Dead Cells Is Officially Leaving 'Early Access' In August

Dead Cells is finally putting on its big-boy pants and getting out of Steam Early Access.

If you love Metroidvania games and you haven’t yet played Dead Cells, you are doing yourself a disservice. Widely acclaimed as one of the best indie games currently available, Dead Cells combines the classic 2D hack-and-slash exploration that we’ve all come to expect from any game that takes its inspiration from Castlevania and Metroid, but it also combines some roguelike elements in there too.

To summarize, Dead Cells is the concentrated distillation of two indie-darling genres rolled into a very tight package. And now, finally, it’s getting out of Steam Early Access.

It’s been a long time coming. Since getting into the Early Access program way back in May 2017, Dead Cells has already sold 730,000 units. That’s a lot of sales for a game that wasn’t even done yet.

Developers Motion Twin has set a date: August 7th. That’s when Dead Cells comes out of Early Access as a fully-fledged game.

Not only that but what used to be a PC-only game will also be coming to a favorite game console near you. On August 7th, Dead Cells will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can preorder now to save 20%.


We highly recommend picking this puppy up for Switch. A Metroidvania game like this was practically made for a handheld system like Nintendo’s.

Dead Cells includes 13 environments over a sprawling map, four major boss fights, a bunch if mini-boss fights, over 80 weapons, spells, and attack skills, and of course, 4 special abilities that open up the map as you crisscross back and forth to eventually reach your goal.

PC players get the added benefit of added mod support thanks to Steam’s Workshop page. Already mods that switch up abilities and sound effects are filling up the workshop for you to customize your ride as you like it.

Console gamers don’t get mods, but take heart! Motion Twin has already stated that there will be free DLC that will be ”playable, explorable, fightable content.” There will also be Mac and Linux support for those esoteric gamers out there.

Catch Dead Cells for $25 for Windows PC, or for 20% less on your console’s online store.


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