Deadpool: 25 Hilarious Memes That Will Laugh Us Into The Newest Movie

Deadpool 2 is right around the corner and everyone is hopping back into the first Deadpool movie to gear up and get in the mood before the premiere of the sequel. The rated-R superstar himself, Ryan Reynolds, was born to play Deadpool. The first movie showed fans that Reynolds was in-fact the real deal when it comes to bringing Deadpool to the big screen. All he needed was a mouth that wasn't sewed shut and a studio willing to give it an R-rating in order to accommodate authenticity with the character. The booming financial success of Deadpool showed major film studios that adult-oriented superhero films can also break the box office in the same way that the family-first oriented films can. Though the sequel isn't being directed by Tim Miller trailer have showcased that it's picking up directly where the original left off. It's set to provide audiences with tons of laughs and awesome action scenes. Josh Brolin is coming off of arguably the greatest performance by a comic book villain since Heath Ledger and is set to portray the time-traveler Cable in Deadpool 2. Looks like Brolin is about to enjoy quite a summer with back to back blockbuster hits. Early screenings seem to indicate the sequel will not only live up to the hype but will exceed expectations and make audiences everywhere fall in love with X-Force. Let's now take a look at 25 memes that will laugh us all into Deadpool 2, set to premiere on May 18th, 2018.

25 Deadpool + Iron Man = BFFs?

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For the most part, fans really enjoy how the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrays characters from the comics and it seems that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios understand what makes those characters interesting and/or beloved to millions of fans. Sometimes it's a little too comic accurate and can come off annoying or unsettling. Numerous fans felt that the language lines in the Captain America films did exactly that. It felt like Steve Rogers was trying to censor a lot of people's favorite Avenger aka Tony Stark. This meme is great because it showcases the little nugget of a similarity that Deadpool shares with Iron Man.

They both don't like being censored, but more importantly, they don't like being told what to do.

Many times it's the Spider-Man/Deadpool partnership people want to see on the big screen, but Tony Stark trying to complete a mission with the bipolar mercenary could be pretty interesting as well. The Fox property acquisition by Disney isn't completed yet so it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any MCU folk making cameos in Deadpool 2. Then again, it doesn't mean we couldn't see Deadpool poke fun at Tony Stark in a number of different ways.

24 Bug Spray Time!

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Deadpool is known for breaking the 4th wall quite often, but he's also known for making distasteful jokes and sometimes simply just taking a decent joke way too far. Wade Wilson has never been a true believer in moderation so why would he ever hold back on anything? Deadpool is often seen hanging out with Spider-Man seeing as they have similar suits and can end up on the same comedic wavelength depending on the version of Peter Parker that's currently being written. You often see fanart of the two hanging out and being goofballs. Ant-Man on the other hand, though equally weird, really only shares the color palette of Deadpool. This image is great because it shows Deadpool with a can of bug spray and he's essentially threatening both Ant-Man and Spider-Man for some odd reason. It probably has to do with them hiding his stuffed unicorn toy. Scott Lang probably hid it in the Quantum Realm as a practical joke. The funniest part of this whole thing is that even though they're not technically bugs that spray Deadpool's holding could still eliminate them. Normally you would think there'd be no way he's spraying them with it. Then again it's Deadpool and there really aren't any certainties with him.

23 Deadpool/Colossus 2020

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One of the biggest surprises about the first Deadpool movie was the inclusion of Colossus from the X-Men. The inclusion of the mutant team, in general, was a big surprise to fans. Everyone was expecting an over the top, intense, rated highly Deadpool movie that aimed at staying true to the character. People assumed that it was going to be a hilarious comedy superhero movie with tons of great action. No one assumed that it would include the X-Men. Comedies with a pair of characters tend to work best when there are one loose cannon and one guy who plays it serious and straight. Those two opposing personalities make for perfect punchlines to jokes and tend to riff off of one another so well. Colossus is the straight man to Deadpool's comedic psycho for a major portion of the first Deadpool movie. Given today's current political climate it wouldn't be too shocking or unbelievable to have a bipolar presidential candidate with a 7-foot Russian straight man of a Vice President. If Deadpool/Colossus isn't what you vote for on your ballot in 2020 and don't think we can be friends. Deadpool 2 is looking to take this duo's relationship even further seeing as Colossus was a focal point during several scenes in the trailer.

