25 Hilarious Deadpool Vs. Wolverine Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Name a more iconic duo—Starsky & Hutch, Mario and Luigi, Dustin and Steve (shoutout to Stranger Things) or my personal favorite, Deadpool and Wolverine. Deadpool and Wolverine might not get along for the most part, or really get along ever, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the funniest duos in the superhero universe.

Deadpool and Wolverine’s “friendship” is the type of relationship I’m sure I would’ve had if I had a brother. The constant fights and rivalries, mixed with an older brother constantly being annoyed by his younger brother’s antics. It’s as if Wolverine traded in his older brother Sabertooth for the wisecracking Deadpool, who seems like the perfect annoying younger brother to Logan.

That’s why it’s always a treat to see these two interact, especially since they’re both these immortal, reckless bringers of destruction. Wolverine might try to keep things squeaky clean, being a hero and all, but if his last movie wasn’t indication enough it seems that trouble just always seems to find its way to Logan. And Deadpool, well, Deadpool might be more reckless than the Joker and Harley Quinn combined, and that’s saying something!

So put Wolverine and Deadpool together and you have a match made in heaven. It’s sad that with Hugh Jackman’s retirement from the Wolverine character that we won’t see an on-screen representation of these two characters and their iconic relationship. But thankfully we have a ton of memes and comics that put a spotlight on the unbreakable love they’ve always had for each other.

And don't worry, no spoilers for Deadpool 2.

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25 Wolverine Vs. Deadpool Vs. Blade?

via: pics.me.me

Now, whether you liked Deadpool’s first attempt at a movie or not, we all applauded it for at least one reason, because it annihilated the R-rated movie stigma. It was a pretty huge sigh of relief knowing that Deadpool had opened the floodgates for Chimichanga appreciation and for movies to take that R-rating without worrying about sacrificing box-office or critical acclaim.

Except that we’re all forgetting, Deadpool wasn’t the first, Blade was.

Now, I’m guessing that more than a few of you forgot about the black vampire-slayer, but Blade definitely set a precedent that never really got followed up by any other comic-book type films. Maybe it was because comic book movies were, for the most part, pretty bad back then. Other than that, we're not sure what happened to R-rated superhero movies. Though Blade might’ve been labeled messy by a lot of critics, fans truly did appreciate the movie as the film almost tripled its budget at the box office.

Growing up in the late 90s/2000s, there was no chance that I was going to see Blade, especially with that R-rating. My parents were so strict that they’d barely let me watch PG-13 movies after my 16th birthday. So I really have to go back and give Blade a watch and see if it lives up to the other R-rated comic book flicks (Specifically Logan and Deadpool).

24 Honey, I Shrunk The Wolverine

via: quirkybyte.com

You know, I’ve only ever been to one convention in my lifetime, and while that was a few years ago, I was pretty sure I got the full scope of cosplayers at these events. You usually see the best of the best online, costumes that just scream creativity, stuff like this, this, or even this, or even some scandalous ones that all the fanboys/girls look forward to but never seem to admit. So, with all this in mind, I expected to see some pretty cool stuff at New York Comic Con, only to find out that the good costumes are a little more rare than I expected.

Iron Mans made out of paper and Jokers who looked straight out of a dumpster were littered throughout—but at the very least, it put more shine on the really good costumes. Where’s the point in all of this? Wait, I know there was one, oh, right! I don’t think there’s a bad Deadpool cosplay.

Because Deadpool is seen in every size, shape, and form, I think it’s pretty easy to pull him off if you have some red spandex lying around. For some reason, I just see every Deadpool cosplayer as the real Wade Wilson. Maybe he just got bored of annoying Wolverine and decided to go troll some fans. This is a testament to the lack of shame that Deadpool never feels, but it’s also a testament to his fans who for the most part, cosplay him pretty well.

23 Let’s Just Forget That Movie Ever Existed…

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine? What’s that? Is that some new type of workout plan, or maybe some new brand of energy drinks? All jokes aside, I’m sure that many fans of Wolverine, and especially fans of Deadpool, would like to forget that this movie ever existed. Pretending that it was just some parody that maybe Fox did just so they could give Deadpool something to poke fun at in his own line of movies. Welp, time for a reality-check, because it happened.

