Here's What Death Stranding Would Sound Like If It Took Place In The Mushroom Kingdom

So, you thought it’d be impossible to make Death Stranding any more confounding that it already seems to be? Well, that’s your own fault for underestimating the Internet’s ability to be very, very weird. Let’s-a go!

Firstly, we’ve got to address the fact that Death Stranding is shaping up to be one heck of an experience. It’s Kojima’s first project since… whatever it was that happened between the famed developer and Konami, and he’s clearly putting his all into crafting a title unlike anything fans have played before.

Remember when Homer Simpson said, “Every time I learn something new, it pushes the old stuff out of my brain?” That seems to be the situation with this game. We’re gradually seeing wonderful, inspired new features like the potential for online multiplayer peeing matches, but we don’t fully understand the picture that’s taking shape.

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Which is just how Kojima wants it, of course. The man of mystery is proudly showing off his new baby, but to a point. As Metal Gear Solid fans will know, his games are always incredibly unique, thoughtful juxtapositions of super seriousness and silly fun. Should we be surprised, then, that the Internet’s having a whole lot of fun with the glimpses of Death Stranding we’ve been given so far? Of course not. Bring on the Super Mario 64 sound effects.

This little doozy from GameXplain probably isn’t what you expected to see today, but hot damn, it works well. From the opening snoring to the super splashy urination and ladder-climbing noises, it’s a little frightening just how well these two disparate universes mesh together:

Why is this a thing? Don’t ask us. Why is there a Resident Evil 2 mod that transforms the hulking Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine? Sometimes, questioning things sucks all the joy out of life. All that really matters is that, if Kojima sees this clip, he’ll probably add some kind of Mario 64 sound pack to Death Stranding as DLC.

Yes, we’re joking, but we’d also be 100% on board with that.

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