Dead Cells Sold Over A Million Copies, And Nintendo Switch Was A Big Help

Though Dead Cells was released less than a year ago, it has seen tremendous success in terms of sales. The game has sold over a million units, and a large portion of those sales came from the Nintendo Switch version.

Sébastien Bénard of Motion Twin (the developer/publisher of Dead Cells) spoke at GDC 2019 about the response to Dead Cells and how 60% of the game’s sales were on the PC platform. Bénard went on to state that the Switch was a big part of the console portion of Dead Cells sales.

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Dead Cells has seen tremendous success on the Nintendo Switch, as it was revealed to be one of the top ten best-selling indie games on the system, standing alongside games such as Celeste, Stardew Valley, and Undertale.

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The most surprising aspect of the Nintendo Switch port of Dead Cells doing so well is that it was one of the worst versions of the game at launch, due to a range of technical issues. The Switch version of Dead Cells had slowdown when things got too busy on-screen, which prompted the developers to release a “band-aid patch” that allowed players to lock the game at 30fps until they could fix things. Dead Cells on the Switch also suffered from glitches, many of which were fixed in the substantial ver. 1.1 patch that was released in February, which also resolved the frame rate issue.

The Nintendo Switch has become an extremely popular platform for indie games. Nintendo clearly wanted to avoid the mistakes of the Wii U when creating the Switch, so it has been more open in regards to the kind of content that it will allow on the eShop. Indie games are generally not taxing in terms of hardware and many fans will pick up the Switch version of a game since it is more portable and comes with two controllers.

The success of Dead Cells on the Nintendo Switch is proof that many gamers will gravitate to indie titles that appear on the Switch, even if the game has issues at launch.

Dead Cells is available now for Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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