And surprisingly I’m alright with 99% of this movie. Now, before you burn me at the stake, let me explain.

So first off, I never truly hated the movies as much as everyone else. Sure, the Deadpool thing was dumb, borderline leaving the theater worthy, but let’s forget that for now. The rest of the movie was alright. Wolverine vs. Sabertooth was fun, the intro was great, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is always something we'll treasure.

But let’s address the elephant in the room, Deadpool. I’m sure he’d have a bone to pick with me for calling him an elephant, but I digress. The ending to this movie really sucked. I’m sure I’ll go into all the details about why it’s terrible in a later entry, but for now we can all agree it was bad. But that’s alright too. “Why?” you might ask. Well now we have something to poke fun at forever, and Ryan Reynolds is probably having a blast doing just that.

22 Get Out Those Hello Kitty Band-Aids

via: memeguy.com

Now, these are the comics that highlight perfectly why Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool would’ve been a force to be reckoned with if they were on screen together. Just imagine how many moments like these we would get in that movie. I don’t even want a traditional comic-book movie either, like make these two college roommates, and make the genre a romantic comedy where Deadpool is trying to score a girl for formal and is forced to bring Wolverine instead. I’m sure Disney/Fox are scrunching up enough money to buy the rights to my story as we speak.

All jokes and great ideas aside, I am pretty bummed I’ll never see those two actors share the screen, at least with both of their costumes on. Because we all know that X-Men Origins doesn’t count in the slightest, I don’t care what I’ve said in the previous entry.

We’ll never know when we’ll see a good on-screen representation of these two characters, and I wouldn’t bet on it happening anytime soon. But what we have in its place are hilarious comics such as these. So next time you’re in your public library, make sure to pitch the idea to the librarians about how they should start up a Wolverine and Deadpool section in the graphic novels.

21 Dollar Store Claws

via: quirkybyte.com

Deadpool jokes that he now has claws just like Wolverine, but you know, this is probably something that I’m sure any aspiring superhero fan has done at one point. Especially those of you who were Wolverine fans growing up, I’m sure there was at one point when you slipped some pencils, or maybe some utensils like Deadpool into the grooves of your fingers pretending to be everyone’s favorite three-clawed hero.

Wolverine honestly isn’t a hard guy to imitate—Batman, you need a cape, and uh, maybe some bats, Captain America, a shield, Megatron, a full body-suit consisting of LED lights, cannons, lasers, and such… but Wolverine, easy peasy.

I mean, you might want to add some flare to that Wolverine costume while you're at it, but even the flare is pretty easy to come by. Get yourself some jeans, get some hair gel on that head, and wear a white tank top, preferably one that is blood-stained. One of my favorite types of cosplay are the people who obviously dressed on a budget, like the guys and gals who use sticky-notes all over their bodies or ones who are marked head-to-toe in sharpie.

Just seeing how thrifty you can get while still making your costume is something that I just applaud in some cosplayers. So next time you’re broke and still need a costume for Comic-Con, don’t forget about those utensils in the drawers and those pens and pencils in your desk.

20 You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

via: pics.me.me

This comic is pure perfection, so kudos to the person who came up with it. Poking fun at X-Men Origins: Wolverine is half the reason why I love it. It’s also the reason why I love the Star Wars prequels so much. Yeah, they’re a bit of a CGI mess, just like X-Men Origins, but the second I see Jar Jar Binks I’m instantly satisfied.

It’s almost as if Deadpool from X-Men Origins is the Jar Jar Binks of the superhero universe.

So I honestly thank director Gavin Hood and the rest of the team for this god-awful ending. Without it, we’d have no memes like the ones above and we wouldn’t have the hilarious tongue-and-cheek references that we keep getting in the Deadpool movies. So you have to be grateful for the superhero movies we get, even if they’re mostly terrible like X-Men Origins.

But this comic up here is probably going down for one of my favorites on this list. I mean not only does it use one of my favorite lines from a commercial, but it uses it in a way where I now have to bow down to Snickers and Wolverine for giving us the real Deadpool.

