15 Deleted Scenes That Fix Major Gaming Plot Holes

Video games range from mindless entertainment to emotional experiences. Though some gamers love to relax with an FPS at the end of the day, others want to be immersed in a fictional world. Story-heavy games are quickly increasing in popularity. For these games, the plot is almost more important than the gameplay itself. Without a strong story to hold things together, gamers have little motivation to continue the game.

Content is cut from every video game. Rarely does every piece of text or item make it into the finished product. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have the content added on later, such as Left 4 Dead’s Crash Course DLC. Other times, eager gamers wanting more will comb through the game’s code, finding hidden gems. Without these fans, we would have to solely rely on the game’s developers to tell us what was cut.

Developers usually have the best intentions. With creative goals in mind, they may attempt to make the best game possible to please both fans and their publishers. Unfortunately, publishers may also rush developers to release an unfinished game. Publishers aren’t always to blame. Sensitive real-world events may also cause developers to cut important content.

We have compiled a list of some deleted scenes that would have fixed plot holes in several video games. If left in, they would have made for a more complete experience. Instead of wondering how an event happened, we would have had our answers.

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15 Professor Oak’s Real Motivations

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Every Pokémon game pits you against others who strive to be the best. Not every character you meet want to fight. When you first meet Professor Oak in Pokémon: Red and Blue, you learn he wants to study the relationship between Pokémon and their trainers. He seems like an ordinary old man. You learn little about him even though he gives you your first Pokémon.

Within the cut content, you'll learn that Professor Oak was originally one of the top Pokémon trainers. He decided to abandon the trainer lifestyle to study Pokémon. But when you reach a high level, he will challenge you to a Pokémon battle. He wants to test your skills and see what you've learned. You would learn more about why he wanted you to pick a Pokémon and become a trainer.

14 Expanding On Dark Souls NPCs’ Backstories

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Dark Souls features several NPCs along your journey. Many of the more intricate back stories behind these characters were cut from the game. You discover their struggle of becoming hollow, or why not every NPC should be trusted.

Without Oscar of Astora, you would never escape your jail cell at the start of the game. When you meet him again, he is close to becoming Hollow and lost forever. Oscar originally had a more extensive back story. He travels with you until he decided he did not want to be in your shadow. He would be the last boss battle after Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.

Shiva of the East was originally an NPC that toyed with your trust. He would speak kindly with you unless you owned the Chaos Blade. Then, he would try to take it from you by force, showing you that not every NPC can be trusted.

13 Revealing The In-Game Fates Of Your Party

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was quickly launched missing a large amount of content. Character quests, weapons, locations, and an entire playable planet that didn’t make it to the final release. Fans were able to look into the disc files to piece together everything that went missing.

The most critical missing part of KotOR II is the ending. After completing the main campaign, gamers only saw a brief scene of Darth Traya explaining what might happen in the future. This left all KotOR III plot up to the next game's developer. Due to time constraints, the lengthy ending had to be removed. Obsidian wanted to spend more time fixing game breaking bugs and had to abandon plans for a more comprehensive ending. The ending would have wrapped up the game’s plot. Gamers didn’t have the opportunity to find out what happened to the characters they invested hours of time with.

12 Alice’s Murder Madness

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Alice: Madness Returns features a young woman, traumatized by the death of her family in a fire. She was released from a psychiatric clinic, only to be placed in an orphanage for people with mental health conditions. She returns to Wonderland to get rid of the painful memories.

The original cut plot would have had a greater mystery surrounding Alice, which would have intensified her madness instead of sadness. The scenes were removed due to time constraints. The cut plot would have revolved around Alice killing a nurse in the psychiatric clinic. The scenes would flash between the real world, where the nurse's dead body and the police chasing her, to Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat would have appeared to help Alice when she needed him, instead of randomly in the final game.

11 Alistair And Loghain’s Teamwork

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By the time you reach the Landsmeet of Dragon Age: Origins, you will face a major decision: keep Alistair or recruit Loghain Mac Tir, the man who had his father killed. If you choose Loghain, Alistair will leave your team and will never return, even if you made him tougher by “Hardening” him. Choosing Alistair meant that meant death for Loghain.

Before the option was cut from the game, it would have been possible to have both Alistair and Loghain on your team. During the "Return to Ostagar" quest, Loghain would have expressed regret over Cailain's death. Having both men on your team would have shown their character progression from the beginning of the game. Instead, Alistair comes off as whiny because he didn't get his way and Loghain will most likely end up dead. It's a missed opportunity for both men to have reconciled and moved on for the sake of the kingdom.

10 The Traveller Was The Darkness

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Destiny originally had an extensive plot. Fans were excited about the game's potential but were disappointed to discover it was an entirely separate game from the trailers. The plot would focus more on the mysterious The Traveler, who helped humanity survive in the Collapse of the Golden Age. The Traveller would protect humanity living in the City from the Darkness.

Instead of being humanity's savior, it was an evil force. The Darkness would have originally been spawned from the Traveller. Through the Traveller, the Darkness took humanity's powerful technology and used it to destroy them. The reason why people believed that the Traveller was good was due to the Speaker twisting history. The original plot would explain much of the content in the original trailers and expanded upon the Traveller's true intentions.

9 Raziel Eliminates All Vampires

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After months of delay, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was finally released. Several abilities and levels were cut through the time due to time constraints on an already delayed game. The ending released with the game was incomplete. Fans were disappointed by the cliffhanger, which had Kain and Raziel traveling through time, and would be concluded in Soul Reaver II.

