Death Stranding: Ranking Every Piece Of Sci-Fi Tech In The Game

Of all the tech in the world of Death Stranding, this is the stuff we really wish existed...

The idea of playing one giant fetch quest to bring America back together again may not appeal to everyone. No one is really dreaming about being a package delivery person, or at least, not in video games. The core gameplay loop is probably what most critics and fans are split about. However, there is one thing everyone can agree on...

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Hideo Kojima really knows how to make cool gadgets. We went through every main piece of tech in Death Stranding and ranked them according to how much we would want the stuff in real life. Get ready to have one’s mind blown because things are about to get wild.

10 Auto-Hoods

This is a somewhat basic piece of tech compared to a lot of these other gadgets, but we love the idea of Sam’s hood. We are not sure how it works, but it can somehow detect rain, or Timefall, thus triggering itself to both cover Sam’s head during storms as well as to lower itself when said storm is done. Wouldn’t that make life just a teeny bit easier? We don’t melt getting wet, but it sure would be nice.

9 The Bathroom of the Future

Another convenience can be found in Sam’s bedroom i.e. his bathroom setup. Not only is that shower spacious, but also it dries upon leaving. It’s an all in one shower phenomenon. If that wasn’t enough, a toilet can pop in and out of a hidden panel. The only thing missing in this scenario is a sink and a mirror. If all of these were in one place then we’d really have something on our hands. We wouldn’t be surprised if something like this already exists.

8 Delivery Bots

Amazon and other companies are currently experimenting with drone technology in order to get packages to customers faster and easier. The big problem with that is that they can get easily shot down, along with a myriad of other problems.

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Death Stranding fixes that idea with their own delivery robot, which is just a big orb with chunky legs and a slot for packages. Try knocking that thing over. It is not without its own troubles, but at least it is another option.

7 The Odradek Terrain Scanner

The Odradek Terrain Scanner is certainly a mouthful. For those that never quite caught the actual name, this is the arm on the back of Sam’s gear. It can be used for scanning, which lets players know of objects nearby on top of the depth of the terrain (as one would hope based on the name). Plus, if hooked up to a BB it can detect BTs. We don’t want that part in our reality. Carrying a jar baby around, ghost detector, or not, is too messed up. Scanning areas would be cool enough.

6 Exoskeletons

Certain types of exoskeletons are being built and tested right now. As is the case with the drones and other robots, they are just that, experiments. Death Stranding doesn’t just give players one option, but several each with their own unique properties. One is built to help Sam carry more weight. Another lets him run faster while there is also an exoskeleton built to withstand snow better. These may not be as cool and sleek as cybernetic limbs, but it is a start and could help the disabled out greatly.

5 Reverse Trike

Who wants to own and/or just ride a motorcycle, when they could have a Reverse Trike instead? From that opening cutscene we wanted to get our hands on one. The one thing that was disappointing was that these bikes couldn’t transform from two wheels to three like in said cutscene.

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We love the idea of transforming vehicles. Nerds just love that kind of stuff. As it appears in the game though, they are still pretty reliable. Any bike that can go straight up a snow-covered mountain is a keeper.

4 Zip Lines

The Reverse Trikes are great, but the best way to travel is by air. The closest technology that comes close to that is the zip lines. Constructing them so that they line up can be a pain even more so than the auto-road pavers. One has to figure out the distance on top of visibility. After all is said and done though, there is no faster way to travel with ease. That makes us wonder if this world does have flying tech. What would it look like?

3 The Chiral Network

The Chiral Network is basically the main crux of the game. Deliver packages to cities from east to west in order to make the country whole again, virtually. It’s basically the Internet, but way better. There is one thing that has us stumped though. Are there monitors in this place for viewing said Internet, or is everything a hologram? Also, does this pseudo Internet have “live entertainment?” It has to, right?

2 Holograms

Speaking of Holograms, wow, Death Stranding has some pretty clear pictures. It’s not just the stereotypical displayed blue holograms like from Star Wars either. When Sam is in his room Fragile, Deadman, and others can actually look human. The only way he finds out if they are there or not there is if they pass through him, or an object. Why don’t they always look like that then? Ah well, doesn’t matter. We want it no matter if they are blue, or skin toned holograms.

1 3D Printers 2.0

The biggest leap and achievement with Death Stranding’s technology are its 3D printers. We could individually list all of the cool things it can make such as guns and collapsible ladders, but they all fall under one umbrella. One of the cooler implementations of said technology is the auto-road pavers. Simply give the console enough materials and it can make a road in a flash. Just think of much time that would save on yearly construction. It would be convenient and save money. And that is just one in dozens of examples.

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