All of the Dead by Daylight Killers, Ranked

Dead By Daylight relies on the strength of its various frightening killers. Here, we take a look at all of their strengths and weaknesses.

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where four survivors must escape a haunted setting while one killer tries to sacrifice them all to the sinister Entity. There aren't many games quite like Dead By Daylight, which is what makes it such a hit among gamers.

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The killers are often the stars of the show, with most being original creations with their own gimmicks while some are famous antagonists from horror movies. If you're looking to play a killer in this game or just want to know more about them, then read on for our ranked list of all the Dead By Daylight killers.


Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger was added to Dead By Daylight, providing a unique playstyle. Dubbed "The Nightmare", Freddy can't interact with survivors like regular killers.

Instead, he must lull them to the dream state, in which their interactions are slowed and they can be hunted down. It's an overall neat mechanic, but the Nightmare has proven one of the weakest killers in the game. Survivors can exploit his mechanic, allowing them to save others and escape easier.


The Wraith was one of the earliest killers in Dead By Daylight. Wraith doesn't have any traps or special items to place down. Instead, his central mechanic is that he can turn invisible.

However, this is balanced by Wraith not being able to attack survivors while cloaked. He must take time to become visible before he can start chasing survivors. Without the right add-ons, it can be extremely difficult to secure kills with the Wraith. The stealth mode can be useful.


The Pig is the killer who represents the Saw franchise. In typical Saw fashion, the Pig has Jigsaw machines placed around every map that she appears in. Whenever she downs a survivor, she can place a bear trap on their heads, which they have a limited time to get off, lest they die a horrible death.

The Pig also has a crouching mechanic, which eliminates her terror radius. However, her dash out of this crouching stance isn't that fast, often giving survivors just enough time to get out of the way.


The Trapper is the staple killer of Dead By Daylight, appearing on the box art and the opening cinematic. As his name suggests, the Trapper takes on survivors by placing bear traps around the map.

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If a survivor gets caught in one, they are either stuck there or placed in a downed state, leaving them sitting ducks until they get rescued or the Trapper arrives. Trapper can be difficult to avoid if a player doesn't know where the common trap spots are. More skilled players are usually prepared for dealing with the bear traps, though.


The Hag has a similar function to the Trapper. She can place down traps all over the map. The function of her traps is a bit different.

On top of giving survivors a major jump scare, the Hag can teleport to the traps that are triggered and start a chase at any time. Focused players are the ones who should play Hag, though, as survivors constantly triggering traps can cause the killer to lose focus.


One of the newer killers added to the game is the Clown. Having a murderous clown in a game like Dead By Daylight makes perfect sense, but he does a bit more than just trigger players' greatest fears.

He has a vial of toxin that he can throw to impair survivors' vision and movement. Because of this, Clown is best when the person playing him knows how to secure chases well. Some survivors are skilled enough to ignore the effects of the toxin.


The Doctor can be a tricky killer for players who aren't aware of how to avoid him. Doctor tackles survivors by electrocuting them to increase their levels of insanity. If their insanity level is high enough, then they can't interact with anything.

Doctor's electricity makes it easy for him to find survivors trying to hide. He can also increase insanity just by being close enough. The only way to effectively hide from him is by staying safe in a locker.


There are a few killers who can throw projectiles at survivors, and the most notable of them all is the Huntress. Huntress is known for having hatchets that she can throw across the map. If she hits a survivor with one, then a survivor gets injured.

Huntress can also search lockers for hatchets, making hiding in lockers a much less effective strategy for survivors. Her only downside is that she has low movement speed, making her easier to avoid if she doesn't have hatchets.


The Plague is the newest killer in Dead By Daylight and, much to everyone's relief, isn't broken. Plague's gimmick is that she can spew sludge on survivors and objects. If survivors are hit, then they become sick.

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Not only does this make them easier to spot, but it can cause them to be injured or downed. Plague can also place her sludge on generators and pallets, forcing survivors to become infected if they want to complete objectives. She can be a wicked killer.


Halloween's Michael Myers made the jump to Dead By Daylight as well, in the form of the Shape. The Shape has an extremely small terror radius, making it difficult for survivors to know when he's near.

His gimmick is that he has to stalk survivors to increase a meter. As the meter increases, so does the Shape's movement speed. At tier 3, the Shape can down survivors in a single hit and move very quickly, making him a killer that they don't want to mess with.


The Spirit is a ghost with a katana, what more do you need to know? Her special abilities allow her to mess with survivors' heads. She can disappear during chases, leaving survivors guessing as to where she is and where she's going to appear.

With only a small noise as an indication of her presence, she can get the drop on many unsuspecting players. Her katana also has a good reach, allowing her to secure hits easier than most killers.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets representation in Dead By Daylight as well, throwing in Leatherface, who is called the Cannibal. The Cannibal gets his famous chainsaw, which he can wave in front of him to down survivors in one hit.

With no movement speed penalty for using the chainsaw, he's the best killer to guard the basement as well as secure kills. One of his perks can even force survivors to drop the items they bring if they get hit.


The Nurse is a bit of a double-edged sword. She has a high skill ceiling. If a player is bad with her it shows, but if they're good with her, then a victory is all but ensured. Nurse can teleport, which makes her unpredictable during chases.

She has to recharge after a certain amount of teleports, but for good Nurse players, that's hardly an issue. She can close gaps and rotate generators extremely well.


It's no secret among the Dead By Daylight community that the Legion is a strong killer. When released, he was nearly broken, causing survivors to bleed out with certain hits as well as having the ability to vault over pallets.

Legion has since been reworked, but there's no denying that he's still an extremely difficult killer to avoid. We still think there are better killers out there, but you'll have a tough time surviving against a Legion either way.


The other Dead By Daylight killer with a chainsaw, the Hillbilly can destroy a survivor team in mere minutes with the right skills. His chainsaw allows him to dash across the map, closing distance in a chase and downing survivors in a single hit.

He can rotate quickly and, with the right add-ons, follow survivors around corners to confirm kills. When a good player has a Hillbilly, survivors are in for the fight of their lives.

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