19 I Don't Smell Anything

via: quirkybyte.com

Ouch! That one’s gotta hurt for Deadpool, as I think he might’ve lost a few brain cells courtesy of Wolverine. But that never stops the merc with the mouth as he’s continuing to wisecrack even after receiving a wicked blow. I mean, we really got to give it up to Deadpool—the man still knows how to drop some savage lines even when he’s in some more than likely intense pain.

I mean, I’m sure this isn’t his first time he’s been clawed like this.

But still, that takes some serious skill as I don’t even think your brain should be working right when you receive that kind of blow from Wolverine. Not to mention that Deadpool perfectly describes Wolverine’s character with only a few words. Seriously, Logan, you might have to cut back on the hair gel, at least just a little.

This image is the perfect cover to a comic book, one that I still hope features these two as college roommates—that idea is still on the table, Disney! Regardless if that’s the story or not behind this image, I’d love to see these two duke it out as I’m sure it’d be one fight we could never forget.

18 Waaay Ahead Of You

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Crazy to think that a movie about a wisecracking anti-hero busting bad guy’s chops and breaking fourth walls made so much money in its opening weekend. I mean sure, I thought Deadpool would do good, maybe even do great if all the fanboys told all their friends to see it. But never did I think I’d see the movie reach that kind of monumental success, it was truly a milestone of a movie especially for studios too afraid to put that R-rating on movies.

And Deadpool didn’t just earn a soft "we said a few bad words" type of R-rating, but a hard "I don’t even think I’m old enough to see it" type of R-rating. It blew me away that this type of movie even constitutes for R, this movie could've easily received an X-rating if released a couple decades ago. It was so raunchy that if I brought a barf bag with me, I feel as though it would’ve been overflowing halfway through the movie.

But despite all of that, Deadpool was a major success financially and critically and it might’ve been the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to giving Wolverine an R-rated movie. So Wolverine might never thank Deadpool for his hard work, but we’ll give him all the praise and chimichangas he deserves.

17 And The Deadpool Hijinx Continue

via: imgflip.com

Deadpool truly has no self control—we’ll let you get away with taping a Hugh Jackman photo to your face, but pretending to twist the man, Crikey! Now, I understand why Wolverine is screaming so loud, because that’s got to hurt. But it goes to show why Deadpool is almost untouchable, and no, we’re not just talking about his healing factor.

The man has no filter, and unsurprising enough, no shame. I mean I just don’t know how you can make fun of Deadpool and actually feel a good about yourself. I mean what’s Logan’s best course of action after being disrespected like this? There is none, well at least none that would end non-violently, but I digress.

Deadpool might be a clown, but he is a genius at what he does. It’s like he’s the people’s champion and can voice everyone’s opinions one witty joke at a time. This might not be Deadpool’s cleverest attempt at disrespecting Wolverine, but sometimes you just need a bit of slapstick humor in there to break-up the references and subtle jokes. Though I love what Deadpool does on a day-in, day-out basis, nothing would make me happier than to one day see Wolverine stoop to this level of silliness. Next time Reynolds calls Jackman’s character out on Twitter, I want to see some disrespect returned.

16 We'd Pay To See It

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I feel like my idea of turning Deadpool and Wolverine into college roommates is slightly being ripped off here, but I’ll let it slide this time since Step Brothers is such a good movie. And you know what would Step Brothers a better movie? Oh, I’m sure you already know, so I feel like I don’t even have to say it. But here we go anyway, that’s right, let’s make it Deadpool and Wolverine instead of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

This movie would be so gold, that I don’t even think enough money exists in the world for the amount of box-office they’d make.

I mean, this might just be a funny picture, and it plays off this dynamic duo archetype but this idea is just too golden. Especially if Deadpool and Wolverine are placed right into Ferrell’s and Riley’s characters. Hearing Wolverine tell Deadpool to never, ever, touch his drum set would be enough to make me pay for the entire movie.

And I’m sure the fights would definitely be a lot more big-budget, but with all the money this flick is going to make I’m sure that money is just a number at that point. So Fox, Disney, whoever owns all the rights at this point, let’s make this thing happen. No seriously, don’t let me down.

