Death Stranding Actor Begs Journalists To Not Spoil The Game

One of the actors involved in upcoming title Death Stranding has urged the media to refrain from reports which would spoil the game for persons who purchase it.

The game's launch is only a few weeks away and, given the times we're living in, leaks and spoilers are expected. Tommie Earl Jenkins, though, wants the game's details kept under wraps as much as possible.

Jenkins, who plays Die-Hardman in Death Stranding, has gotten on Twitter to asked journalists with review copies to not "spoil it for others who are still waiting patiently to experience it."

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There's currently a review embargo on the game that's set to lift on November 1, with the game due for release a week later. And Jenkins is advising fans to stay off social media until it's lifted to protect themselves from spoilers.

"A request for what it’s worth. If you have copies of #DEATHSTRANDING for review please don’t spoil it for others who are still waiting patiently to experience it," he tweeted this week. "They want to enjoy it the same way you did. Let’s connect and respect. I suggest to any #DeathStranding fans! I know you are excited and waiting patiently for the game to drop. Me too! But maybe STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA until November 1 There are likely to be spoilers and some people just can’t help but spoil it for others."

Hideo Kojima has revealed a fair bit as it relates to Death Stranding's content and its ideals but he will likely be keeping quiet until then. The renowned designer will be part of a World Tour that kicks off in Paris on the last day of October as he looks to connect with fans - Death Stranding is a game about connections after all.

For now, we can tell you that the game will only take up 45GM of space on your hard drive. And, considering that it will be Kojima's first solo release, the anticipation is almost tangible.

Death Stranding will drop exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on November 8.

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