this decision. Batman looks a little bit nervous. You can tell by the anime sweat drops beading down over his head. Take it from me. I know this stuff because I am a webcomics expert (kidding, but it doesn't take DC fanatic to figure this one out). Batman says he’s not Batman without Wonder Woman. I guess that in the DC ‘verse, they’ve come to rely on each other a lot. Ben Affleck needs his Gal Gadot. I don’t know how moustached Henry Cavill feels about that, but I’m guessing he’s fine because he’s got Amy Adams.

16 Star Crossed


Now this is just a stunning piece of work. There’s not a whole lot going on here to describe, but I’ll do my best. Wonder Woman and Superman are flying together in the night. They may be going forward but it doesn’t really matter which way they’re headed— they’re too busy staring at each other’s eyes. Superman says, “feels like forever,” an allusion to the fact that they haven’t gotten enough alone time together. At least that’s what I think it means. Who can know for sure? Well DC and the writers of this comic I guess. Yeah, they would definitely know for sure. So the dream duo are flying across a river of stars. I like that because it shows that up or down doesn’t really matter for them. When you can fly, up is down and down is up. Are you down with that description? Let’s not leave out that they’re holding hands. Besides the intense looks of longing, that hand-holding is the biggest clue to the romantic nature of this comic. Maybe Superman and Wonder Woman have flown off together for a romantic getaway before, which is what “feels like forever” alludes to. We will never know. Unless you ask the writer.

15 She Don't Need No Man


Art by: kayleepinecone.tumblr

Diano, no! Diana, yes! Okay, so that’s pretty much the extent of this comic. It doesn’t go much deeper than that. And I love it. The whole joke is that Steve Trevor is the straight man who’s constantly trying to keep Diana safe and sound, while Wonder Woman is a movie where it’s finally the woman’s turn to step up and kick some behind. In older movies, it would be the wailing damsel on the sidelines. Not so here. I like how Steve Trevor really does play the damsel. Yes, he’s also valiant and behind-kicky, but he’s the one who washes up on the beach and needs some saving early on in the film. He’d also be a goner if it wasn’t for Robin Wright and Wonder Woman defeating everyone else. I don’t know why the Amazonian had to hide themselves in a time bubble dome for so long, but I have to wonder what they were training for? If they were perfectly safe, why train so hard all day long? Maybe this is why she’s called WONDER Woman. It sure requires some wondering. I’m so sorry. I’ll stop now.

14 Love More Powerful Than A Mountain


Art by: nebezial.deviantart

This is a cute panel illustrating Wonder Woman and Superman overhearing a few bystanders admiring a shattered mountain-side. They're obviously perplexed by why it has a crater in its side. Of course, Diana and Clark know exactly what happened — they're basically Gods and destroying a mountain-side is a pretty small feat for them. Luckily they haven't been noticed yet — although Superman is clearly starting to get a bit nervous about. Wonder Woman is a bit more at ease about the whole thing, but that more or less speaks to the characters personalities. These two all-powerful beings definitely leave a mark on everything they touch. It's no surprise that when they get together, they cause quite a bit of damage to everything around them. There's even a helicopter surveying the area, so who knows how much chaos they caused on the other side of the mountain — for all we know they might have blown up a small town. Which begs the question that Marvel asked in Captain America: Civil War — are superheroes too irresponsible to be left to their own devices? Destroying anything certainly doesn't seem like a very "super" thing to do.

13 The Most Romantic Thing


During an attack of some kind, Superman and Wonder Woman share a special moment. They’ve probably just duked it out with some Big Bad. It looks like the monster— whatever it is— has taken a toll on Wonder Woman. Superman has to hold her up and help her to her feet… in the air. She tells him to end that thing and bring back its head. Superman then says that’s the most romantic thing she’s ever told him. Clearly, in this universe, they’re romantically linked. Boom. That’s bound to make some fanboys and fangirls happy. I’m not familiar enough with the DC Comics' various romances to explain the whole story, but I'm sure it's adorable. I’m not sure whether Superman and Wonder Woman are together in general or just for a run of issues depending on the writer. Here we can safely say that Lois Lane is out of the picture. If she’s not, then Superman is a two-timin’ jerk. The way that Diana clasps Clark’s face in that last panel leaves little to the imagination. This is a world where Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck are dating.

