Death Stranding: A Definitive Guide To Peeing

With Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has integrated the peeing mechanic to serve as a proponent of his 'social strand' game formula.

Sounds weird to admit, but one of the coolest offerings inherent in Death Stranding is the pissing mechanic. It even lands players a trophy upon their first time, so there's that incentive, in addition to the fact that it's simply a necessity for Sam to continue along his journey. While it may not be as fun as it was in Postal 2, peeing in this game is nevertheless another interactive component that pits players into the very shoes of Norman Reedus' Sam Porter Bridges. This isn't anything new, as urinating in gaming has been a tradition, though very few titles have actually utilized it.

With Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has integrated the mechanic to serve as a proponent of his 'social strand' game formula. And, it works like a charm.

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How To Pee

One of the few things that aren't actually extremely complicated in Death Stranding is peeing. All players must do is hit and hold the right button on the d-pad, select the peeing option, then hold the right trigger as if to shoot a weapon. That's all there is to it. How long Sam will pee depends on the amount he has literally in his tank. Players can also use the restroom found in private rooms to do both number 1 AND number 2, of which relinquish crafty and useful weapons, called EX grenades, that can be used to some effect against BTs.

Where To Pee

This is an easy answer: on the terrifying BTs that occupy the beautiful world of Death Stranding. Why? Because they suck. In all seriousness, though, choosing where to urinate in this game is its most interesting proponent, given the fact that where one pees a mass of mushrooms appear and are viewable to all other Porters that occupy the same server. These shrooms can even be liked, adding yet another layer of social media tones to a game riddled with likable components. It is, after all, a social strand game, as Kojima coined. Players do have to be using an internet connection for these mushrooms to appear to other players, though the online component does not necessitate a PS Plus subscription.

Why You Should Pee

Aside from the likes given by other players and the relinquished grenades players will receive after using the restrooms in the private rooms, there's really no other reason to the mechanic (other than simply giving players the feeling they're in the very body of Sam). Reedus has repeatedly stated how Kojima wanted Death Stranding gamers not to merely play as Sam, but to literally become Sam when playing. It works, and the social aspect awarded after, where a mass of shrooms grow in accordance with the amount peed, is yet another neat touch.

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