Death Stranding Is Already Up For Pre-Order On Steam And Epic

Death Stranding is finally upon us after years of build-up and the response is a bit divisive. While it is currently limited to the PS4, the recently confirmed PC version is now available for pre-order on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Kojima Productions certainly didn't waste time in setting those pages loose.

When publisher 505 Games had announced it would be publishing the title for PC, many feared that Death Stranding would end up an Epic Games Store exclusive. As is evident from its Steam page, that didn't turn out to be true. A storefront ultimately shouldn't be your determining factor for buying something, but at least fans of any eco-system will be able to experience Kojima's sometimes blunt theming of a disconnected world.

Listings like these usually give us an idea of the kind of hardware we'll need to run a game, but Death Stranding is a bit of an enigma. On both storefronts, no information for hardware is available (everything is labeled as N/A). We also don't have a clearer idea of a release window, with Q2 2020 still being the word. Maybe it was a bit hopeful to think we'd get a more concrete date, but obviously work is yet to be done on optimizing this port.

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A large portion of Kojima's fans are likely not going to wait before buying this, but it was a smart move to confirm the existence of a PC port before launch. Many (myself included) prefer to game on PC, so it's nice to not have to spend money on a version I won't end up keeping for long. That point is important, too, as Death Stranding reportedly features a 50-hour campaign.

It might seem ludicrous to sit at a desk for such a long time, but the benefits of gaming on PC outweigh the sometimes laborious length of open-world titles. PCs can be built in a wide range of configurations and often offer better playability over their console counterparts. Still, this isn't a debate about getting the "correct" format. It's truly a win for everyone that Death Stranding is available on as many platforms as possible.

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