Gamers Uncover Death Stranding Clues Hidden In Latest Poster

A poster revealing a new character in Death Stranding comes with a coded message referencing a song and its creepy music video.

The hype around Hideo Kojima's upcoming Death Stranding seems more about figuring the game out than actually playing it. There's ghosts, babies, and a lot of luggage. But not much in the way of what it all means. Gamers have been trying to piece together every clue they can find, so it's fortunate that Kojima loves hiding things in his trailers and game posters.

The latest investigation reveals that Kojima hid a reference to a certain Icelandic band on a character's necklace. That's right, a seemingly-innocent piece of jewelry contains a coded melody to a song that likely has something to do with the game. But before we dive in head first, let's take a look at the poster.

via: siliconera.com

This is the reveal for a character played by Lindsay Wagner. A report from Polygon reveals that a Russian Twitter user started connecting the literal dots. 

"Give Me An Answer" by Low Roar is what the poster gets from it. It turns out that's a song by a band Kojima loves. But why does Nik Ambros relate the band to the necklace? It all has to do with an ancient code called Quipu. Quipu uses knot-tying and dot placement to relay a message, and was used by civilizations that lived in the Andes. Kojima at least knows about it, as he has Tweeted about it. Looking back, perhaps the tweet was a subtle hint.

via: polygon.com

So what does the message mean? Unknown internet sleuths pieced it together and found that it makes the melody for "Give Me An Answer." Low Roar released the song about a year ago, but it turns out Kojima's association with the band goes back even further. He used one of their songs in Death Stranding's reveal trailer back in 2016. They're also officially hired by Kojima Productions to write music for the game.

Here's where it all comes full circle...sort of. The video for "Give Me An Answer" is rather creepy, telling the story of a group of people who participate in an ominous ritual. They enter a motel, interact with a bizarre device, and only one seems to come out alive.

It turns out the video's director, Dylan Marko Bell, made the video as a reference to Death Stranding. He told Paper Mag that, “Knowing about the band’s past made me think it would be fun to create a world where certain fans could physically enter the game Death Stranding before it came out."

The question becomes if Marko Bell is in the know, or if he's like most gamers and just guessing what Death Stranding is about. The fact that Kojima himself his a coded message referencing the song is certainly interesting. One thing is for sure: even if Death Stranding ends up being a disappointment, the game of figuring it out makes for solid entertainment.

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