10 Doki Doki Literature Club Mods That Totally Change The Game

Visual novels are a unique type of game that fully immerses the player into a story. Doki Doki Literature Club has multiple endings and allows the player's choices throughout the game to influence the outcome. There are a total of five main characters, counting the MC, who are all members of... You guessed it, a Literature Club.

The original story is beautifully deceptive in nature, shifting from a generic-seeming slice of life dating sim into an enthralling horror game in the blink of an eye. It's an experience that quite a few fans didn't want to end, but playing the same thing over and over again can get pretty boring. Thanks to mods, however, now it's possible to enjoy Doki Doki Literature Club a million times without getting bored, with each time being unique from the last.

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10 Doki Doki Rainclouds

Doki Doki Rainclouds, created by CykaDev, retells the story of Act 1 with a twist: it's from Sayori's point of view. It toys with the idea that Sayori's fate may have been inevitable, that Monika may not have had very much influence over her after all... Perhaps the rainclouds can be pushed away if the player makes the right choices.

This mod delves into the depths of Sayori's depression. It does it in a way that toes the line between tasteful and poignant.

9 Dokis & Dragons

What if Monika, Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri's club had been dedicated to pen & paper RPGs instead of literature? The concept, created by Papo_Swing, is pretty simplistic, but it has a huge impact on the overall game! It adds a choose your own adventure twist and features actual die rolls that can cause genuinely random things to take place, even if you make the same choices as before.

In lieu of poems, the MC will play through a full round with the girls, resulting in one of several different endings. It's a miniature mod in comparison to some others, offering somewhere between 15 and 40 minutes of gameplay. However, it's a good time for anyone who's a fan of both Doki Doki Literature Club and Dungeons & Dragons - which blend together surprisingly well!

8 MC's Revenge

MC's Revenge, by firelightning13, picks up at the beginning of Act 2. It grants the MC the same sentience as Monika and begins to break through the fourth wall from his perspective. He doesn't understand what's going on around him and he still doesn't remember Act 1, but throughout the game, there are several opportunities for that to change.

With MC's Revenge, the MC has the opportunity to save Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri, and decide what to do about Monika. There are a total of 5 possible endings, ranging from Perfect to Evil - and the outcome is, of course, determined by the player's choices.

7 Doki Doki Salvation

Doki Doki Salvation steps in to save Sayori's life the night before the festival by having the MC decide to stop by and check on her. By finding her, he saves her life. Meanwhile, Monika is no longer able to manipulate the game and prevent the player from getting closer to the other girls.

The mod, created by Team Salvation, follows the linear storyline, generally speaking, and while it does have a bias towards Sayori, it treats all of the girls fairly. Whether or not the ending is good depends entirely upon the player's choices - it is, however, guaranteed to be different from the original one, no matter what!

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6 Purist

Have you ever wished that Doki Doki Literature Club was a more traditional dating sim? No matter what your answer is, Purist will turn it into one!

With this mod, by The_Ninjadillo, players will be treated to over 11 hours of additional gameplay in which they will be able to date any member of the Literature Club, including Monika.

Beginning at the end of Act 1, each girl has her own individual route that can result in multiple endings. The characters' backstories are deepened and fleshed out more with this mod, and the player is even given the opportunity to help them with their problems.

5 The Yuri Parable

The Yuri Parable, by Animystix, shifts the focus of the game to Yuri, another member of the Literature Club, allowing her to step into the role of the protagonist.

While the mod is, as its name implies, inspired by another game, The Stanley Parable, it brings something completely unique to the table for Doki Doki Literature Club, including a stunning OST. There are multiple endings that depend on choices made by the player throughout the game, with a handful of easter eggs to discover along the way.

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4 Monika Before Story

Monika Before Story, created by CampinKate, approaches the game with the premise that MC is the president of the Literature Club and Monika is his childhood friend in place of Sayori, who is now just a classmate. It opens a lot more doors for the player, such as solving arguments easier and having a chance to spend the weekend with Sayori and Monika without being guilt-tripped out of it by Natsuki and Yuri. Depending on what constitutes as an ending for you, there are approximately 10 different endings available.

In spite of its name, Monika Before Story has date routes and new poems for all four members of the club, all while holding true to the nature of Doki Doki Literature Club by using deleting files as a game mechanic.

3 Monika After Story

Monika After Story, by MonikaModDev, is exactly what it sounds like: an expansion of Monika and the MC's story now that she's taken care of all those other distractions. It picks up right where Doki Doki Literature Club ended, and MC has found himself in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend, Monika.

It boasts a new dialogue system that has hours' worth of conversation about everything under the sun, from existentialism to gaming. There are even games and activities for the two of them to do, like listening to music and playing games like chess!

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2 Longer Roads

Longer Roads, by Tr00perTayl0r90, expands on the game exponentially by providing a multi-route experience with 10 different endings for players to unlock. Each girl gets a route of her own and a story that focuses entirely on her, giving the MC an opportunity to step up and change the course of her life.

In the nature of the game, the mod does include darker themes, and not every ending is a happy one... But the beautifully layered gameplay experience is worth the risk.

1 The Good Ending

The Good Ending, created by a team lead by Sam Capener, is a completely linear mod that manages to stay faithful to the original game, while still adding an entirely new level of emotional power. Its plot follows the Dokis as they experience the harrowing events of Act 1 and Act 2 time and time again, having their memories wiped each time it ends... This time, however, MC manages to avoid having his memory wiped, and he knows not only that he's in a game, but exactly what's going to happen.

He attempts to use Monika's game-tampering abilities to make things turn out good for everyone, but will it work? Only the player and the choices they make can decide.

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