Destiny 2 Is Grind-ier Than Ever With A Battle Pass

Destiny 2's Battle Pass will make your work a lot harder and really put in the time.

With Destiny 2 launching its own battle pass, the game has more things to do than ever before.

The wealth of content has seemingly become a cause for complaint as of late, with certain gamers claiming to be overwhelmed by the fact that there's so much to pay attention to when one commits to creating a Guardian.

Bungie did not have to release another expansion or incorporate a pass system to keep Destiny fans busy, there was quite enough to do without ever having to purchase anything else. But they had to give players something fresh right? And there's really no reason to stress the importance of attracting new ones.

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The pass for what's now Season 8 comes as part of Destiny 2's Year 3 and is bundled with the new Shadowkeep expansion (which costs $35). You will have to pay $10 for every season that comes out after that but there's also a deal to be had in the form of four seasons of passes for an additional $25.

Season 8, which follows the most recent Season of Opulence and is called Season of the Undying, urges Guardians to take on a new activity on the Moon branded the Vex Offensive.

The Battle Pass Explained

The Battle Pass is similar to what we've seen in free-to-play battle royale titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends in that it offers various rewards such as cosmetics, gear and crafting materials as players earn more XP.

As mentioned above, Destiny 2's universe is quite the vast one and there will always be something to do as long as servers are up. Getting a Battle Pass will only serve to give you more content and the Destiny camp is likely split over more content vs. less content. But if you're paying $35, you might as well appreciate the addition.

It's All About The Time You Put Into It

The good thing about this is you don't have to be an expert marksman to go up in rank when you have a Battle Pass. There are many elements of the game that depend on how great or quick of a shot you are – Banshee will pretty much put you through enough tests to leave you wondering why he's such a hardo – but achievements therein are based on how much time you put in as opposed to how good of a player you are.

You'd just need to spend time playing to get everything that's on offer, or at least most of it. There's no way you aren't going to get all of that cool gear if you put in the hours.

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Another cool thing Bungie's done is their making Destiny free-to-play via a readily available download called New Light. This version of the game does not require you to spend a cent, and you get still enough content to keep you engaged forever.

The Shadowkeep and Battle Pass bundle, though, has a lot more on offer. If you've got the hours to put into it, by all means, go for it.

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