22 Pea Soup

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Wordplay is something that Deadpool's been known to do on occasion but isn't necessarily his go-to format for jokes. Then again, nothing is really set in stone with him. Puns are often hit or miss with people, but good wordplay should always be appreciated for its ingenuity and cleverness. Though the joke is funny one could argue that it's actually invalid considering both urine and soup are both liquids. Both of them are most often warm in temperature as well. There are plenty of people who couldn't cook an egg much less roast some beef. It seems that you may have an easier time having a random person pee soup than you would having them roast beef. This isn't that unique of a joke and the format has been used for a variety of setups and punchlines. For the most part, this reads more like a younger Peter Parker or Happy joke than it does a Deadpool one. His would probably include more vulgar language and center around something most likely relating to the interests of a pre-pubescent girl. The only difference between the two is that Deadpool can't die, and he will actually own a pony with a unicorn horn glued to its head at one point in his life

21 Fan Complaints Work?

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We live in the current internet age of outrage culture, hypocrisy, and hyperbole. People everywhere will create petitions arguing for or against their favorite things in hopes of gaining enough signatures in order to get their way. Many times these petitions are created haphazardly and without any proper insight or solutions to the problem, they're presenting. When fan uproar and discomfort with something is heard and actually acted upon is when things really get interesting. When Wolverine: Origins was revealed to include Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool fans rejoiced. They were finally going to see what they felt was a perfect casting come to life. Upon the movies, release fans quickly realized that the studio took some unnecessary creative liberties.

They sewed the mouth shut of the character who's popularity revolves around him talking.

After enough backlash by fans, Ryan Reynolds took it upon himself to make test footage showcasing how high fan interest would be on an accurate highly rated film of the character. Thankfully Fox believed in Ryan Reynolds and the property and green-lit the first Deadpool. After seeing the box office records roll in it was an easy call for the studio to give a thumbs up on the sequel. Fans can sometimes be hyperbolic and unwieldy, but sometimes the concentrated criticism and/or support can lead to some amazing things.

20 Undercover Stormtrooper

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Leave it to Deadpool to go undercover in the biggest film franchise of all-time as a stormtrooper. It's a great mashup considering Deadpool is all about breaking the 4th wall with the audience and Star Wars will always very much be a semi-serious space opera. With Disney recently agreeing on a deal for the Fox properties including the likes of Deadpool, the Fantastic 4, and the X-Men one can hope and dream we see something like this. Marvel Studios and Disney haven't shied away from mentioning both Star Wars and Aliens through Peter Parker. It would be cool to see them do the same thing with Deadpool and have him make some meta Disney jokes at some point in his franchise. It would be crazy to see Wade Wilson dressed up in a Darth Vader costume, but a stormtrooper would probably play better comedically. Also, uptight Star Wars fans, as well as Disney, probably wouldn't be too keen on tarnishing the bravado and intimidation Darth Vader has built throughout the years. Disney currently owns one of the most lucrative and diverse cinematic toy boxes and it's only looking to grow in the coming years. Here's hoping we see some version of this in a future Deadpool outing by Ryan Reynolds.

19 Free Chimichangas?

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Everyone knows that Deadpool loves chimichangas. It's mostly due to the fact that chimichangas as such a funny choice for a characters favorite food solely based on the name. They're a Mexican dish and because of that, it makes it really funny for a bipolar attacker like Deadpool to crave a very specific cultural food. The go-to for most superheroes or characters is usually pizza, ice cream, or something else that's pretty general. Deadpool loving chimichangas is funny in the same way that Tony Stark wanting shawarma at the end of the first Avengers was. Some people have come down on the whole joke stating that it's inherently racist and making fun of Mexican culture. It seems that most of these people are trying to find issues where they don't exist. If anything Deadpool's interest in chimichangas has helped spread awareness about the food. Kids and adults everywhere probably get curious and seek out chimichangas themselves. There are plenty of examples of cultural appropriation but you can't waste time on the things that aren't. Deadpool's meant to be a character with a mind that has so little of an attention span that each of his multiple personalities is often thinking about something else.

