The Demogorgon Is Coming To Dead By Daylight In New Stranger Things Expansion

Dead By Daylight is getting an impressive update with a Stranger Things expansion that makes Demogorgon an enemy monster.

A terrifying new enemy is coming to Dead by Daylight in an exciting new upcoming Stranger Things expansion.

The online survival horror title is no stranger to crossovers. Halloween's Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm's Street had already joined the game. But it looks like The Demogorgon is set to be the latest killer to terrorize players, per GameRant. Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things expansion will also feature two new survivors in Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

Hawkins National Laboratory: The Underground Complex will be the new location, the perfect setting to battle The Demogorgon. The expansion is set to debut sometime in September, though a specific release date is currently unknown. There's also no word yet on pricing.

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This isn't Stranger Things' first foray into video games, as Stranger Things 3: The Game launched earlier this year. A Fortnite crossover recently happened, and there's also an upcoming PlayStatior VR exclusive based on the show, so players will have plenty of opportunities to explore Hawkins. This DLC will only further boost Dead by Daylight's popularity, as Stranger Things is without a doubt one of the most well known properties. It also helps the recent third season of the season was well received among fans and critics.

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While you patiently wait to go up against The Demogorgon, you can check out some of the other various crossovers in Dead by Daylight. Ghostface from Scream was recently added, alongside content from Ash vs. Evil Dead. If you're looking to try out Dead by Daylight, the title is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will be released on September 24, with a mobile version also coming. If the Stranger Things DLC is a success, expect Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive to release even more crossovers and similar expansions in the near future.

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