15 The Money Train Is Leaving The Station

via: imgflip.com

They say money can’t buy happiness—well, go tell that to Hollywood and see how it turns out. Everything in the movie business is strictly dollar signs, well, at least for the executives backing these gigantic movies. They don’t care if Wolverine perishes, or if Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader’s son, just about how those profit margins are looking. But I’ll get off my soap box, as I’m sure that I’m not preaching anything new to you.

But I say all this because more often than not, an R-rating can be critical to a movie’s success. And before Deadpool, the list was very small for R-rated blockbusters that grossed a good amount of money that would merit a sequel. Even Deadpool himself joked in the new film that the first movie did so well that it landed second on the all-time highest grossing R-movies, right behind Passion of The Christ.

Too bad, too, because Deadpool was only 7 mil behind and I’d love to see the king of chimichangas himself be at the top. Regardless of the movie’s placement, it’s obvious that Deadpool’s success has opened a new floodgate for blockbuster movies with R-ratings. Thankfully, Logan followed suit and now it looks like there’s no stopping R-rated blockbusters. Oh and sorry, Logan, looks like you lost out to Deadpool at the box office, I’m sure he’ll never let you live it down.

14 Wolverine Should Really Charge Interest

via: quirkybyte.com

Well, I wouldn’t count on Wolverine getting those 5 hundred dollars back. And this comic might provide us with one of the most Deadpool things that Deadpool would ever do; rip Wolverine off knowing that his demise is right around the corner.

What a scumbag, I mean, of course, a hilarious, off-the-wall sociopath type of scumbag, but still one nonetheless.

The funniest part is that Wolverine doesn’t question Deadpool in the slightest. I mean, c'mon, man, you know this guy always has some sketchy ulterior motive for everything he does. Deadpool is a lot like the Joker; while all his actions might seem pointless and chaotic, there’s always some sort of scheme behind these mad men. Even if Logan wasn’t passing away in September, if I were him, I’d still assume that Deadpool was using the money for something shady.

Like that the 5 hundred that Wolverine is lending him is going to be used for gasoline and fuel just so Deadpool can burn down Wolverine’s house or something. Now I’m too curious wondering what that money was actually used for, as I’m sure Deadpool didn’t use it to cover the funeral costs for poor old Wolverine over there. Either way, this is one comic that definitely made me laugh out loud, and one that needs a proper ending.

13 Little Deadpools Or Wolverine's Kryptonite

via: i2.wp

There’s two possibilities as to what we’re staring at from the comic above. One, the obvious being that Deadpool was split up into three or four smaller versions of himself and it’s now up to Wolverine to put them back together. Or two, these might be Deadpool’s children and it looks like it’s time for Uncle Wolverine to babysit.

Honestly, I more so want to believe that it’s the latter as Deadpool’s children, I’m sure, would have an interesting upbringing. If you’ve seen the latest film, then you’d have to agree with me when I say that I’m not so sure that Deadpool would be the best, or really the safest dad to have. I mean, if his kids are born with the healing factor, then I’m sure family picnics will be a lot easier, especially with all the baddies targeting Deadpool. But without that healing factor, I think it might be best to put those kids up for adoption as I don’t know if Deadpool is fit to parent.

Or even better, send them over to Uncle Wolverine who I hope has been at least nominated to God parent for one of the kids. Though I’m not too sure how Wolverine would be with kids, especially Deadpool's bratty looking children, but I’m sure they’d one day all get along. Well, as long as they’re not like their father too much.

12 The Motorcycle Makes The Man

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You know there’s a few things that define a loner, grizzly-type of a man — you gotta have a leather jacket, at some point grow a beard, and you gotta drive a motorcycle, preferably a chopper if you really want to pull off the look. Looking up top you can see that three out of the four heroes fit that criteria, and the only one who doesn’t, yup that’s Deadpool.

Deadpool probably is the last person out there trying to impress people with his whip.

