Death Stranding Has A Trailer In Front Of Joker

Twitter user @MyNameRobbie_ confirmed via a few images something others online had been reporting—that some screenings of Joker are being preceded by a trailer for the upcoming Death Stranding.

Ever since it was first revealed in 2016, Death Stranding has been billed as a PS4 exclusive. While its status as an exclusive was up in the air at one point, it's since been confirmed to be available solely on the PlayStation. Sony has a history of showing trailers for its major PS4-exclusive releases in movie theaters, having done the same for God of WarMarvel's Spider-Man and Uncharted 4. Plus, as has sort of become Sony's house style, these are all heavily cinematic games, and Death Stranding, starring multiple major film actors, looks to follow suit.

The trailer itself, titled "The Drop," was released online on October 3rd, technically the same date Joker began screening in theaters (the Thursday evening before its official Friday release). It features a cinematic showcase of much of what was already shown to comprise the core gameplay of Death Stranding in its September Tokyo Game Show demo video, as protagonist Sam Bridges attempts to deliver cargo across a vast, natural world, with masked villains and its surprisingly treacherous rivers getting in his way.

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Prior to the trailer, in September of this year, Kojima Tweeted an image that included his own words of praise for Joker, comparing the film in favorable terms to The Taxi Driver (as it frequently has been) and The Exorcist (a far less frequent point of comparison), as well as praising Joaquin Phoenix's work as the film's lead actor.

While plenty of information has come to light about the game since its first trailer was released more than three years ago, fans are still largely in the dark as to just how a standard Death Stranding gameplay session will look and function. Kojima famously tends to do things his own way, which sometimes can frustrate his audience, but other times accomplish getting a trailer for a video game that, by all accounts, seems to be a bizarre and idiosyncratic passion project to precede one of this year's biggest film releases.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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