Destiny 2: 15 Items That Are IMPOSSIBLE To Get (And How To Get Them)

With the Curse of Osiris expansion coming this December, Destiny 2 is about to get a whole lot bigger. While looking for Osiris, we will encounter a lot of new enemies, items, and environments. This is a welcome addition to the relatively small amounts of content Destiny 2 offers right now.

When it’s all said and done, the story of the game is quite fun. However, it’s also very short and, once you complete it, you are left with nothing but the grind. The slow, painful grind all the way up to Power Level 300, where the fun stuff is.

However, despite the fact that Destiny 2 is not the biggest game in existence in terms of content, some of its items are not as readily available as one would think. In fact, there are some pieces of gear that are annoyingly difficult to obtain. So difficult, in fact, that sometimes it’s not even worth it.

“Sometimes” is definitely the keyword here, though. There are also some items that, while difficult to acquire, are so awesome and powerful that we don’t mind going through whatever quests and challenges Bungie throws at us. Or maybe, the process to get them is simply fun enough to justify the time you need to complete it. Whatever the case, here is our list of 15 Most Difficult Items To Obtain In Destiny 2.

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15 Sweet Business

Via destiny.wikia.com

This Exotic Auto Rifle looks pretty sweet, but your chances of getting it will leave a sour taste in your mouth. This multi-barreled rifle can be obtained in various ways: it can drop randomly from PvE and PvP activities, it can be bought from Xur, or it can drop from Exotic Engrams.

If you think that you have plenty of chances to obtain it, though, think again. The Sweet Business drop rates are astonishingly low and players have been grinding for ages until they get their hands on this beast.

However, its Business Time upgrade is definitely worth the hassle. It automatically loads ammo pickups into the currently active magazine and boosts the weapon’s range and rate of fire the longer you hold down the trigger. This means that you can practically rain death in your enemy's’ general direction indefinitely, without taking a breather to reload.

14 Emperor’s Champion, Agent, And Minister Armor Sets

Via destinytracker.com

The Emperor’s Champion, Agent, and Minister are three armor sets that can be obtained from Imperial Engrams. In order to obtain those, you have to increase your reputation with Benedict 99-40, who only accepts Emperor Calus Tokens.

Did you guess where these tokens come from already? Exactly, that same raid we’ve already grinded to death for one cursed Shotgun. And, considering that each Engram can only drop one piece of armor, even if you are extremely lucky, you will need five different Engrams from Benedict.

In case you are wondering, you need 20 Emperor Calus Tokens to increase your reputation with that specific sweeper bot by one just level. That’s 100 Tokens, at the very least, to get a full armor set for your class.

13 Rat King

Via YouTube (IGN)

In our humble opinion, the Rat King is among the best-looking weapons in the game. It is an Exotic Sidearm that features a gritty, extravagant look. The rats engraved along the entire gun might put off some users, but they only add to the gun’s flair if you ask us.

However, it is also not very easy to find, especially at the current time. In order to obtain the Rat King, players have to complete the Titan World Quest, which will reward them with an item called Rat King’s Crew. Then, they have to find a partner that has the same item and complete several different activities.

The hard part is finding a friend who doesn’t have the Rat King already. Because if they do, it’s very unlikely for them to agree to help you, due to the time it takes to complete all required activities.

12 Sturm

Via YouTube (iSpiteful)

Sturm and Drang are one of the few weapons in the game that benefit from being equipped at the same time. Drang is a Legendary Sidearm that is awarded to players for completing the Nessus World Quest, and it comes with the Relics of the Golden Age quest item.

Completing all quest activities will reward players with Sturm, but the quest is pretty time-consuming. You will have to use the not-so-powerful Drang to defeat regular Fallen without reloading after each kill, as well as to kill named Fallen.

Players that go after Sturm will also have to decrypt at least one Exotic engram as part of the quest and these do not grow on trees. You might have to grind way more than Sturm is actually worth it.