Honestly, Deadpool is really the anti-hero of everything these guys stand for. He probably would go out of his way to find the least manliest car out there just so he could parade around with it as he kicks some baddie behind. So seeing Deadpool on the scooter isn’t really much of a surprise; in fact, it would probably look goofier if he drove any of these professional looking bikes around.

Talk about a twist of events; well, no hero but Deadpool could truly ever pull off that moped look. I mean, just look at the way he crosses his legs in such a quaint manner; I swear even the small details manage to make me laugh when it comes to details. So while I love Wolverine’s macho-man bike, I think I have to give the style points to Deadpool on this one.

11  Not Even For A Cameo?

via: quirkybyte.com

Wow, that might be one of the longest bits of dialogue that I’ve ever seen Logan share with Deadpool. And can you believe it? It seems that Wolverine actually has the upper hand this time, and is getting Wade Wilson, the merc with the mouth himself to admit that Logan is the best at what they do, but with one important caveat, of course. Wade continues to state that what they do isn’t really nice, no arguments here.

Well, you heard it folks, the truth right from the horse's mouth. Though, I’m sure Deadpool would go for me where I stand for calling him an elephant and now a horse in the same article, but once again, I digress. I really can’t disagree with anything Wade is saying here, to be honest.

Yes, Deadpool is one lunatic I’d never mess with, but Wolverine is one lunatic that I don’t even know if I’d be in the same room as. Though Wolverine might be more of a hero than Wade, Wolverine just has that pent up aggression that makes him one man that I don’t think anyone would want to mess with. Just imagine being a barista at Starbucks and messing up Wolverine’s order; sure, he might say it’s fine, don’t worry about it, but you bet your bottom dollar that I’m watching my back for the next 6-7 years. Yeah, years, gotta be sure.

10 Hooray For Special Effects!

via: quirkybyte.com

So we’re going to talk about X-Men Origins: Wolverine again. I know, I know, I’ve pretty much milked everything I have to say about this movie, so that’s why were going to enter spoiler territory for the new film in this entry. You’ve been warned, don’t say I told you so, no turning back!

Well, with that out of the way, let’s talk about X-Men Origins showing up in Deadpool, because boy, oh boy was that some comedy gold. It’s almost as if this comic, in a way, predicted the events that were set to come in Deadpool 2. The Deadpool in this comic is obviously the one we’re used to, and not that abomination in the X-Men movie, so it leads me to believe that Wade still continued on with the fight against Wolverine and Sabertooth.

Just imagine how funny it would be if we saw a reworked scene with a Deadpool much like the one we see in this comic. He’s got some swords tapped to his arms, and some flashlights strapped to his head and now he’s ready to take on the two brothers, Wolverine and Sabertooth. Trust me when I say I’d pay to see it, and I’m sure all of you would too.

9 I Don't Think He's Signing Them

via: pics.me.me

It’s no secret that Deadpool is a big fan of Wolverine, some say he might even be the Canadian's number one fan. But something tells me that this might be an inappropriate time for Deadpool to approach his celebrity crush. I feel like there’s a fine line between meeting your idol, and angering the holy heck out of them, and it looks like Deadpool has basically used that line for toilet paper. But I will say, I would’ve loved to see some Deadpool antics in the Wolverine universe.

Not sure how Deadpool would affect the tone of the movie, but I’m sure more than a few rewrites would come out of it.

Still I’d love to see some sort of director’s cut where Deadpool gets to parade about in Logan. Because I feel like if Wolverine did truly exist in Deadpool’s cinematic universe, then we’d be looking at totally different movies, as I’m sure the two would hang out every day, or at least Deadpool would want them to. Also, I love Laura’s reaction to Deadpool, just getting him right in the abdomen just like her role-model Wolverine would; they really do grow up so fast. So prepare for a beating, Deadpool, as I’m sure Wolverine and Laura have had enough of your shenanigans.

8 Do They Still Matter?

via: static1

Do budgets matter? Well, of course they do, you’re not going to make something as quality as Logan or Deadpool with a few bucks and a couple of lunchables. Big budgets help, but I think this image perfectly illustrates exactly what I want to convey. Budgets matter, but they aren’t everything.