18 Batman Gets Smacked!

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By now everyone knows about the meme featuring Batman slapping Robin across the face. The meme comes from a 1965 Batman comic where Batman slaps Robin for simply pointing out that Batman's purpose and vengeance against Superman are uncalled for and unwarranted. The first use of the panel in the form of a meme centered around a parent joke directed at Batman from Robin. It was then followed by Batman slapping Robin while letting him know his parents were dead. This image above featuring Deadpool's take on the meme is as meta as you would expect for a meme featuring the mercenary. He's slapping Batman as punishment for hitting Robin so much while at the same time calling Batman abusive. It showcases how absurd Deadpool can truly be when it comes to justice and equality. He believes there's nothing wrong with abusing Batman as he calls him abusive. It falls into that same problem where some superheroes will justify their force by saying the villain was ruthless, so in turn, the hero end the villain. Okay, maybe it's not a direct correlation, but it's good enough. Though I couldn't find it, it seems that a Batman slap meme featuring Deadpool slapping Deadpool would fall in line perfectly with his character and create a new cycle of buzz for a classic internet meme.

17 Out Of Nowhere!

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Have you ever walked into class and felt like you were hit with a ton of bricks out of nowhere? Some teachers are nice enough to let students know that they should study in preparation for a pop quiz that will be happening at some point in the next week. Others feel as though the element of surprise really allows them to see who's picked up the material and who are just coasting along. The big problem is that the educational system is built on teaching kids how to memorize information even though that leads to a purge of a majority of the knowledge.

That means that the way they teach kids in school is counter-intuitive to what a pop quiz actually is.

They seem as though they exist to just cause stress. The people who pass the quiz really didn't need it in the first place if they passed it without knowing about it, and the ones who are struggling just get pushed further behind. This argument is also centered around whether or not your teacher counts them as actual tests. No one like's pop quizzes, not even a hyper-intelligent Spider-Man.

16 Better Than Twilight?

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The joke revolving around simple love stories being more dynamic and interesting than the Twilight saga has been a part of the internet since those movies released. Many people feel as though Twilight sells younger adults a shallow and unrealistic an unrealistic version of love. It centers too much on a weak woman that only seems to reinforce terrible tropes and stigmas about women yearning for the attention of men. The joke seemed to catch the largest part of social media upon the release of Pixar's Up that features a tragic romantic story in the first 5-10 minutes of the film. Though Deadpool doesn't hit on the same notes that Pixar did, it still did a good job of selling the audience a relationship that felt natural, realistic, and relatable for many people. It made people take a step back and have a conversation with their significant others centered around what constitutes as a deal breaker physically. Would you still date your boyfriend if he suddenly was scarred the same way Wade Wilson was? Deadpool also did a great job of not making the relationship feel cookie cutter or forced. They even make fun grown-up jokes at the expense of various toys, gadgets, and experiments. Wade Wilson is an adventurous and dangerous fellow so it wasn't too shocking for him to bring that same attitude into the bedroom with his girlfriend.

15 Web-Slinger

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Spider-Man and adult content on the internet have been tied together for a very long time on the internet. There are various memes and pictures devoted to Spider-Man's search history and activities while on the internet. This joke from Deadpool once again uses wordplay and is rather clever on several fronts. It's oddly reminiscent of the relationship Peter Parker and Ned have in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ned's constantly asking Peter if he can do certain things that are very spider-like considering he just found out his best friend is a superhero by the name of Spider-Man. The difference between Ned and Deadpool is that Ned is genuinely interested whereas Deadpool is going it to poke fun at Peter. Also, even if Ned began to joke he understands social interactions and personal limits, whereas Deadpool may not know or care to pull back on the dumb spider-related jokes. This joke also brings up the realization that kids born in the mid-90's and later won't understand the struggle of waiting for a small picture to load over the course of 10-15 minutes. They also wouldn't get why someone answering your phone or using it to call someone could ruin your whole evening. In terms of this stuff today, we live in an age where millions of gigabytes of anything you want are free and available at the click of a mouse.

14 Deadpool Cosplay

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People cosplaying as Deadpool during conventions and gatherings are arguably the biggest hit or miss thing when interacting or viewing cosplayers. There tend to be two types of Deadpool cosplayers that you can see at any given convention. First, there are the ones who get the joke and purpose of Deadpool and nail it. They perform his personality accurately and know when enough is enough. Then there is the attention seeking type whose sole purpose of cosplaying is to have anonymity while being a real jerk. This type of Deadpool cosplayer tends to run things into the ground and not fully comprehend what makes Deadpool funny, cool, and entertaining. This could be an issue with many different character cosplays, but given Deadpool's history and personality, it tends to be a stronger focal point for those who aren't doing cosplay for the right reason.

Cosplay should be done by those who enjoy doing it and really embrace what it means to embody that character.

