Dead By Daylight Accidentally Reveals Scream's Slasher, Ghostface

Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive has accidentally leaked an unannounced killer in a new patch: Scream's Ghostface.

Dead by Daylight loves a good tease, but its latest one was purely accidental, with developer Behavior Interactive inadvertently leaking an unannounced killer along with an unfinished version in a new patch.

The killer happens to be Scream's Ghostface, but details on the release haven't yet been confirmed.

Given that the leak happened through an official game update, there's no doubt over the character itself. However, Behavior has confirmed that Ghostface is part of its upcoming chapter release. The studio claims to have accidentally pushed the wrong update to live services, sending an unplayable Ghostface through. The correct patch has since been sent out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

"Some lucky players got a glimpse of our upcoming chapter release content in today’s mid-chapter update," Behavior tweeted. "We already pushed the right update live to all players on PC and PS4. XBOX users will receive it within a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the early hype on the next chapter!"

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The leak isn't a leak per se. Ghostface's main abilities were part of the patch and, albeit possibly temporary, his focus will be on stealth with the ability to lean around corners.

The primary power, Shrouded Hunt, grants him no terror radius, while Stalk, the secondary power, gives a particular Survivor target the exposed status for a limited period of time.

Ghostface has already come under criticism for being too similar to Michael Myers and Pig, as well as for being too simple. That's probably a harsh criticism, considering the character does seem like he could be a very interesting one. We will have to wait until the beginning of the next chapter to find out exactly how he plays, though.

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Behavior has developed a reputation for being speedy with updates, so leaks such as this recent one are likely to happen since the dev team is not all that staffed while it deals with huge updates to keep things rolling, given Dead by Daylight's popularity.

It also seems to have taken this one in stride, owning up to the mistake and rolling with it, much to the appreciation of fans.

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