Delta Airlines Anti-Union Poster Tells Employees To Spend Money On Video Games Instead Of Union Dues

A Delta Airlines poster circulating online tells its employees that their union dues would be better spent on a new gaming console.

One of the hottest topics, and biggest controversies, in the gaming industry right now is the one concerning unionizing. A push for the industry to unionize has come as more and more stories begin to surface about employees being overworked and underpaid. The latest of which came from the offices of Epic Games.

It continues to impress us how quickly Epic manages to update and improve Fortnite. Even more impressive is how the developer instigates changes if players complain. However, it turns out that this is allegedly due to Epic forcing its employees to work 100 hour weeks. Honestly, we would be absolutely fine with updates being rolled out less frequently if it meant employees didn't have to work such insane hours.

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The latest controversy in the unionization controversy comes from an unexpected source, Delta Airlines. It has been reported that a Delta poster has been making the rounds online regarding its employees' union fees. It explains that union dues cost $700 a year, and suggests that investing that money on a new console would be a much better idea. It literally reads, "Put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the union."

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As you might imagine, this revelation hasn't gone down well online. Twitter users have been ready and waiting for every Delta tweet, replying to them regarding the poster regardless of the tweet's content. An even worse look for Delta is that it has not denied that the poster is real, or that they have been hanging in Delta break rooms all over the US.

Despite a lack of denial, Delta has issued a statement via spokeswoman, Lisa Hanna. Hanna explained that Delta has the highest level of compensation for its employees in the industry and that the decision whether to unionize or not isn't one that should be taken lightly. Whether Delta is to blame for the poster or not, it is in extremely poor taste, especially considering the issues currently ongoing in the gaming industry.

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