Death Stranding Seemingly Referenced In Brazilian Perfume Commercial

Brazilian cosmetic company O Boticario has seemingly referenced upcoming PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding in a new ad for a fragrance called "The Blend."

The game will be out for PS4 on November 8, 2019, and is eagerly anticipated. However, in the meantime, we'll just have to do with a perfume that should remind us of the title given the all-too-real similarity as it pertains to the commercial.

Death Stranding's teaser trailer dropped during The Game Awards in 2017, but a Redditor managed to spot the shout from the perfume ad after O Boticario recently uploaded it to their YouTube channel. After user Dellart noted the similarity, MP1st made a side-by-side vid showing the bit of footage from The Blend's reveal that apparently pays homage to Hideo Kojima's inbound title.

As to whether that's actually the case or simply a coincidence, you can judge for yourself after taking a look below. However, we'd be forgiven for theorizing that whoever is responsible for the advert is fond of Kojima and is likely awaiting the game's release as well.

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Death Stranding's newest trailer revealed the launch date mentioned above and the game set to drop ahead of the holiday season, giving gamers plenty of time to get through it before taking time off for merriment. The game, now available for pre-order, will also come in the form of a Collector's Edition that will leave fans $200 lighter.

Kojima revealed the game's box art during the recent San Diego Comic-Con, informing onlookers that the standard edition of the game will bear different cover art from what will be on the steelbook casing of the more expensive version.

Kojima also disclosed that he chose to go with Mads Mikkelsen as Death Stranding's villain instead of Keanu Reeves. The latter is arguably the most popular star around right now and CD Projekt Red must be feeling quite pleased after getting him to play Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, which drops next year.

Death Stranding's director Nicolas Refn had recommended Reeves to Kojima, but he opted to have Mikkelsen play the role. We simply have to assume that The Blend could become a Mikkelsen favorite in future, although "Death Stranding" could work as a perfume name too.

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