However, equipping both Sturm and Drang means that you might never have to reload ever again.

11 Coldheart

Via twinfinite.net

There is a very simple reason why we do not want the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle. If a gun is introduced to players with Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” for background music, it kind of ruins the entire weapon.

However, if you actually want the Coldheart despite Bungie’s poor music taste, we’re sorry to inform you that you are out of luck. This rifle was introduced as a pre-order exclusive for the game and is currently available only to players that opted to buy Destiny 2 early.

That being said, Coldheart will be obtainable through regular gameplay, starting December 5. Which basically means that you will be able to find it on Mercury when the new DLC arrives. Hang tight, there it’s not long now.

10 Legend Of Acrius

Via YouTube (Datto)

Legend of Acrius is an Exotic Shotgun the questline for which kind of sounds like more work than the weapon is actually worth.

In order to get it, you must first get a random quest drop from a Cabal soldier after you have hit Level 20. Then, you have to complete that quest, complete the Leviathan raid, then deal with a special Strike in the EDZ, and kill 40 more Cabal soldiers (at least).

If that doesn’t sound like more than enough work, you will also have to collect 100 Emperor’s Seals, which are awarded for completing various activities in the Leviathan raid. You will probably have to go through the Leviathan a few times to collect them all.

Your final task will be to complete that same raid you’ve done over and over again but on Prestige difficulty. Only then will you receive the Legend of Acrius.

We can’t help but ask how much more does Bungie want us to grind the same raid for a single piece of gear.

9 MIDA Multi-Tool

Via YouTube (Drewskys Channel)

The MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. It comes with some pretty nifty upgrades, but getting it is no easy task.

In order to obtain it, you need to complete the EDZ World Quest after finishing the main story of the game. Then, talk to Devrim Kay to receive the MIDA Mini-Tool - a Legendary SMG. With that in hand, head over to The Tower and visit Banshee-44 to receive a quest.

Next up, perform 50 precision kills and 25 multi-kills without reloading, visit Banshee again, dismantle five Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles, and prepare for the worst part. With all that done, you will need to get 50 airborne kills with an SMG (luckily, it doesn’t have to be the MIDA Mini-Tool).

If you manage all that without rage quitting five hours into it, Banshee-44 will gladly give you the MIDA Multi-Tool. But is it worth it? Well, kind of.

8 Exotic Emotes

Via tankwarroom.com

Remember how in the intro of this article, I mentioned some pointless items that are hard to obtain? Well, the ones I have listed so far have some use, at the very least, even if it is limited to certain situations. This is not the case with most items obtained from Bright Engrams, though.

Arguably, the second-worst culprits are Exotic Emotes. These obviously pointless animations may make you look cool in a raid, but you should really be focusing on your aim and not your style in that scenario.

However, modern gamers just cannot get enough of pointless cosmetics, and I totally understand why. I could probably buy a new car with the money I have spent on Counter-Strike weapon skins, so who am I to judge?

7 Exotic Ships

Via xXGamerDudeXx13

Exotic Ships in Destiny 2 are the reason why Exotic Emotes are the second worst thing in the game. While the emotes do make your character look cool and you can actually use them in a social setting, ships are nothing more but glorified loading screen animations.

I really do not understand why Bungie thought it would be a good idea to include them in their real-cash game economy, neither do I get why people actually spend money on Bright Engrams to obtain them.

However, I do have to applaud the monetization expert who came up with that. I honestly cannot recall another non-mobile game that makes money even during its loading screens. Next thing you know, Bungie’s next title will offer a $1.99 DLC that introduces color customization to the loading icon.

6 Exotic Sparrows

Via polygon.com

Traveling in style will never get old. While you might argue that this applies to ships as well, I beg to differ. “Why,” I hear you ask. Because the Sparrow is essentially a futuristic motorcycle - the symbol of rebels, machos, and cool action movie characters all over the globe.

