Dead Or Alive: 5 Best Costumes In The Series (& 5 Worst)

Dead or Alive is one of the most successful fighting game franchises out there, and for a good reason. With great character design and an engaging combat system, it's easy to get addicted to this game.

While over the years DOA has suffered some scrutiny over its less than subtle sexualization of characters, the latest installment has improved the costumes a lot. A good costume in our eyes is one in which the character doesn't look out of place, fits their vibe and isn't overly tacky or revealing. That being said, we're not here to judge if you'd like to be cute and dangerous in a school uniform costume.

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10 Best: Ayane's DOA6 Default

Ayane's default costumes have been quite bland over the years, with little to no changes to her design. It was about time that the developers finally came up with something new, and we absolutely love this costume.

Not only does she look like an absolute badass in this spin-off of a ninja assassin skin, it also has touches of her signature purple color. On top of that, the costume still has a cute vibe that remains a DOA trademark, but doesn't come off as overly revealing.

9 Worst: Zack's Legacy

While a costume might be popular due to how long of a way it has come, that doesn't spare it from proper criticism. Zack's wacky personality definitely justifies this skin, and it remains a favorite among fans for a reason. However, it definitely gets weirder the longer you look at it, from the neon-colored mohawk to his teeny tiny vest.

The costume is an oldie, coming all the way from the first installment of the game, which is why we gave it some mercy and placed it only as the 5th worst costume.

8 Best: Hayate's Red Shinobi

Hayate has a number of really good costumes, and his character design has been surprisingly consistent throughout the years and the different games. However, if we had to pick one costume that looks incredibly good on him it would be his red shinobi one.

All the details are simply there, and something about the color nails it for this costume. It's really unfortunate that it didn't make it into DOA6 as it is, although his black shinobi robes with red armor in the newest game are probably inspired by this.

7 Worst: Tina's DOA5 Second Default

Tina's known as the typical American fighter girl, who loves wrestling and rock music. She's a badass, and no outfit will ever be without at least one American flag reference.

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While we get the general idea behind this attire, the execution is just a big no-no. Combining shorts with such an awkward length with long boots is absolutely criminal and a fashion faux pas of the highest degree. Shorter boots and longer pants, or vice versa, would have really nailed the rest of this costume.

6 Best: Helena's DOA3 Default

Helena, just like Kasumi, is one of those iconic characters in the series that have been around for years. Nailing her look is one of the biggest challenges for the developers, because of how central she is to the game.

It was a really nice surprise and great fan service to see her DOA3 default costume remade into a new version in DOA6, which looks just as good if not even better. We especially love the off-shoulder look the new one has, and how her bow has a more translucent, lacy look.

5 Worst: Leon's DOA5 Werewolf

There's a lot of very, very odd costumes in the DOA franchise and to list them all would take forever. However, if there ever was a character that was massacred by a silly costume then it's Leon. His 2014 Halloween attire turns him into a werewolf, but he looks so incredibly out of place.

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The design is just too tacky and simple, making him look like he put on a costume himself rather than turning into an actual werewolf, which would have been so much cooler. Not every costume has to be serious, of course, but this one is just a big 'meh'.

4 Best: Hayabusa's Legendary Black Falcon

Ryu Hayabusa is one of the strongest characters in the game, and incredibly popular among fans. His Legendary Black Falcon costume is just an icon for the game, something that the developers can easily plaster on a trailer or ad and it will get the fans hyped every single time.

This costume is immortal in how it looks, although much like with Helena's skin it has gone through some minor changes and adjustments to make it even more impressive than his very first appearance.

3 Worst: Ayane's Santa's Helper

While themed costumes are a fun idea to break things away from a super serious game, it's still important to ensure the characters actually look good in them. Frankly, Ayane just seems uncomfortable in her Santa's Helper costume, and we're not exactly sure how to feel about it either.

It's as though she's not the real character of the franchise, but a rendered version of fan art that was submitted to the developers. Some variation in how the costume looks and fits could really salvage it, and make it less silly.

2 Best: Kasumi's Blue Tunic

When you say Dead or Alive, the first thing that tends to come into mind is Kasumi, and more specifically her famous blue ninja tunic costume that has persisted throughout the games as one of her costumes.

It has a similar vibe to Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and she's equally as popular and iconic as Kasumi herself. While it's hard to pinpoint what makes this costume so amazing, there's no denying it deserves the crown as the best costume in the entire game series and fits Kasumi's design and character like a glove.

1 Worst: Christie's Leather Leotard

The worst skin in the game is most likely considered the best by some, but we would argue otherwise. Christie is a bit of a femme fatale character, a ruthless assassin with a seductive flare. Therefore, this skin does sort of make sense on her, but it simply leaves nothing up for guessing.

Overly revealing and sexualized, it's hard to imagine a trained assassin wearing something like this to a fight and for them to be taken seriously.

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