Dellor Confirms Permanent Twitch Ban, Says He’s Planning His Next Move

After his ban, Streamer Dellor thought his life was over. Now, it sounds like he is looking into the future and making plans for his career.

Dellor, a popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro, wants fans to know he's okay. He's confirmed in a Twitlonger post that Twitch has given him a permanent ban due to "self harm," which he says is because of him performing a frequently-repeated stunt where he broke a keyboard over his head.



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"My spirit is crushed right now," Dellor said in the post. "I streamed for a decade on this platform. I've been here from the beginning."

The ban came on the day Dellor was supposed to get his subscriptions back, and he said in a previous post that he had done everything he could to change and fit in with Twitch's new rules. After the ban, he checked himself into a hospital because of what were reportedly suicidal thoughts.

He says that he's out now, and he's okay.

Dellor said that he's performed the keyboard-breaking stunt hundreds of times on his stream before, and there are plenty of video compilations on YouTube showing his tendency to break the keyboards, occasionally over his head. The stunt, Dellor says, was never intended as self-harm.

"I understand why someone might think this, but I've done this hundreds of times on my stream," Dellor said. "I took time to figure out the cheapest, flimsiest, easiest to break keyboard to make sure I never harmed myself in the process. I had no intention of harming myself, I did it to entertain my fans."

The permanent ban, Dellor said, comes from the fact that he had four strikes on his account already, though he states that two of these strikes were from more than two years ago,  and that he had been told that strikes go away after long periods of good behavior, so he didn't think he was in any danger of losing the account.

"They told me that nothing I had done in the past would be held against me in the future," Dellor said. "This turned out to be false because my recent bans have been extra harsh because of my previous incidents years ago."

Dellor said that he'll appeal the ban, and also that he'll consider moving to Mixer of Facebook if he's unable to return to the platform.

Friends such as KingRichard and Chica have come out in support of Dellor after this tweet, praising his willingness to move forward despite the difficulties.

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