Dead Or Alive 6 Welcomes Rachel As DLC

Dead or Alive 6 will introduce Rachel as its next DLC fighter.

Demon hunter Rachel is making her way into Dead or Alive 6 as the next DLC character for release in December. Hailing from 2004's Ninja Gaiden, Rachel was introduced to the Dead or Alive series in the last installment, 5 Ultimate. If her basic move set remains unchanged from said game, players will need to get ready to be thrown from mid-air and bounced into long air combos.

When Rachel debuts in 6, her cosmetic costumes will consist of:

  • Happy Wedding Costume
  • Pirates of the 7 Seas costume
  • Seaside Eden Costume
  • Summer Breeze Collection
  • Santa Bikini

Hopefully, there has been some minor tweaking to her combo strings and her overall speed. While Rachel is easy to learn, she is also very easy to counter with experience. For this reason, Rachel would have been a fantastic character as part of the base roster or earlier as DLC, but most players now will know exactly how to deal with the fighter if she is as slow as in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

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There is reason to believe that Rachel will have some of her skills and overall kit reworked. Her initial appearance in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate served as a replacement for the character SPARTAN-458, who was created to resemble a character from the Halo series in Dead or Alive 4. Rachel's fighting style and most of her moves look nearly identical and it seems as though she was modeled after the Halo fighter.

For those not familiar with the series, Rachel is a determined and singularly focused woman who hunts the demons of the Holy Vigoor Empire as seen in Ninja Gaiden from 2004. Her path crosses with protagonist Ryu Hayabusa while seeking to slay her twin sister, Alma, who has been corrupted by demonic blood. Together, the pair find and defeat the demon and remain friends afterwards.

Time will tell if Rachel is a welcome addition into the game, or if she will be quickly forgotten. Considering the high prices of these DLC packs for Dead or Alive 6, we hope she makes a big splash!

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