Death Stranding Gets An Update In December

Death Stranding will receive a patch in December that addresses “most common requests from players.”

Ever since Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding launched in early November, it brought with it an unorthodox playstyle which essentially divided the community. Although Death Stranding is certainly unique, it is still a video game, and as any other video game nowadays, comes with technical difficulties that can make one's playthrough a bit more dense and complicated. Luckily, a patch that addresses “most common requests from players” will be rolled out in the middle of December.

The information comes from the official Kojima Productions Twitter account in which it talks about some of the most requested changes that will be implemented in the December update, as well as thanks fans for all of the feedback.

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According to the tweet, the update will finally fix the font size error that many had a problem with. Ever since the game launched, countless players have voiced their displeasure regarding the small text, especially since Death Stranding is such a story-driven game. With the update, the issue will finally be put to rest. Another issue that Kojima Productions has confirmed the patch will address is the ability to dispose of individual vehicles. Whether those are the only two things that the patch will take care of is unclear, but one can hope more issues will be fixed.

Players have been asking for a lot more updates to Death Stranding recently. For one, many would like to see a Photo Mode implemented into the game. Death Stranding is incredibly beautiful and offers a vast environment for players to travel through, so having a Photo Mode would allow for many interesting and breathtaking photos to be shared among the community.

Another feature many would like to see is New Game Plus (or NG+ for short). NG+ basically allows one to start the game all over again from the beginning, but keep all items, equipment, upgrades from the initial playthrough. In return, the difficulty is increased, which ultimately provides a whole new challenge for players to tackle.

Hopefully, as more and more fans give feedback and Kojima Productions continues to listen, more useful changes and updates will see themselves present in Death Stranding.

Source: PSU, Twitter

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