5 Great Things About Death Stranding Coming To PC (& And 5 Bad Ones)

The hype surrounding Death Stranding is immense, but don't take our word for that. After all, it doesn't matter whether you are a PlayStation fanboy or not — the fact of the matter is that the sheer number of times you must've heard the mention of this game, whether online or offline, is beyond compare. Why wouldn't that be the case? This title is nothing like any other game ever released before. The acting chops of stalwarts like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen coupled with the well-known talents of gaming veterans like Troy Baker might be insane enough to imagine as is, but all of this still takes a backseat to the fact that this is the much-awaited comeback of Hideo Kojima after his less-than-ceremonious departure from Konami.

While the cancellation of Silent Hills and the removal of P.T. from the PlayStation Store, fans were inevitably disappointed. Thankfully, the launch of Death Stranding is serving as a redemption story of sorts for Kojima, acting as another conduit for the game's neverending hype train.

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Fans who were eagerly awaiting this title but left disappointed by the fact that the game as slated to be an exclusive also rejoiced at the recent announcement that Death Stranding would also be releasing for the PC sometime in early 2020.

At first glance, this might sound like good news. However, a deeper look at this decision will still reveal some implications that are... less than ideal, to put it nicely. Here are 5 great things about Death Stranding coming on PC, coupled with 5 less-than-ideal outcomes.

10 GREAT: Another Great Addition To The PC's Stellar Library

There's a reason why the self-proclaimed (or more like Yahtzee-proclaimed, but you get the point) PC Master Race laughs at the peasants who are stuck in their endless console wars — one can't deny the advantage it has over the library of the PS4 or Xbox One.

This, coupled with the generally cheaper releases and a higher propensity of sales & offers, means that the PC is generally a cut above the rest of the competition — a sentiment that will become even stronger with the release of Death Stranding.

9 BAD: The PS4 Release Will Definitely Be Nitpicked Now

It doesn't take an expert to state that the PC generally has higher specs, as compared to its console counterparts. This makes the release on PS4 somewhat suspect — as is the case with most games that are released on both consoles and PC.

No matter how well-optimized the game might be for the console, it goes without saying that it will always be stuck in the shadow of its PC counterpart.

Not that that's a complete dealbreaker, since...

8 GREAT: The Game Can Now Perform To Its Fullest Potential

Graphics and performance nuts who were somewhat bummed out by the fact that Death Stranding would be a PS4 exclusive can now breathe a sigh of relief — after all, the game is slated for a PC release now.

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This means that gamers can now make the most of the hardware available to then and achieve the glorious 4K 60FPS gameplay that will definitely not be present in the PS4 release, for reasons that we've already discussed in the previous entry.

7 BAD: Sales On PS4 Will Dwindle

Now that that information has come out that Death Stranding is also coming out on PC, you can bet everything but the kitchen sink that a certain proportion of gamers will opt for the PC release instead.

While this is not a complete dealbreaker, it's still unfortunate nevertheless from Sony's standpoint — they're bound to lose a substantial proportion of their projected sales target nevertheless.

6 GREAT: Refreshing To See Such Transparency From Developers & Publishers Alike

Sony logo

The gaming industry has developed in such a manner that it's easy to view the announcement of Death Stranding on PC as a bad business decision. However, from an ethical standpoint, you have to commend Sony and Kojima Productions for being transparent about this release.

If you're wondering why they deserve this praise, to begin with, here's a hypothetical situation for you to think of — how many of you would've bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for consoles had you know that a PC release was coming further down the line?

It's a decision that should be rightfully appreciated, especially since...

5 BAD: The Game Is Bound To Get Pirated Now

An unfortunate reality that most developers face when it comes to PC releases is the fact that some gamers prefer to pirate the game instead of purchasing it legitimately. It's an unfortunate reality that most developers have begrudgingly accepted.

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Death Stranding could've actually avoided this issue by announcing a PC release sometime later down the line. However, the developers and publishers were nice enough to give full information to the player.

One can only hope that this doesn't come at too great a cost.

4 GREAT: The Possibilities With Mods Are Endless

PC gaming and modding — is there a better love story than this? We certainly don't think so, and the release of Death Stranding is another marriage that is bound to reap some excellent results.

Improved performance, gameplay tweaks, and full-on insanity — one can only wait and see just how dedicated modders will be to customize this game and alter it as much as humanly possible.

3 BAD: Not An Exclusive Anymore

The tagline of games being exclusives is a pretty noticeable badge to carry, for all the right reasons. Exclusives generally tend to get more attention and coverage from fans, media, and publishers alike.

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Now, with this tagline becoming a thing of the past for Death Stranding, one can only wait and see the developments that will happen with this title over time.

2 GREAT: The Game Has Become More Accessible Now

Of course, exclusivity isn't a completely positive turn of events. After all, the word itself should be enough of a giveaway that certain gamers will be excluded from playing this title.

Thankfully, this will not be the case now with the game coming to PC. The lack of a PS4 will not impede anyone from enjoying this unique experience anymore.

1 BAD: The PC Port Could Possibly Make A Mess Of Things

Remember Arkham Knight's disastrous PC launch? While the game itself was pretty great, the PC release marred its reputation to the point where a sizable proportion of the fanbase simply did not like the game at all.

While this might be an extreme situation, it's definitely a reality that games optimized for consoles end up performing rather poorly on PCs. One can only hope that Death Stranding doesn't suffer from this unfortunate treatment.

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