What’s more, you get to actively use your Sparrow whenever you want, unlike the Exotic Ships. Unless you purposefully travel from one planet to the other non-stop, just to admire your Bright Engram vehicle, of course.

And just look at the Hastilude image above! That thing is awesome! I would love to take it to the Sparrow Racing League when Bungie decides to add it to Destiny 2. It could only become better if you were able to shoot the lances at enemies and pin them to the walls behind them.

5 Glory To The Emperor Emblem

Via dontfeedthegamers.com

Currently, only the top players in the game will have this emblem. In time, it will become more and more common, but right now, it’s actually a pretty rare occurrence to see someone flying these colors.

In order to obtain the Glory to the Emperor emblem, you need to complete the Leviathan Raid on Prestige difficulty. And, as every Destiny 2 player that attempted it will tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you and your fireteam do not have that much experience playing as a unit. The Prestige raid will test more than your aim and you will have to actually work as one to beat it.

Thankfully, Glory to the Emperor is not a random drop with extremely low rates. So, once you beat the Prestige Calus, you will be able to boast about it immediately.

4 Iron Banner Armor Sets

Via gameranx.com

In case you are not familiar, the Iron Banner is a limited-time PvP event that carried over from the original Destiny. It comes with certain changes in Crucible mechanics, but that is not what matters right now.

What’s actually important is that the Iron Banner armor sets look gorgeous. Their style reminds me of a weird mix of samurai, European knight, and Viking armors, with everything being in just the right amount to make a set that instills respect in your enemies.

However, with the Iron Banner taking part in limited time frames and with all the other possible loot from the event, you will have to be pretty patient, in order to collect the whole set of five pieces. But even if we disregard their stats, the looks of these sets alone make it worth your time.

3 The Steady Hand

Via YouTube (PottyMouth Plays)

The Steady Hand is another Iron Banner reward that has been well-received by players around the globe. It is a Legendary Hand Cannon for Guardians with good aim.

Skillful use of The Steady Hand will reward players with insanely quick reload times that put most SMGs to shame. It also comes with range and impact values way beyond most other guns of its type. Honestly, Bungie might want to consider nerfing it, but if they do, they should expect some backlash from the community that grew to love this pistol.

Also, unlike a lot of weapons in Destiny 2, The Steady Hand looks pretty good. It is a simple, rugged, and manly gun that just looks right with its lack of too much flashiness.

So, get those Iron Banner matches started, because The Steady Hand is worth every minute you spend grinding.

2 Dance Party Loot

Via YouTube (MoreConsole)

Guardians are extremely powerful beings that can destroy an entire emperor’s ship with only a fireteam of four. They can perform outstanding feats of heroism and bravery. Yet, it seems that throwing a simple party is beyond their skill level.

In order to start a dance party, you need to get an extremely random drop from Emperor Calus - the Loot-a-palooza key. Then, you have to use it on a specific terminal in The Tower, which will spawn a specific chest which you can only get to by using other chests on the way to it to get a speed buff.

The last chest will reward you with the Dance Party key. Use that on a terminal next to your faction vendor and you will start a dance party for everyone in your instance of The Tower. This will allow all players around you to loot a Dance Party chest for a random reward, and enjoy some tunes while they do it.

1 Vigilant Console Emblem

This is one of the emblems used by Bungie to show gratitude to its dedicated community. It is reserved only for Mentors on the Bungie Official Forums.

Currently, there are under 30 people that are actually Mentors on the forums. The role is reserved for the most notable community members, that are often found helping other players and have gained the trust of Bungie’s Community Managers.

Of course, Bungie could have thanked them in other ways too, instead of giving them one lousy emblem, but I guess this is still better than nothing, right? At least these good men and women got some recognition for their assumingly voluntary work that has helped countless community members.

Anyway, if you really like this emblem, just make sure you hang around Bungie’s forums for a few years and gain the trust of the employees that frequent them. Not too hard of a task, right?

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