It isn't for those who use it as a vale to be mean, hurtful, rude, or socially unaware. When you see a Deadpool cosplayer at a convention it's all about first impressions. Many of them get it and make you laugh with funny jokes and actions. A sign of a good Deadpool usually revolves around whether they're with a friend or fellow cosplayer who's dressed as Spider-Man or a Deadpool related character. If this is so then you'll usually get great interactions between them.

13 Are You Offended? Good.

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Deadpool is a character that the audiences need to understand before committing themselves to his comics or movies. Not in the sense that you need to know his backstory or motivations, but you need to understand the ride you're agreeing to go on. Deadpool is a guy who isn't afraid to make jokes at anyone's expense, will break the 4th wall, and once again is willing to say the jokes that others shy away from. If you go into a Deadpool movie or comic and become offended then maybe you're in the wrong place. It's the same reason why parents shouldn't have complained after taking their kids to see the first movie. The studio isn't at fault for you being a poor parent. Maybe do some research and understand the movie you're taking your children to go watch. In the current age of the internet, that type of information is less than 10 seconds away. Also, just because a joke offends you that doesn't mean that everything else is meaningless or off-putting. We currently are living in a place in time where it seems that political correctness is at an all-time high. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing — just something to keep in mind. As a responsible, educated, and capable adult you must be able to decipher the difference between being socially conscious and aware and being a prude and aloof nuisance.

12 Avengers? No, Thanks.

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The acquisition of FOX properties by Disney has been brought up a couple of times on this list, so let's talk about the actual merging of universes. Fans are still wondering how all of these new characters are going to be incorporated into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many assume that the events of Avengers 4 will lead to an event or action that gives Marvel Studios leeway into emerging the X-Men, Fantastic 4, and Deadpool into the MCU. A running theory suggests that the Infinity Stones and/or Scarlet Witch's reality warping powers may play a roll in this. Time travel also seems to play a huge part in next years untitled blockbuster, so many the manipulation of past events could create the mutant gene and these other characters. The image above pokes fun at the absurdity of Deadpool existing in the current MCU. His attitude and over-the-top actions not only contradict the vibe of the MCU but would take the Sokovia Accords to another level. It's one thing to have superheroes register because of collateral damage, but adding in the havoc and manic that Deadpool brings could possibly even change Steve Rogers mind.

11 Give Em' Back Deadpool

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The idea of Disney possibly acquiring DC and its properties in the future have been a thought on many people's minds. Disney seems to have a ton of money in the vault and are looking to own the most popular franchises and properties. The threat of a monopoly is understandable and it seems that Warner Bros. will hold a tight grip on DC for the foreseeable future. If such a scenario ever did play out then fans would immediately get excited. Not only would they have the hope of Disney launching a critically successful and beloved DC cinematic universe, but the idea of a Marvel/DC crossover would be all the buzz. Deadpool interacted with the serious heroes and villains always lead to the funniest jokes and moments.

Batman is one of the most serious and stern heroes there is and rarely makes time for jokes or horseplay.

The idea of Wad Wilson destroying the batsuit for the sole purpose of poorly taping them to his own costume is just too perfect. Batman would obviously just make another cowl, but the idea of him confronting Wade Wilson as Wilson is wearing the ears is just too funny. It makes you laugh even more when you imagine the scenario playing out on the big screen with Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck.

10 I'm The Captain Now!

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So, we just talked about Deadpool messing with Batman and ruining his suit. Let's now focus our attention on what a Captain America run in with Deadpool would shape up like. Steve Rogers is just as serious and stern as Batman is most of the time. Steve often sees Deadpool for who he really is and often doesn't have the patience to deal with his jokes and pranks. Chris Evans seems to be on his way out as Steve Rogers and that means we may not see Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. It's a real shame considering the idea of Deadpool walking alongside Captain America through the streets of a city on a mission would play out so well. They could walk by a dumpster or trashcan and in a very Deadpool, very playful way Wade Wilson could grab the lid and show Steve Rogers he has what it takes to be Captain American. They could turn the joke on its head and instead of Deadpool poking fun at Captain America, it could be Wade really trying to impress him only to screw it up and come down hard on himself. Captain America, being the stand-up guy he is, could come and comfort him wherein Deadpool gets a little too handsy with him.