12 Sparring Partners


This is an excerpt from a DC comic. It looks like Batman and Wonder Woman are in some hot water. Bruce Wayne— I call him that because he doesn’t have his Batsuit on— has almost been laid to waste presumably after a battle. He’s in a cave as Diana nurses him back to health.

Maybe he’s just faking to get attention from Gal Gadot.

Either way, he starts to say some pretty things about how pretty she is. What is it with these moments in books and film? Writers like to have characters reveal their true feelings when they’re most vulnerable or use the excuse of an addled mind as the reason they’re suddenly coming clean. Batman is clearly not in his right mind, which allows his heart to speak free. He obviously has some strong feelings for the Amazonian Warrior. He would never say these things with his typical inhibitions, but he can’t think straight at the moment. It's an adorable excerpt from a larger work, but the scene still lands on its own. Everyone knows these characters a little bit — which goes a long way.

11 Tug Of War


This is one of my favorites in this article. There’s no dialogue here whatsoever but it’s— dare I say— wonderful. If ever you needed visual proof why Wonder Woman is the best thing in the DC Universe, look no further than this image. She’s got the entirety of the DC Universe’s tough guy contigent wrapped in her lasso. Usually, they’re wrapped around her little finger. Bizarrely— yet awesomely— she’s also reading a book because why the heck not. There are also a ton of other books sprinkled at her feet. She’s winning that tug-of-rope game while accumulating some of that sweet, sweet knowledge. The only one who could feasibly give Wonder Woman a run for her money is Superman. Both of them have super strength. I know Batman is ripped and he’s got a ton of gadgets and all but he’s a mortal fella. That’s what never really made sense to me in Batman v. Superman. They can dance around it with all the excuses they want, but he’s no match for Superman. That’s why they had to introduce kryptonite or it would never be a fair fight. Maybe Wonder Woman has some hidden kryptonite squirrelled away too.

10 Disney's Wonder Woman


Meet Disney princess Diana— OH GOSH, I just realized there already was a Princess Diana. Well both of them are Disney princesses as far as I’m concerned. Okay, I know DC isn’t owned by Disney yet. It’s really only a matter of time. As a popular meme depicts, The Mouse is collecting every franchise the way Thanos collects Infinity stones. It’s only a matter of time because Wonder Woman is a Disney princess as well. It looks like she’s getting the proper training here. All the animals want a piece of her. She can talk to lions and tigers and bears oh my. All of them know she’s not food because if they try to take a bite out of her, they will mess her up. This also reminds me of another Disney princess as portrayed by Amy Adams, one of Gal Gadot’s co-stars. Amy Adams played Princess Giselle in Enchanted. That’s a movie about a prototypical Disney princess who speaks to animals in the wild, only to get whisked away to New York City where there are way more animals in the wild. Why did I bring this up? Because of their tenuous connections at best? Ha ha ha WORD COUNT HIT. SMOKE BOMB.

9 The Telltale Cape


Art by: nimby0o0.deviantart

This comic isn’t really about Wonder Woman, it’s more about the relationship between these two good fellas. During a regular day fighting crime, Wonder Woman sends these fellas a message — but they weren't ready to start their adventuring just yet. Our good good boys report to Diana. She’s too smart though. One glance is all she needs to tell that their capes are on backwards. It’s the telltale red lipstick on the collar— except here the collar belongs to a superhero.

It’s not Batman v. Superman, it’s Batman x Superman.

Bruce and Clark are embarrassed. They each blame the other one. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot is like what the heck you know? Why did she bother having all this romantic build-up and will-they-won’t-they tension if Batman and Superman are such dim-witted. They can't even get their outfits right. It's  a fairly silly comic that works for the more G-rated kids heroes, but we can't help love the look of them fighting like Fraiser brothers.

