Dead Or Alive: 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Series, Ranked

Dead Or Alive is a fighting game taking its own path. In the production of the game though, it was all based on another successful gaming franchise, Virtua Fighter. Using the same 3D fighting system, Dead Or Alive is the flashy version.

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While it's not quite as technical and detail-oriented, it still retains a high level of difficulty while adding some visual flair to it. Also, the high focus on the female characters is a key feature that sticks out. Notably the most female-oriented fighting game in the community. Filled with a roster of unique characters, a few stand out above the rest.

10 Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu is the youngest ninja in the Hayabusa's head family. Originating in the Ninja Gaiden franchise Ryu has made his way into the Dead or Alive series in a big way. He's a prodigy when it comes to combat and his skills are equal to most master ninja.

Since entering into the series he has never been seen beaten by another character. He has also either helped or taken down single-handedly the most powerful bosses in the game. this includes the likes of Baidu, Tenga, and Genre.

9 Kasumi

The spoiled child, Kasumi is part of the Mugen Tenshin clan. Although she is now considered a ''missing shinobi'' due to her running away to join the first tournament. Though she was raised with the figurative silver spoon, she has become a powerful warrior, rivalling even Ryu when it comes to hand to hand combat.

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Kasumi has also never taken a loss, although she has had some help from other characters. She was still able to defeat Radu, winning the very and has managed to defeat all other top contenders.

8 Ayane

Kasumi's best friend growing up and a powerful ninja in her own right. Ayane was seen as cursed by the Mugen Tenshin clan and mistreated throughout her entire childhood. Eventually finding out she was actually Katsumi's halfsister she began to resent her for being the favourite.

She worked hard since the discovery of her unfortunate past and has now become the head of the Mitsugen clan's hajinmon sect. She has also worked her up to becoming the winner of the third Dead Or Alive tournament making her one of the most powerful ninjas around.

7 Hayate

The eldest son and first in line to take charge of the Mugen Tenshin clan, Hayate is a powerful shinobi who was primed to lead, until his rogue uncle attacked the village and consequently sent him into a coma and paralyzing him.

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Later being repaired by the tournament committee, Hayate went on to train Home and be trained by Hitome's father in the ways of karate. Although the coma he was in seems to have put him just behind Kasumi, Hayate still remains a deadly shinobi.

6 Jann Lee

Being an orphaned boy with no parents or path in life, Jann Lee would watch Bruce Lee movies. It's from those movies that Jann Lee would teach himself the art of Jeet Kune Do. Falling in love with fighting, Jann wants to prove every day that he is the best in the world.

Throughout the 6 Dead or alive tournaments Jann Lee has always been at the top of the heap. Eventually winning 2 Dead or 5

5 Gen Fu

A senior citizen that packs a serious punch, Gen Fu might be the kindest character in the series. Plagued by his granddaughter's illness, Gen Fu enters the Dead Or Alive tournaments to raise some money and help her beat this disease.

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The only reason Gen Fu is entering these tournaments is to help his grandkid with the money, which he accomplishes. We never really get to see the true potential of Gen Fu because his desire isn't to win. Add that to the fact he's a senior citizen at the time and still took second place once

4 Lei Fang

Lei Fang was another wealthy child, raised in the martial arts and becoming an impressive fighter. Though her reasons for joining the tournament are unique. Jan Lee saved her from a gang of street fighters as he was passing through, though she didn't think she needed saving and wanted to prove it. So joins the tournament with the sole purpose of beating Jann Lee.

She has only managed to beat her rival Jann Lee once, and that was when he wasn't training. Her pursuit of greatness has taken her pretty far every time she has competed, mostly being taken out by Jann Lee himself.

3 Hitomi

Being raised by a karate master doesn't hurt your chances of becoming a great fighter. The home was a black belt from a young age and wanted to prove to her father that she could move out of the dojo.

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While not making a massive dent in the tournament rankings she came 3rd in the 3rd tournament Hitomi fought Ayane and matched up well with her skills, surprising both parties involved. Even the fact that she was trained by Hayate is enough to give her some street cred.

2 Bayman

A professional assassin born in Russia, left parentless by the military. The kid was bound to come out a little screwy. Bayman remains a mysterious character, not completely sure if that is, in fact, his real name.

It takes an incredibly dangerous man to take out the head of the entire tournament committee. Although he lost to Kasumi, Bayman remains one of the most deadly individuals in the franchise.

1 Rig

Growing up on an oil rig sounds like a rough childhood. Rig doesn't even know his real name or parents, seeing the oil rig as his home. It's there that he learned Tae Kwon Do and became a deadly fighter.

Now while oil rig Tae Kwon Do might not be the most reliable, it seems to have worked out for Rig. Coming fairly late to the game as the 5th tournament was the first time hearing of him. He was able to beat Jan Lee in a bar fight which is impressive in itself, only to be defeated by both Jan Lee and Kasumi at a later date.

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