Deadly Premonition Origins - How To Solve The Chess Puzzle

Deadly Premonition has a really annoying puzzle near the beginning, so we're going to help you solve it quickly.

Deadly Premonitions Origins Chess Puzzle Cover

Deadly Premonition Origins is the Nintendo Switch port of the detective survival horror game that was released back in 2010. The next game in the series will be coming to the Nintendo Switch first, so the original game has been reworked in order to bring the Nintendo audience up to speed with the events surrounding the Raincoat Killer.

Deadly Premonition is still one of the most polarizing games of all time, with some willing to overlook its outdated gameplay style for its quirky dialogue and humor. The fact that a sequel is in development means that an entirely new audience will have the chance to discover the game for the first time and form their own opinion regarding its quality.

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It's easy to stumble and become frustrated during the early stages of Deadly Premonition Origins, as there is a particularly annoying puzzle regarding a chess game on a computer. In order to proceed through the game, Agent York needs to solve a puzzle that involves inputting chess pieces in a specific order.

Deadly Premonitions Origins Chess Puzzle Screen

The only clue that the player is given is written on the computer screen, which says "King passes Rook and meets Bishop. Knight takes a Pawn to the Queen."

In order to complete the puzzle, the player needs to input the pieces in the order of King, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, and Queen. You might think that the King should be next to the Bishop, as the clue says that he meets the Bishop, but you would be wrong. This misleading clue is one of the reasons why this puzzle can be frustrating for newcomers to the game.

Deadly Premonitions Origins Chess Puzzle Solution

There are many horror games that use puzzles involving Chess or Chess pieces, such as the Bishop puzzle in 7th Guest or the sewer puzzle in Leon's scenario in Resident Evil 2. The fact that Chess is such a universally recognized game and that many people are familiar with the rules makes it a popular choice to be adapted in some form for a video game puzzle.

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