Clumsy Delivery Woman Prevents YouTuber From Achieving The Perfect Untitled Goose Game

An Untitled Goose Game player recently spent seven hours stealing every single item in the game and bringing them back to the goose's "home."

Untitled Goose Game is proving to be the surprise hit of 2019. It's a lot of attention for an indie game created by an Australian developer made up of just four guys. For those who still haven't heard about the game, its principle is simple. Take control of the virtual goose and cause as much chaos in the small English town he calls home as you possibly can.

As chaotic and arbitrary as that sounds, there is a method to the madness that is Untitled Goose Game. There are missions to complete and specific townspeople you'll need to annoy. However, that doesn't mean the rest of the game's inhabitants should get away scott free. Steal the guy's glasses, uproot model village park benches, and try to make it through the town with the bell without alerting anyone's attention.

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The game itself is pretty short. It is an indie game and only costs $22 after all. However, just because the missions are done, that doesn't mean the fun has to be. Since pretty much everything in the game is up for grabs by its resident goose, one gamer decided to see whether he could nab absolutely everything.

TerakJK is the goose gamer in question and as is demonstrated in the clip above, mission accomplished. Every single item in the game stolen and brought back to the pit the goose calls home. Well, almost every item. As featured in the clip (which has been condensed down from seven hours to four and a half minutes) a clumsy delivery woman breaks one of the mugs, rendering it unsuitable for salvage.

Some readers may recall another article on TheGamer chronicling another Untitled Goose Game aficionado gathering up every item in the game and dropping it in the river. This latest effort is more impressive for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the goose is hoarding all of the items and they could be used again. Secondly, this one has a time on it. Untitled Goose Game speedrunners step up, seven hours is the time to beat.

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