8  Chibi Chris Pine And Gal Gadot


Art by: tamacake.deviantart

If there’s one thing we need more of, it’s chibi Chris Pine and chibi Gal Gadot. This comic is positively heart-warming. In the DC film, Wonder Woman released last year, Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, longtime love interest of Wonder Woman. That is, he’s the love interest in the 1940s before Wonder Woman moves on to the DC Universe in Modern Times and weirdly takes a museum job in Paris. The movie’s tone is starkly grimmer than the comic seen here. Steve Trevor is a marooned World War I fighter pilot. He accidentally discovers the time bubble where Gal Gadot and her co-Amazonian warriors train all eternity long to fight a battle that they never expect because the whole point of their time bubble is to seal themselves off from the world. I’ve never really understood that about the movie, but whatever. Chris Pine arrives and they save him from baddies. They Lasso of Truth him and he’s like, “this is awful? I hate it here?” There are pointedly no ice cream segments— although the film would have been HIGHLY improved by such segments in my mind. The best parts of the film were the scenes between Pine and Gadot. Their chemistry was off the charts, as you can tell by that one video clip where Gal Gado pines for Mr. Pine.

7 Together


These moments are truly wonderful— and I don’t mean just in the Wonder Woman comics. Wonder Woman is at her limits. It looks like she can’t go on. She’s defeated and about to throw in the lasso of truth for good, but then Batman shows up and gives her the courage to go on. No, it’s not about how women need a man to save them— it’s about how we all need a friend sometimes when we’re on the battlefield, both physical or metaphorical, and need that extra boost of strength. I love this scene because it shows Wonder Woman as human. She’s fallible and vulnerable; she’s reached the extent of her power and doesn’t think she can go on. Often, superheroes can be too inaccessible to us mere mortals because they can super-punch their way through all their problems. When superheroes are shown as vulnerable, we can relate harder. On top of that aspect, we also glimpse the important bond between Wonder Woman and Batman. That friendship is truly important because it humanizes these otherwise alien characters. The Dark Knight series was a masterpiece not only for its gritty realistic approach, but because it portrayed Bruce Wayne as a broken person.

6 Nothing More


Get ready to have your heart super-punched. Wonder Woman is talking to Steve about her on-again-off-again friendship/non-relationship with Superman. This is straight from an official comic and not a webcomic, as you can probably tell from the artwork. Depending on the comic, Superman may or may not be in love with Wonder Woman over Lois Lane. I don’t pretend to be an expert, which you will brutally see over the course of this article, but I do know that much. Superman is in love with Lois Lane— until a new writer comes along and decides, “hey to the heck with that” and then pairs up Wonder Woman and Superman together. It really depends on the arc of the story. In this one, Wonder Woman is clearly pining for her Man of Steel. You can tell by that single dialogue bubble at the end: “Friends.” In the immortal words of Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street, “Oh we’re not going to be friends.” The relationships between Supers is never that straightforward. The chemistry between Superman and Wonder Woman is undeniable. What do you think? Do you ship them? Or are y’all diehard Lois Lane fanboys and fangirls?

5 Don't Fly Away This Time


Here we see Superman and Wonder Woman locked in a passionate embrace. Wonder Woman tells Superman she isn’t going anywhere. By the way they’re holding hands, you can tell there are some hardcore romantic overtones to this image. They’re finally getting together! As always, we’re left teased and wanting a payoff. What happens next!? Obviously, we're going to need to dig up this comic to see exactly what's next, but like with some of the other comics in this piece, we get a pretty full picture just from looking at these few short frames. The character's personal history speaks volume — who wouldn't want to see these characters eventually end up together? Even if it was just for one timeline, in one series. In the world of DC comics, everyone gets shipped with everyone eventually — and we wouldn't have it any other way. These characters, like Greek Gods, are so cool they should get to have all the moral misadventures they like. There's so much room to explore different characters relationships in comics — and here we see the culmination of a popular one.

