Dead By Daylight Adds Ash J. Williams From Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Behavior Interactive recently announced that Ash J. Williams, of Ash vs. Evil Dead, will be added to Dead by Daylight as the 17th playable character.

Behavior Interactive released a video during PAX East announcing that Ash J. Williams, of Ash vs. Evil Dead, will be added to Dead by Daylight as the 17th playable character. The character will also be voiced by Bruce Campbell, who played Ash on the show and during the original Evil Dead trilogy.

The announcement comes after rumors earlier this year suggested that Dead by Daylight would be adding content from the cult classic Evil Dead franchise.

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The video features Bruce Campbell in the recording studio discussing Dead by Daylight, then announcing that Ash will be arriving in the game as a playable Survivor character. He tells viewers to "be Ash, and survive!" Players are then treated to some shots of the Ash Williams character during gameplay, as he interacts with the environment.

The short video ends with some of the typical Evil Dead humor, with Campbell asking for tequila as payment for filming the announcement. Instead, he is handed Ash's iconic heavy flashlight, which Campbell then shines at the camera as he complains.

Ash J. Williams will be available in Dead by Daylight as a Survivor character as part of the Ash vs. Evil Dead DLC, which will be available April 2. The DLC will not include a new Killer or a new map, which is a little disappointing considering all of the great baddies and locations that appeared in the Evil Dead trilogy and the Ash vs. Evil Dead show.

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The price for the DLC content has not been announced, but it will probably be similar to previously released DLC content. Since the Ash vs. Evil Dead DLC only contains a Survivor character and not a Killer or a map, it might even be a bit cheaper.

PAX East attendees will be able to play the DLC early by visiting the Dead by Daylight booth from March 28 until 31.

Dead by Daylight already has a number of famous horror characters in its cast, such as Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, and Leatherface, so Ash will make a welcome addition to the party. Considering that he's already survived ancient demons and Deadites, he'll probably be able to make quick work of whatever Dead by Daylight has to throw at him.

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