Don’t get me wrong, that Wolverine looks mental! Every detail is carved to perfection, down to the scrapes and bruises, the mismatched color-contacts, and the wildman beard. But I can’t lie, that Deadpool in the background comes close to stealing the show for me. Just the way he looks away, pretending that he doesn’t even notice the level of detail, and money that has obviously gone into this Wolverine's costume. And I think that Deadpool has a pretty dope costume as well, maybe not better, but pretty good on its own right.

That leads me to budgets in movies; yes, sometimes the movie might have a bigger budget, but that’s never the indication to good quality. Just look at Deadpool the film, which only had a budget of 58 million yet grossed over 700 million worldwide. So remember, kids, sometimes the store-brand cereal is just as good as the name brand.

7 Get Out Your Tissues, For Both

via: static2.com

Now, this meme definitely brings up a good point, if you go in to see Deadpool you're more than likely going to let out plenty of laughs and come out feeling ecstatic rather than gloomy. While if you watch Logan then I’m going to bank that you’re probably going to need a box of tissues for the sad, borderline depressing moments that you are sure to face. But I say you’re going to need tissues for both, and let me explain why.

Sure, Deadpool 1 and 2 are full of their emotional moments, but it’s the pure laughter that will probably induce plenty of tears.

When I came out of both Deadpool movies I remember laughing so hard that I was wiping tears off my face. And vice versa, when I was watching Logan, it only took one person around me to start crying and I became a faucet with no handles. So believe me when I say, it’s better to prepare a box of tissues for both, because both flicks are sure to get your emotions riled up.

And that’s probably my favorite quality in a movie: emotional investment. Because once a movie has you invested emotionally, you aren’t thinking of the plot holes or the cinematography, you’re simply there to enjoy the movie. So kudos to Deadpool and Wolverine for putting out great flicks.

6 An Oldie But A Goodie

via: 123w.com

Yeah I kind’ve cheated with this entry, because this isn’t a meme, a comic, or really anything fan-created. This image comes straight from the first Deadpool movie, but at this point this image has been used on every meme site that I just couldn’t help but throw this image on this list.

This is definitely a personal favorite, as this is probably one of my favorite moments in both Deadpool films.

I almost fell out of my seat (no lie) when Deadpool was first taking off his mask for Vanessa, only for all of us to see a cut-out image of Hugh Jackman. That kind of comedy should honestly be illegal, because I felt like I had to go to the hospital from the pain I felt from laughing. It was one of the most creative, and laugh-out-loud moments we got from Deadpool and I don’t think I’ll truly ever forget my first reaction to it.

Though I still don’t understand that with all these jabs at Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, why the Australian star still doesn’t send some shade back. Oh yeah, that's right, Jackman did finally give Reynolds a taste of his own medicine when he made a similar mask to the one in this movie, but instead it sported Reynolds' face. Well played, Jackman.

5 Coming Soon, To A Theater Near You

via: wp.com

Just like the Step Brothers version of Deadpool and Wolverine, I would be equally if not more excited to see the two fill in the roles of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. I actually forgot what the Dumb and Dumber box cover looked like, and I was very relieved to see that the artist made his own rendition of that cover. And to be honest, I gotta say that he really has done a great job of adapted it for Logan, and Wade Wilson.

Yeah, I’m sure everyday is a no-brainer for Deadpool if he’s getting treated like that from Wolverine.

Though I don’t think these two would fit the roles of Dumb and Dumber as these two are just not dumb enough. Sure, they have their moments when they let they act first, think later, but I still think they’re miles ahead of Carrey and Daniel’s characters in Dumb and Dumber.

Something tells me that “the most annoying sound in the world” scene would feature a lot less playfulness, and a lot more screams and gross stuff. But hey, I still don’t think there’s a franchise these two couldn’t work their magic on. Mario and Luigi? Nah, we have Wolverine and Deadpool now. Tom and Jerry? Scoot over you two, you guys don’t have half the relationship that Deadpool and Wolverine have.

