Destiny 2: All Vex Offensive Weapons

Vex Offensive Weapons

Here are all the new guns you can get for playing Destiny 2's Vex Offensive activity.

So you’re finished Shadowkeep and are curious to know why there are a whole bunch of Vex just wandering around on the moon. Well, you don’t really find out, but you can certainly kill a whole bunch of them and get some sweet new guns while you’re at it.

It's called the Vex Offensive, and you can read all about it over on this here guide. Suffice to say, it's not exactly a walk in the park, but it is fun and lucrative. Each run of the offensive will net you anywhere from three Substitutional Armor pieces or one of four new weapons, being either a pulse rifle, a scout rifle, a hand cannon, or a submachine gun.

And there's even a miniquest to help you get the one you want, similar to how frames worked in the Black Armory. Completing the Data Input quest will "program the simulation pattern" for that particular weapon after you kill enough Vex. Then perform the Executive Function, which involves breaching the Black Garden to "stall the Vex Offensive." And then it's loot time.

But what weapon should you try to get first? A fair question, and one we're all too happy to answer.

Optative Hand Cannon

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Like the Service Revolver? Then this is basically it--the stats between the two are almost identical. It's a Precision Framed, 180 RPM hand cannon along the same lines as the Trust and Not Forgotten. It's an energy weapon that deals out void damage and lots of it, and is perfect for all your space cowboy fantasies.

Your possible perks for column 3 are Grave Robber, Rapid Hit, Outlaw, Under Pressure, Underdog, and Fourth Time's the Charm. Column 4 perks include Zen Moment, Opening Shot, Kill Clip, Shield Disorient, Mulligan, and Demolitionist.

Adhortative Pulse Rifle

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Built around the Adaptive Fame at 390 RPM, the Adhortative is built along the same lines as Bygones and Inaugural Address without quite living up to either in terms of raw power. But you never know--you could get the good rolls and turn it into a real murder machine.

Possible column 3 perks include Feeding Frenzy, Hip Fire Grip, Genesis, Field Prep, Firmly Planted, and Underdog, while column 4 could be Dragonfly, Rampage, High-Impact Reserves, Headseeker, Multikill Clip, or Rangefinder.

Imperative Scout Rifle

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Another kinetic weapon, the Imperative can be a decent alternative to a sniper rifle thanks to its High-Impact frame providing for harder-hitting shots. If you've got a decent fast-firing energy weapon, consider the Imperative for your long-distance sniping needs.

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Your perks for column 3 include No Distractions, Triple Tap, Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Field Prep, and Outlaw. Column 4 perks could be any of Explosive Payload, Rampage, Multikill Clip, Rangefinder, Snapshot Sights, or Opening Shot.

Subjunctive Submachine Gun

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Subjunctive means to speak in a manner that pines for what is impossible. If you say, "I wish this or that could be," you're speaking in a subjunctive mood. An odd name to apply to a submachine gun, but maybe the Subjunctive is wishing it was something a little bigger?

The Subjunctive appears on a Lightweight Frame firing at 900 RPM, same as the MIDA Mini-Tool, but comes with a Full Bore which greatly increases its range at the cost of stability and handling. Still, the extra range greatly improves the Subjunctive's usability in the Energy slot, allowing a Kinetic weapon to be equipped that might be better suited to either close or long-ranged engagements.

Your possible column 3 perks are Hip-Fire Grip, Pulse Monitor, Outlaw, Quick Draw, Threat Detector, or Genesis. Column 4 could be Surrounded, Shield Disorient, Swashbuckler, Multikill Clip, Rampage, or High-Impact Reserves.

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