This Death Stranding Ski Resort Goes Perfect With A Good Can Of Monster

Video and ski resort creator Alex (on Twitter as @BoomstickAlex) simply used the tools given to players to approximate a functioning ski slope.

YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming recently shared a video of a functioning ski resort built within the world of Death Stranding. Video and ski resort creator Alex (on Twitter as @BoomstickAlex) simply used the tools given to players to approximate a functioning ski slope, with obstacles organized to allow for a few different kinds of tricks.

Two key in-game elements make this possible. First, the floating cargo carrier includes a function that allows protagonist Sam Bridges to ride it like a snowboard. While the carrier technically hovers, it's not quite a hoverboard per se, given that Sam is incapable of creating his own momentum while atop the carrier. Rather, it can only move down slopes as long as Sam is riding it, weirdly making a snowboard the closest point of comparison. Second, the mountainous region adjacent to Mountain Knot City includes plenty of snow and steep ridges (as anyone who has schlepped cargo to and from the Mountaineer is well aware) ideal for a downhill obstacle course.

Ladders resting over rocks and other terrain features throughout the course of the slope act as jump. However, Sam can't truly jump while on the cargo carrier, meaning he only gets air while falling from them. Climbing anchors are placed for Sam to weave through, which act as slalom posts - traditionally used in downhill skiing. At the top of the hill are a charging station and a postbox full of new cargo carriers. Of course, also included is a zipline handy to taxi Sam up and down the mountain.

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Proper tricks, unfortunately, are relatively limited by the functionality of the cargo carrier. Riding the carrier backwards is possible, as is maintaining momentum partway up some bridges placed perpendicular to the slope. A couple of these bridges have Timefall Shelters spaced in short intervals below them, onto which Sam can fall while still moving. This approximates a "foot plant," a real-life trick where a snowboarder pauses to plant a foot on a flat surface, since Sam briefly places a foot down to catch his fall.

While these structures will show up in others' game worlds, the exact mechanics behind whose structures show up in which game worlds have currently yet to be specified. If you want to ride the ski slope yourself, just hope your Bridge Link with BoomstickAlex is strong enough.

Source: Boomstick Gaming

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