9 Deadpool Thinks You're Awesome

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A lot of Deadpool merchandise, jokes, and memes tend to be mean-spirited or always poking jokes at something. It's great to see an image of Deadpool breaking the 4th wall in a genuine and wholesome way. He's not always an unpredictable lunatic, he's shown that he can be a genuine and charismatic guy. Every kid thinks Deadpool is cool simply for the fact that he's always making jokes and he just looks cool. Those are the things that have rocketed Deadpool into the mainstream consciousness amongst all other superheroes. It's great to see people dress up as the character and use him as a vessel to contribute happiness and laughter to the world at large. The beauty of superheroes is that they can entertain and intrigue adults while at the same time motivate and inspire kids into becoming something greater. Ryan Reynolds is a great Deadpool because he knows how to bring the insane hilarity that comes along with the character while also showing heart and an appreciation for the children everywhere who love Deadpool. This image also seems like a great base for a Valentine's or anniversary card with your significant other who likes Deadpool.

8 Deadpool's Rocketship

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Is Deadpool a kid, or an adult? He's obviously an adult that really shouldn't ever come into question. He's just a guy who doesn't care what other people think about him. Wade Wilson does and enjoys whatever he likes, mostly to his own detriment. The carefree attitude partly has to do with his oddly put together brain but is also a result of being seemingly immortal. If you have no fear of dying than why would you have a fear of anything? This helps to build up his comfort in his own skin and leads him to have a stuffed unicorn and also still try to find enjoyment riding kid-focused rides outside of the local grocery store or shopping mall. The movies haven't really explored his multi-personality disorder, but that doesn't mean we won't see glimpses of it in the sequel. Considering the recent enlightenment of mental issues in the United States it may just end up as a part of the character that Fox and Reynolds decide to just leave in the comics. Thankfully his playful childlike nature in certain circumstances is at the forefront of his film adaptation and it's something Ryan Reynolds executes flawlessly.

7 The Lion King

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Spider-Man and Deadpool in many instances are the dream duo for many Marvel fans. Spider-Man in many ways shares a lot of the humor that Deadpool does and their costumes just work well together aesthetically. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the combination of the two could end up working out pretty well. Peter Parker is very young in the MCU and him interacting with a tamed Deadpool would be great. Working Deadpool into the greater MCU is hard considering his vulgar nature and extreme tendencies in combat. Marvel Studios could write it in a way where Deadpool tones it down around the Avengers and crew because he wants them to like him.

That's a hard thing to pull off and probably won't happen.

In terms of a Spider-Man team-up movie that's likely a no-go as well. Spider-Man is a global brand that Sony and Disney would never put in a non-family-friendly movie. If there's a future where that does happen it would more than likely occur with Spider-Man having a cameo in Deadpool 3 or 4 and not the other way around. In the meantime at least we have this image of Deadpool reenacting the Lion King which is fitting considering each character's cinematic age.

6 Hmm...BOI!

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The meme started with a Spongebob image that was used to communicate when someone was being difficult to deal with. The image itself wasn't from the animated television show, but rather an internet flash game centered around Spongebob's karate lessons with Sandy Cheeks. Up above someone uses a Deadpool figure to recreate the meme but finishes with a great reveal of him talking to a small animal. It plays directly into a scenario you would expect from a Deadpool comic or meme and executes it perfectly. It recently received a 2nd life by way of the release of 2018's God of War. The game centers heavily on the relationship between a father and his son. The beginning of the game showcases how frustrating a child can be and brings to light the way the main character Kratos has to deal with his son. He most often refers to his own son as "boy" instead of his real name. This lead to the connection between the old Spongebob meme and this new video game that's taken the industry by storm. It was just a perfect pairing of an already existing meme and a new piece of entertainment that a ton of people are experiencing. When things work together like that it's a great way to extend the life of a good meme while at the same time spreading awareness about that new piece of entertainment.

5 Superhero Landing

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One of the funniest jokes in the first Deadpool movie took place in the 3rd act of the film. It centered around Deadpool making a meta-joke about superhero landings. He talked about how they're impractical and actually take a heavy toll on one's knees. That being said, he still remarks about how awesome the female villain's landing was despite the criticisms. This was made even more hilarious by the fact that the first look at Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was of him flipping in the air and doing a superhero landing. Out of all heroes, Spider-Man is probably most associated with the superhero landing seeing as it ties into the spider origins of his powers in terms of how low he gets when he braces himself. Superman is also a heavy user of the superhero landing, though he also includes driving his fist into the ground which somehow only results in a small crater. Physics suggests that a man of his power moving at the speeds he does could easily cause an earthquake upon crashing into the ground. But hey, it's comic books after all. Sometimes you just have to let those things slide in favor of seeing some amazing and impactful action shots.