4 You Know What, I Believe It

via: wp.com

I’m surprised that it took this long for us to finally stumble upon Ryan Reynolds' infamous Twitter account, and his savage tweets that he directs towards Wolverine and Hugh Jackman. At this point, Ryan Reynolds is so engulfed in Deadpool that he actually has become the character Deadpool. He should seriously consider walking around in costume, because it seems like he doesn’t know how to separate himself from his character.They have method acting, well, I think Ryan has so much dedication to this character that we should call it Reynolds' acting.

It’s like when you see the arrow in-between the Fedex logo; once you see it, it’s impossible to ever unsee. Sorry for all those out there who I might’ve now cursed, but this is a lot like Reynolds and Deadpool—how do we go back to regular Ryan Reynolds at this point? I almost expect that more than half of his fans now are fans just because of his role as Deadpool.

But this is all for, very, very good reason as the man just has no off switch as we can see here. Reynolds comments that in fact, that isn’t Laura’s hand holding Wolverine's, but instead is his tender baby hand holding it. And since I’m so confused to what is canon at this point, I’ll freaking believe it.

3 Spoiler Alert

via: wp.com

Well, I guess that the title is a bit of a lie, as there aren't any spoilers unless you haven’t seen Logan, but I don’t think this comic even spoils that event since I’m not sure what it’s foreshadowing. What I am sure of, is that all of you have more than likely seen the masterpiece that is Logan at this point, and if you haven’t, well, that would be pretty awkward as I’ve just spoiled the tear-jerker of ending. But let’s stop dilly dallying as we have to talk about Deadpool's fourth wall break in this comic, as it’s especially hilarious.

Pineapple smoothies, that’s right, pineapple smoothies and free cash are the only things I love more than Deadpool’s fourth wall breaks.

Just seeing Deadpool’s lifeless but cute eyes come close to the camera only for him to tell the audience something, or yell at the executives of Fox are some of my favorite moments in any comic book movie.

And this fourth wall break right here might be one of my new favorites. Deadpool is having a normal conversation with Storm when all of sudden he expresses his condolences for the loss of Wolverine, except it hasn’t even happened yet! Talk about spoiler alert; also, I’d tread very lightly if I was Wolverine and heard that news down the hall.

2 The Cutest Couple Award Goes To…

via: i1.wp.com

Oh, you already know. That’s right, we’re giving this useless, and very much spur of my imagination award to the cutest couple on the planet, Deadpool and Wolverine. They beat out Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and by a slim margin, they even top the cuteness from Steve and Dustin. I know, I never thought I’d see the day, but the relationship we got here is just too good.

Deadpool and Wolverine are the little brother, big brother relationship I’ve always wished for.

These two are so perfect that I feel like they should have their own sitcom. Maybe Deadpool plays the annoying Steve Urkel-type neighbor character who Wolverine is set on sinking his claws through. Boy, would that be the best episode of Family Matters I’ve seen yet. Regardless of where these two end up, we always know that when they’re together there’s sure to be magic in the air.

That’s more than I can say for any superhero duo; sorry, Batman and Robin, you guys have to take a back seat to these two. So as I feel like Deadpool and Wolverine would be fighting on stage as they accept our award, I’d like them to know that I’d want it no other way. Thanks for the laughs, you two.

1 And The Feud Begins

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Ah, Deadpool, never afraid to poke fun of Wolverine even if it’s on the side of a highway holding up a cheeky sign saying “God hates Wolverine.” That’s just too good, and this entry really sets the tone for the rest to come. As this Wolverine/Deadpool relationship does seem to be a bit one-sided at times.

Deadpool is always provoking Wolverine, but we think he only does it to mask his feelings for his favorite three-clawed hero. But let’s face it, Wolverine is not even close to calling himself a friend of Deadpool, in fact, I’m sure he wouldn’t even call him an acquaintance. Wolverine tries to distance himself as far as possible from the merc with a mouth and this comic is basically another example of that.

I love that the end of this comic uses the iconic scene from X-Men: First Class where Professor X and Magneto approach Wolverine for recruitment only for him to “politely decline, and nicely ask them to leave.” And that scene fits perfectly at the bottom of this one, but we truly hope Wolverine isn’t too annoyed yet, because Deadpool will never leave him be, if we've learned anything here.

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