Death Stranding: 5 Reasons Why It's Kojima's Best Game (& 5 Reasons Why It's Still MGS 3)

Fans debate what Hideo Kojima's best game is. So, here are 5 reasons why it's Death Stranding as well as 5 reasons why it's Metal Gear Solid 3.

Hideo Kojima's newest game, Death Stranding, is a massive adventure brimming with content. Gamers are still going through the epic package, but responses are mixed on the unique concept. Some appreciate its new ideas, while others simply find it boring and self indulgent.

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Some of its fans are already hailing it as the best thing the auteur game designer has done. The following list will point out five reasons why that is true, and five ways that honor still belongs to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Regardless of one's own feelings on which one is superior, they are both magnificent titles deserving of love and praise.

10 Death Stranding Is The Best: Game Play And Story

Death Stranding Scanning

The new title is all about connecting a country and its people. The story pushes forward whenever Sam links up a new city or shelter to the Chiral Network. Once he does, the player is able to use structures set by others in the region. Their own contributions to the area are also felt by gamers around the world. Metal Gear Solid 3 has an amazing story in its own right, but it is always told through cutscenes and the game play doesn't support the themes in the same way Death Stranding's mechanics do. That's not a dig against the 2004 title, though.

Most games have a stark separation between game play and story, and Death Stranding is unique for bridging the divide.

9 Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Better: More Accessible

While Death Stranding may be an easier game to play altogether, MGS3 takes less time to start up and immediately throws the protagonist into the action.

The story lays itself out in a less complicated matter and is set in a recent historical time period, giving players a better understanding of the world right from the start. One cannot argue with someone if they find Death Stranding's game play boring, but it would be hard to lobby the same complaint at Snake Eater.

8 Death Stranding Is Better: Community Mechanics

Death Stranding Sam Running from Mules

When entering a new area, the land is barren and hard to cross. After linking up to the Chiral Network, bridges, ladders, and generators left by other players make traversal less of a burden.

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As one add their own structures or help build roads in the area, their contribution is recognized as they receive likes from people playing in the same area. They never directly interact, but this knowledge of helping others is an indescribably magical feeling only video games could elicit from an audience. Adversely, Big Boss's trek through the jungle is a single-player campaign void of any multiplayer functionality, save for the Metal Gear Online packaged with the re-release.

7 Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Better: Game Play Is More Polished

Snake eater game play snake hiding behind a tree

Snake Eater is the fifth mainline entry in the franchise. The game play builds upon an existing foundation and is refined to near perfection. Death Stranding establishes a new genre and while mechanics are familiar to other games, the experience is wholly unique.

Because of this, some of the mechanics are admittedly wonky and tough to grapple. It is never outright broken or unfair, but it's enough to make it feel imperfect.

6 Death Stranding Is Better: More Original Concept

Death Stranding Opening Sam On A Bike

In 1987, the infiltration genre was brand new. By 2004 the style of game had some copycats, but nobody did it better than Kojima and his team.

Death Stranding comes out of left field and tells a new story using bizarre game play. As the medium gets older, newer ideas are harder to come by, but Kojima, despite all his years in the industry, has new ideas to shake up the art form.

5 Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Better: It Has Stood The Test Of Time

Snake eater snake and eva on a motorcycle running from the shaghod

To be fair to the new title, it hasn't had the chance to accomplish this and it is impossible to say if it will hold up in fifteen years. Snake Eater turned fifteen this year and is still a blast. Some say the controls are outdated, but everything is logically mapped out, if a little complicated, and the response times are lightning quick.

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Additionally, going through the story still has value even if one knows the twists and betrayals ahead of time. How many times will fans want to reconnect the country after doing so for the first time in Death Stranding?

4 Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Better: Pacing

Snake Eater Snake with face paint

Death Stranding has a fantastic introduction which successfully does its job of introducing a new world, but it takes at least four hours before getting into the real meat and bones.

Metal Gear Solid 3 goes for less than an hour before players are sneaking by enemies in classic Metal Gear fashion. It still has the long cinematics for which the series is known, but the core game play shows up shortly into the run time. It's not so bad for those who play for four or five hours at a time, but Death Stranding's intro can take forever if one's game play sessions are short and infrequent.

3 Death Stranding Is Better: Progression

Death Stranding Watch tower

Going through Death Stranding's story and side quests progressively unlocks new items and structures for construction. Gathering materials and building roads helps with delivering larger loads, really making one feel like they are getting better and earning something.

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The 2004 title lacks a progression system, and instead leaves items in the world for discovery. Not every game needs these RPG elements, but when done correctly they exponentially heighten an experience.

2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Better: No Crazy Twists

Snake Eater Snake saving sokolov

One reason Snake Eater is often viewed in a more positive light than Metal Gear Solid 2 is because the story is more straightforward and holds no twists even half as dramatic as the infamous Raiden switcheroo. Gamers want something unexpected, but they don't want to feel betrayed from a purchase.

Death Stranding's entire concept is a subversion of what one expects from a video game. In a medium filled with action and violence, the game is centered on making deliveries and the biggest obstacle is rough terrain. This doesn't sit well with some those yearning for  more action-packed experience.

1 Death Stranding Is Better: More Open

Death Stranding Mountain Vista

MGS3 features relatively open environments, allowing players to sneak by enemies in a multitude of ways, but it is not an open world filled with bonus objectives and side activities. Death Stranding gives players the choice of bee lining through the story or tackling standard deliveries at their leisure. A little bit of choice is always welcome, and being able to explore and do side activities gives players a little more power, even if that power is the choice not to engage with them.

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