4 I'm You...From The Future

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Deadpool knows a thing or two about time travel considered his most notable partner is a time-traveling bounty hunter known as Cable. Cable's set to be the big addition in Deadpool 2 alongside a number of other X-Force members. He's being played by Josh Brolin and looks to be ripped straight from the pages of the comic books. This means that Deadpool will become acclimated to the notion of time travel even if at the comprehension level of a 4th grader. Of course, given the chance, Deadpool would tell Spider-Man that he's him from the future.

The suits are close enough in design that an unsuspecting Peter Parker could imagine he would have redesigned it in the future.

This is a great joke that would play so well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peter Parker in the MCU is super intelligent but naive to a lot of things happening in the world around him. You could totally see Deadpool walking up to Peter and dropping this bombshell of a lie only to have Peter respond with "No way! You've got to be kidding me! I look sick!". Then the camera could pan to either Iron Man or Doctor Strange shaking their head in disappointment.

3 Uncle Ben Joke

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A joke revolving around the death of Spider-Man's Uncle Ben isn't particularly original or in good taste, but that doesn't stop Deadpool. If there's one thing Deadpool is great at it's being an impolite comedian. With the recent release of Spider-Man: Homecoming Toby McGuire has taken a backseat to Tom Holland as the best live-action interpretation of the character. Thanks to both McGuire and Andrew Garfield fans didn't have to watch the origin story of Spider-Man for a 3rd time in a little over a decade. Fans were quickly introduced to Peter Parker and his past during Captain America: Civil War. Uncle Ben was never mentioned, but what Peter says to Tony Stark in his room regarding why he wants to be a hero is more than enough. Everyone knows what happens and why Peter feels responsible for his uncle's death. It's the whole reason his secret identity is so important to him. It's a funny joke, Deadpool. That doesn't mean we haven't heard it 100 times before. We can assume that Spider-Man is set to have his own trilogy of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it's still not confirmed if we'll ever get a look at Uncle Ben. Who was the lucky man who landed, Aunt May?

2 Dopinderpool

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I'm going, to be honest, and let you know I have no idea who Mithun Chakraborty is, but this meme is centered around a portrait of the old actor. At first glance, one can assume it's simply a photo of a man doing some casual Michael Jackson cosplay, or possibly onset of the Jurassic Park sequel, but that's not the case. This is simply a photo of Chakraborty looking as epic as humanly possible. This meme is obviously poking fun at Deadpool's innocent bystander of a taxi driver, Dopinder. It insinuates that Wade Wilson could reward Dopinder's loyalty with a cool new outfit that's inspired by his own Deadpool costume. Meme culture is crazy because it can turn a portrait of a successful but relatively unknown-in-the-West actor into a hilarious internet meme. Given how often Ryan Reynolds browses the internet this image may inspire something that could happen in a future Deadpool or X-Force film. Having an unassuming taxi driver as a sidekick is a hilarious situation that best works in a Deadpool movie. It fits the character almost too perfectly. Wade Wilson is the only super-powered person to assume that taking a taxi is a great way for someone like himself to get from one place to another.

1 Freshman vs. Senior Year

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We've already covered how poorly Fox did Deadpool with his first outing in Wolverine: Origins. Though they partially fixed it with the following Wolverine movie, they didn't nail it in the same way that Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds did in his standalone movie. This meme accurately showcases how much better Deadpool looks and feels when treated with a little bit of care and attention. People are hoping the same thing happens for the Fantastic 4 when Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige finally get a hold of them. The same case could be made for the X-Men seeing as Fox does a great job at introducing them and setting them up but always seems to fail at sustaining them. That's the type of thing Marvel Studios nails which is evident if you simply glance at the longevity and success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans are worried that Disney may push back on Deadpool being for grown-ups, but let's not forget that money speaks.

Marvel Studios and Disney have seen the success that Deadpool had at the box office and what Deadpool 2 is going to do. They understand that a mature movie is the only way to stay true to Deadpool and staying true is what fans flocked to the movie theater to see. As long as Ryan Reynolds is attached Marvel Studios will let him print the money he currently is with the Deadpool/X-Force franchise.

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