Dead By Daylight Is Bringing Multiplayer Survival Horror To Mobile Devices

Dead By Daylight will soon be available on mobile, and even Switch, further extending its popularity.

Dead by Daylight is finally coming to mobile devices, bringing its unique blend of multiplayer and survival horror. The game was first developed by Behavior Interactive for PC in 2016 and was subsequently released onto both PS4 and Xbox One on 2017.

Since releasing on Steam, the game has garnered over 137,000 reviews with a “Mostly Positive” reception, which is no small feat these days. The same demand for strategy among a team of four players against a significantly stronger, supernaturally fueled fifth that is needed on the PC will certainly be required on mobile devices.

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The announcement by Behavior Interactive was formally made during one of their livestream videos discussing the state of the game and plans for the future, which includes a release onto the Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2019.

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For those unfamiliar with the premise of the game, those previously mentioned four players are placed in a location typical an old horror film and then need to outsmart a powerful fifth player in order to escape. As the game has received updates, these powerful fifth opponents have ranged from such Horror classics as Michael Myers from Halloween, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Leatherface from the film of the same name, and soon, Ghostface from the Scream series of films.

Meanwhile, protagonists who fight to survive are often pulled upon the same franchises, or different ones entirely. Ash from Evil Dead can be used to fight for survival, as can Bill from Left4Dead.

What many players are wondering in online forums is how well the control mechanics will translate from the PC, which offers precision in its keyboard and mouse, to smartphones which can often be difficult to control with comparable skill.

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Another question is how well the dark, atmospheric terror will appear on our small phones. Playing the game on either PC or console in the dark with a good pair of headphones is a vivid, terrifying experience, and it seems doubtful at first thought that the same feeling will be recreated on the smaller screen.

Like many leaks or announcements happening now in early June, the timing is likely due to the upcoming E3 event taking place from June 11-13, where the video game industry will preview its best and brightest projects for the upcoming years. This means that we will likely have either more information, gameplay footage, or possibly even the opportunity to test the game out on mobile devices at the event.

Still haven’t played the game? Check it out for yourself!

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