Dead By Daylight Chapter 14 And What Lies Ahead In An Interview With Mathieu Côté

Right on track, Behavior Interactive has released the teaser for Chapter 14 of Dead by Daylight, titled "Cursed Legacy".

Right on track, Behavior Interactive has released the teaser for Chapter 14 of Dead by Daylight, titled "Cursed Legacy". Speculation is wild right now about who the next killer will be in the game, while no information has been released on if a survivor will also be coming, and what they might look like. We sat down with game director Mathieu Côté to discuss the future of Dead By Daylight, including challenges of creating the Nintendo Switch and mobile ports, the future roadmap, and the future of cross-play.

Based on the short clip we have seen so far, some incarnation of an Oni appears to be in development, which is a type of yōkai, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. These are often large and imposing figures with horns growing from their heads, and typically conceived as red, blue, or green. However, the Oni are also typically represented as wielding clubs, and what we saw in the first teaser on November 11 does not appear to a club, but a sword, so right now it is anyone’s guess exactly what we might see.

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Building A Deeper Narrative With The Archives

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Chapter 14 is not simply another release in the game, it is Behavior Interactive continuing to build their own unique world where the Entity must be appeased. Mathieu Côté described the future for the game as continuing in this way, “the recipe of four chapters a year is now going to become more intensely packed, because in between each chapter we’re going to start releasing Archives. A lot of lore and exploring the backgrounds of characters and what this world is.”

Building upon the lore is but one aspect of the new content, as the Archives will also be a great source for new cosmetics, with, “a ton of new customization coming, on top of the store and chapters, we’re really cranking it up in terms of content coming.”

Revamping The Leaderboard

When considering the improvements that can be made to the game outside of updates and additional content, Côté described how it would be the leaderboards and ranked system that might receive attention in the future, “[the leaderboards] is something we put in early on and we’ve revised a little with emblems last year, but we feel like there is quite a lot of work left to do there. So that might be the next thing, but it’s tough to say, there is a few others really good idea we might decide to expand on.”

The revamping of the leaderboards is certainly an interesting point to consider because the core concept of Dead by Daylight is that it is an anti-social multiplayer game. Some players may often think about how to maximize their score, but others simply play the game for the fun of its terrifying gameplay.

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Making Dead By Daylight Go Mobile

Until recently, Dead by Daylight was a game played only on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but now players have new ways to play. The Nintendo Switch port of the game offers a different experience altogether, putting the action in your hands, and the mobile version of the game is in early beta and not available in North America, although that has not stopped this writer from having it on his phone.

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In translating the core gameplay to new platforms, Côté describes some of the considerations needed both for the Switch and upcoming mobile version of the game. For Nintendo, “the biggest thing with the Switch is obviously that visually it had to be accommodated and optimized a little bit compared to what we have on high end PCs…However, playing it in handheld, I think there is something kinetic about it, literally you’re so crunched into it, to me it’s a very different experience, I like that. I try to play at least a few games per day, especially on a new platform so I know what the hell I’m talking about.”

The mobile platform is it’s own monster to deal with, “the controls were the first thing we tackled, obviously, because its how you enjoy the game,” Côté describes, “The team really nailed it, it’s simple, it works. We had a bit of an edge because the game was always designed to be a two-button game. Ideally it was played on a controller, and the early prototypes were two shoulder buttons and the thumb sticks, and that was it.”

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Fundamentally, the game looks to be identical on mobile devices. Despite being on a phone instead of a high end PC, “on mobile, this works very well. We had to make a few small changes, for instance, we added a rear-view button on mobile, because you cannot look behind you as easily as with a mouse and keyboard or controller.”

Finally, the pricing of the mobile version will be different because the ecosystem is so unique compared to other platforms, “So, on mobile we are free-to-play. You start with a small offering, 2 killers and 3 survivors and if you want to buy everything to get to what people have when they buy the $20 game, you’ll pay about $20, in the end it’ll be the same offering, but distributed slightly different on mobile.”

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The Future Of Cross Play

As Dead by Daylight is strictly an online, multiplayer game, it lives or dies by the size of its player base. In a recent announcement post leading up to the release of the game on the Nintendo Switch, the possibility of cross play was raised but addressed as not being planned between platforms.


However, this appears not to be true. A recent player satisfaction sent in-game asked several questions, and the goal was to gather information about how players would feel about blending PC and consoles users together, and how important cross-progression would be for them.

On the issue of cross play, Côté was clear in the matter, “It’s untrue that there are no plans for cross play, we are looking at it. For us, the one thing that allows us to keep the game alive is a player base, there is a critical mass for the matchmaking to work, purely for that, anything above that is good, and the more we can bring people together through cross play or any other way, the better it’s going to be for everyone’s experience. It’s obviously something we are looking at very closely.”

For now, the future of Dead by Daylight looks bright, and the passion of its game director can only bring positive developments in the future. Now we wait to see if Oni is our next killer, or something new and twisted in between.

Source: Mathieu Côté , Game Director for Dead by Daylight at Behavior Interactive

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