Dellor Returns To Streaming With Secret YouTube Test Stream, Reaches 20,0000 Viewers

Following the former Twitch user's permanent ban from the platform, Dellor took to YouTube for a secret stream and amassed over 20,000 views.

A ban from the platform responsible for your popularity may be a difficult hill to bounce back from, but for popular streamer Dellor, it appears he's already found a new place to stream. Following the former Twitch user's permanent ban from the platform, Dellor took to YouTube for a secret stream and amassed over 20,000 views.

Matthew Vaughan, otherwise known as "Dellor" is a video gamer known for his OverwatchApex LegendsPUBG, and Fortnite streams. This past Sunday, October 6, the 31-year-old took to YouTube for a "test stream." Despite no warning or announcement to his thousands of Twitter followers, the stream hit 20,000 views, with Dellor becoming the number one streamer on the platform for the day.

A clip from the stream shows an emotional Dellor calling his mother, informing her of his impressive numbers. "I just turned on YouTube, and I have 15,000 viewers right now [...] I think we're gonna be good," he says with tears in his eyes, while his mother continuously repeats a shocked "Oh my god," in reply.

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Following the stream, Dellor took to Twitter to express his shock at the viewership numbers and thank his fans.

The news comes only a week after Dellor announced he had been permanently banned from Twitch due to "self-harm" following his signature stunt of breaking keyboards over his head. The channel's suspension came the same day Dellor was due to get his channel subscription button back after a six-month hiatus.

In a TwitLonger post made a few days after the ban, Dellor clarified that his keyboard-breaking stunts were never intended as self-harm: "I took time to figure out the cheapest, flimsiest, easiest to break keyboard to make sure I never harmed myself in the process. I had no intention of harming myself, I did it to entertain my fans." Furthermore, the streamer and his fans expressed confusion and frustration over Twitch's ban, expressing that Dellor had performed his keyboard-breaking stunt hundreds of times while streaming before, with many YouTube compilations demonstrating his move.

Dellor went on to confirm that the permanent ban was due to four strikes on his account. However, two strikes were issued two years ago. Dellor had been under the impression that good behavior absolves an account of previous strikes.

Following his successful YouTube stream, Dellor tweeted once again, informing his followers he had sent in a ban appeal to Twitch. Though he feels it is unlikely he will get his account back, he still feels the ban was ultimately unfair and wants to try.

Regardless of what happens with Dellor's Twitch account, his first YouTube stream appears to be a good indication of a successful future with plenty of viewers no matter where Dellor ends up.

Source: Twitter

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