Dead Space Creator Making Narrative Game In The PUBG 'Universe'


The creator of Dead Space has been hired by PUBG Corp to head a brand new studio whose first project will be to create a narrative game based in the PUBG “universe.”

Apparently PUBG has a universe now?

So here’s something we never would have seen coming. PUBG Corp, the developer and publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has decided to open up a new studio. It’s called Striking Distance, and the guy they tapped to be CEO is none other than Glen Schofield, the executive producer for Dead Space.

In an introductory video, Schofield says he plans to create a new “narrative experience in the PUBG universe,” surprising everyone with the news that A) they’ll be making a new game and B) that PUBG exists within its own universe. We just thought those bizarrely abandoned islands with slowly encroaching blue death walls were for fun.

Schofield has quite the resume as executive producer at EA Redwood Studios (which was later renamed Visceral Games) and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, he worked on the survival horror blockbuster Dead Space as well as three Call of Duty games before leaving Sledgehammer in 2018.

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Striking Distance will be based in San Ramon, California, and will be making a brand new game from the ground up. In fact, PUBG Corp is hiring all sorts of positions, from UI engineers to character modelers to a chief financial and operations officer to work alongside Schofield.

As for whatever this game could be, we have absolutely no idea. All the clues we have are in Schofield’s message: a narrative game in the PUBG “universe.” So we suspect this will be survival horror game set in a battle royale setting where there’s a weird blue wall coming at you every couple of minutes.

On the plus side, you probably won’t die to some random Chinese hacker. On the downside, it’ll likely be a lot harder to monetize your gameplay on Twitch.

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