10 Movies That Almost Definitely Influenced Death Stranding

You don't have to sit down with Death Stranding for long to realize that Hideo Kojima channeled a lot of film influence into its development.

We don't talk movies much on this site, but since Hideo Kojima's new wildly anticipated game, Death Stranding is more movie than most blockbusters are these days we'll let it slide. Despite the immense amount of hype that preceded Death Stranding, it's left many polarized with the overall experience.

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But one thing that we can all agree on is that this is definitively a Kojima game. Loads of weirdness, attempts to blow your mind at every corner, and imagery that is sure to sporadically pop-up in the horrors of our nightmares. So, let's look to film to see where Kojima gets his inspiration; some of these are movies the man himself has said he enjoys, and others are just films to watch if you enjoyed the game.

10 2001: A Space Odyssey


As hard as it is to believe, sometimes the obvious just absolutely needs to be stated. Besides, you'd probably be surprised how many have slept on this classic.

The film is a surrealistic cosmic horror masterpiece that is sure to shake you to the very core. It makes movies like Inception and Gravity seem small in comparison. 2001 has influenced everything from Interstellar to Kojima's Death Stranding to real world A.I. It still holds up after all these years and remains one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever created.

9 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


David Lynch, acclaimed director of television show Twin Peaks and films like Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet, redefines what it means to be weird. You might've played a few Kojima games or have stayed up past your bedtime to watch Adult Swim (although there is some craziness on there for sure) and thought you knew what experimental was.

Nope, not until you've watched a David Lynch film have you even begun to cross into that threshold. Be sure to watch Twin Peaks the show first, as that has mountains of gold, and hit up this bizarre polarizing movie next.

8 Alien And Aliens


I don't think I can go an entire year without watching some type of "Aliens" content. Whether that be experiencing the classic horror of the original, the sheer awesomeness of the second, or laughing at the convoluted nature of Prometheus. At this point, Aliens has become pop culture itself, reaching a point where it's impossible to hide from its influence.

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The franchise is pure horror through and through, and if you're a fan of Kojima you've probably noticed that's something he tends to enjoy. It's a shame we never got to see how his Silent Hill game would've panned out, but hopefully Kojima takes another stab at horror whether that be in a game or film.

7 Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner is the relieving "ahh" you make after taking a satisfying sip of hot green tea. Kojima actually talks about the original Blade Runner being an influence of his, but the recent sequel, Blade Runner 2049 takes the cake if we had to put the two head-to-head.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival and Sicario) and starring both Harrison Ford and Ryan Gossling, Blade Runner 2049 takes you to the world of cyberpunk and A.I. It combines philosophy and the horrors of technology and fits it all into one beautiful package backed by a memorizing score. It's one of the best movies of the decade easy.

6 Arrival


Arrival just has the vibe of a movie that Kojima would've loved to have been a part of. It's slow paced, doesn't give away any bit of it's mystery (even in it's trailer, which is big props in this day and age) and by the end of it all you're going to be stunned.

To be honest it almost feels like it's set inside the universe of Death Stranding as the two atmospheres seem interchangeable. Since the trailer didn't give anything away, we don't want to be the ones to spoil it for you either. So if you're into grounded sci-fi that isn't in a hurry to blow your mind, here's one for you.

5 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior


Kojima loves a lone warrior protagonist -- Solid Snake, Raiden, and most recently Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding -- so of course it makes sense that he has love for the Road Warriror.

Just like Blade Runner, the newest addition to the Mad Max franchise, Fury Road, is the best in the series, but we're switching it around this time around. The Road Warrior is one of the best action movies ever created and it's protagonist, Max has been replicated in the likes of the Fallout series and has certainly inspired many lone wolf types in media.

4 Eraserhead


Oh, you thought we were done with Lynch? Nope, and not only is this his first movie, but arguably one of best. It's certainly one of his strangest, to say the least. The imagery in this film is enough to keep you awake for the rest of your life.

It's not even a horror movie, yet it still manages to be so disturbing that we can't help picturing Kojima getting all giddy, eating a tub of popcorn while he watches this grotesque gem.

3 Annihilation


It's funny how everyone always begs for original, cerebral types of movies that were coming out in droves only a few decades ago. Well, in comes a movie like Annihilation, a film that not only features an all female cast (but I guess the mob was still focused on Ghostbusters) but also delivers a wildly unique experience that left audiences stunned.

This is another that has some truly disturbing imagery, and even more so than Arrival, has an atmosphere that feels straight out of Death Stranding. Why did this movie get slept on? We guess people were to busy watching the twelfth or whatever number it was addition of Star Wars.

2 Fantastic Planet


There are few movies released in the 70's that can still remain as frighteningly alien as René Laloux’s Fantastic Planet, and that decade had AlienThe imagery shown here is some that will remain forever timeless and no director would even imagine trying to replicate the staggering visuals shown here.

It's not the greatest animated film ever created (good luck following that plot) but overall it's one of those flicks that's more known for everything it's inspired. You won't really see any directors try to directly emulate anything here as the animation is just so distinct. But you can be sure that it has inspired many, and will continue to do so.

1 The Holy Mountain


The king of experimental movies (at least in the humble opinion of an aspiring movie buff) is The Holy Mountain. I'd even hesitate to show this one to friends, even if they had an appetite for strange films. Because this isn't just strange, it completely defies conventional film making.

Director Alejandro Jodorowsky created a film that reaches into your mind's eye and shakes you to the core. It's even influenced the likes of John Lennon, Kanye West, and MGMT. It's indescribable, and definitely something you just have to go out and experience for yourself. But don't say we didn't warn you.

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