4 All Tied Up


Now, this is simply adorable. In sharp contrast to the other image in this article where Batman kidnaps Wonder Woman in the park, it’s way cuter when she does it to him! The characters are depicted in a Chibi style here. It’s spot on. Absolutely endearing in every way. Wonder Woman famously has a Lasso of Truth. She can lasso bad guys and good guys alike. Once caught in her rope, they have to tell the truth! It’s only fair. We can image what Batman would say to Wonder Woman here— “I like you, okay?” Or maybe it’s the other way around. They’re way too young for me to feel comfortable about this. I feel like the Lasso of truth wasn’t used to its full potential in the Wonder Woman movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan and an even bigger fan of Gal Gadot— but dat lasso tho. I feel like it could’ve been used on a whole lot of baddies. She could have also used it on Chris Pine to find out whether he was the best Chris in Hollywood or not. It’s either him or Evans, Pratt, or Hemsworth. That’s a question that has plagued millions.

3 Batman & Wonder Woman Get Closer 1/2

Tom King, Joëlle Jones DC Comics

Art by: Tom King, Joëlle Jones DC Comics

Here’s the first in a two-part entry. If you want to read the second one, you’re going to have wait for exactly zero seconds as you scroll down to the second part below this entry — ok it's not such a long way. I get it. These comics are truly terrific. They’re from a recent run of DC Comics where it looks like Batman and Wonder Woman are going to hit it off. That makes a lot of sense, if you ask me. When Wonder Woman hit theatres last year, there has been a resurgence of interest in the character. For the mainstream, there has been a regular ‘ol resurgence of interest. The character of Wonder Woman is inextricably tied to Gal Gadot in most people’s minds now— and rightfully so. Batman is still a nebulous construct. The Dark Knight trilogy is the reigning cinematic Batman story, and so Christian Bale is still a prime fixture when we’re asked to imagine Batman, but Ben Affleck is slowly usurping his claim to the throne. It makes sense there would now be a whole new comic series about them having a lot of hugs.

2 Batman & Wonder Woman Get Closer 2/2

Tom King, Joëlle Jones DC Comics

Art by: Tom King, Joëlle Jones DC Comics

Here’s the continuation. I know you had to endure a lot to read the above entry before reading this one. You definitely didn’t skip ahead. You’re definitely reading this now. In the continuation, Batman and Wonder Woman are still getting really close. They’ve been through a lot. Now at the end of an epic battle, they’re tempted by each other. Unfortunately, that’s a problem because of the whole other complicated aspect. Wonder Woman is with Steve Trevor and Batman is with Catwoman.

This comic allegedly made a lot of DC Fans unhappy. They were unhappy with the idea that Bruce and Diana could ever cheat on their loved ones. They were also unhappy that Diana was romantically objectified. It sounds like nerds get unhappy a lot. I know that firsthand because I am a nerd. And if you have any problem with what I just said then BOY WILL I GET UNHAPPY. I think it’s very important to see these superheroes fail and succumb to human failings.

1 On Cloud Nine


I don’t think I’m alone when I call this a gorgeous piece of fanart. Yes I know it’s not technically a comic, but aren’t you happy you got to see this? I know I am. Like so much Superman x Wonder Woman shipping fan art around the internet, they’re drawn flying through the air. Honestly, it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than seeing them down on the ground, am I right? What separates this image from so many of the others are the red lipstick smooches on Superman’s cheeks and forehead. It’s not the most subtle touch in the world, but I like it. There are looooads of very eye-popping images out there. Don’t tell your parents I told you to go googling them because I sure as heck did NOT! Okay I know you totally disregarded that and went ahead and googled anyway. This image reminds me of what an old professor of mine used to talk about when discussing relationships in movies. There is so much that can be implied through visuals. We don’t need to have everything spelled out for us all the time. There are smooches on Superman’s face. That’s enough.

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