The original ending would have Raziel acquire the Ariel Reaver fight Kain in one one last battle. Raziel would kill Kain, and the Ariel Reaver would morph into the Amplified Reaver. This upgraded weapon was so powerful it would kill a vampire in one single hit. Raziel would then return to The Silenced Cathedral and ring the bell, which would eliminate all remaining vampires within Nosgoth.

8 Removing Basch For A Younger Protagonist

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Final Fantasy has a long tradition of starring young, attractive main characters. Final Fantasy XII tried to break the tradition with Basch fon Ronsenburg. Basch, a disgraced knight, was the original hero of the series. After being found guilty of murdering King Raminas B'nargin Dalmasca, he was branded a Kingslayer.

Basch's role as FFXII's lead was eventually cut to the younger thief, Vaan. FFXII's story of war was fleshed out with Basch in mind, which is why some of the later story starts to fall apart. It was later explained that with Vagrant Story's failure with using an older protagonist, they didn't want to repeat it with FFXII. They wanted to create a younger playable character that would be as popular as Final Fantasy's other protagonists.

7 Arsenal Gear Destroying Manhattan Island

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The Metal Gear Solid series has always taken inspiration from real world events. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty first introduced Raiden. As you progress through the story, you learn more about the Arsenal Gear, a mobile fortress inspired by the U.S. Navy's Arsenal Ship Project. Developed by the series' US Navy, it would have given the Patriots more power. It had total control over the US's military and their nuclear bombs.

The Arsenal Gear would have displayed its true destructive power by smashing into Manhattan Island and the Statue of Liberty. Konami cut this scene because of the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, due to fear of offending those affected. The removal of the scene made players wonder about why the Arsenal Gear was so scary if it was so easily defeated.

6 Civil War Has More Importance

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In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, most of your time is spent hunting down Dragons and completing side quests. The Civil War between the Stormcloaks and Empire is easily ignored. With Dragons being reborn and threatening to destroy the world, two factions fighting lacks importance.

Bethesda planned to make the Civil War a more vital part of Skyrim. The Dragonborn would have participated in attacks in the eight major cities. Depending on which side you chose, you would fight to defeat generals and take their land. You could also destroy enemy lands, which would hurt their populations. Soldiers, giants, and mercenaries could be recruited to your team. The Stormcloaks or Empire would even pay you, which could then be given to the soldiers' surviving family. Expanding on the Civil War would have made it feel more important to players.

5 Ethan Mars’ Paranormal Blackouts

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Heavy Rain is dependent on its story. There are minimal gameplay and players mostly focused on exploring the environments. Most of the game is played as Ethan Mars. Ethan is still grieving from the death of his first son, Jason, and the divorce from his wife. Now Ethan is desperately searching for his kidnapped son.

Ethan suffers from multiple blackouts. The blackouts would have been explained with paranormal elements. Each blackout involved getting swept in a heavy rain, which also explained the game's title. During Ethan's blackouts, he would enter the killer's mind. He would see the murders through the eyes of the Origami Killer. The developer believed that paranormal elements took away from the game's realism and made the plot too complex.

4 GLaDOS’s Antagonistic Behavior

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Caroline is not directly seen in the Portal series, but she has a vital role. Before the death of Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson, she served as his personal assistant. She helped run the facility. When Johnson was close to death, he wanted Caroline to take over Aperture, a role she didn't want.

The cut audio content explains why. Caroline states she does not want to be part of Aperture's projects. She is forced into the machine while saying she doesn't want to do it. GLaDOS, the antagonist of Portal 1 and part of Portal 2, would then become based off of Caroline. It would explain why Caroline to be so angry with Chell, a woman who is free to roam around the facility, while Caroline is trapped inside a machine.

3 Master Chief Returns To Earth

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Halo 2 faced many cuts in content before its final release. One of the most well-known cuts was its cliffhanger ending. Fans were angry to have invested their time into the game, only to have an incomplete ending. Bungie didn't intend on leaving the ending open. The voice actors had the ending lines recorded, but unfortunately, it did not make it to the final release. With time constraints looming over the developer, they were forced to scrap the ending. They had the opportunity to include it with the remastered Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but they chose to keep the cliffhanger instead.

Former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell explained what the ending would entail. Master Chief would finally return to Earth. There, he would find the Ark of the Covenant. With that power, he would team up with the Arbiter and together, they would defeat the Prophet of Truth.

2 Elizabeth’s Feared Range Of Abilities

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When Bioshock: Infinite was first debuted, it featured Booker's companion Elizabeth displaying destructive power. In her trailer version, Elizabeth would have been more active in battle. She could paralyze enemies and create items for you to use against enemies. Elizabeth could harness the power of storms. Elizabeth was still able to control tears in the final version, but her original powers would have included pulling in more destructive items to help Booker destroy enemies.

Another change would have been Elizabeth's relationship with Songbird. The creature acted as both friend and guard to Elizabeth. Though the protected her, she grew to dislike how he kept her imprisoned. Elizabeth would have been able to fight her guardian, finally able to free herself from her prison.

1 Expanding on Eli and the Child Soldiers

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Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear series are often epic stories placed between stealth elements. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Episode 51: Kingdom of the Flies would have resolved the plot hole around the child soldiers. The cut content didn't make it into the final game due to time constraints, but it was released on a Blu-Ray disc in the Collector's Edition. Venom Snake would pursue Eli and the other child soldiers in Central Africa.

A fight ensued against the child soldiers, Diamond Dogs, and the XOF. Eli is accidentally shot during the battle. During his last moments, he speaks about why he hates Big Boss. During the battle, Ocelot demands the island be hit with a napalm strike. Venom Snake and the Diamond Dogs manage to escape, with Tretij Rebenok and Eli retreating from the island.

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