10 Things Destiny 2 Does Better Than Other Shooter Games

When the original Destiny was released the idea of a game as a service style shooter was still relatively new and unique in the world of video games, but fast forward to Destiny 2 and Bungie has quite a bit more competition in the genre. This is why during development and since the release of Destiny 2, the development team has put a ton of work into the title to reshape and add gameplay elements and RPG mechanics that allow the game to stand out from the crowd.

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With this in mind, we decided to put together our list of the ten things Destiny 2 does better than other shooter games.

10 Jumping

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One thing that Bungie has nailed with all the classes in Destiny 2 is character movement and in particular jumping. All three of the classes not only have access to a class-specific jump ability but also multiple variations of the jump, which is quite unique for a shooter.

The Hunter's jump offers a straight forward double or triple jump with some slight variations, Titans can hover vertically and horizontally with powerful bursts of speed, and Warlocks have multiple sustained glides or a mid-air teleport.

9 Class Fantasy

Bungie has done something very rare with the way they have translated a traditional RPG class system into FPS mechanics that establish three unique class fantasies. As previously mentioned, each class has a different jump, but they also have different class abilities, supers, subclasses, and grenades that feed into their specific playstyles.

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Warlocks are comparable to wizards or sorcerers and use abilities that channel the light into magical attacks, Hunters are similar to Rangers or Rogues and their skills are based on using the light as physical weapons, and Titans who are like Fighters or Paladins use their light to protect or physically overwhelm.

8 PvP Endgame Rewards

Like most looter shooters, Destiny 2 has its ups and downs when it comes endgame rewards, but the game's pinnacle PvP weapons are truely worth grinding for. These guns are great because they have unique perks that enhance an element of their basic playstyle to create a powerful weapon.

For example, the Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten hand cannons provide a damage boost after two precision hits, the Revoker sniper rifle refunds missed shots, and the Recluse submachine gun does extra damage following a kill with any weapon.

7 Exotic Gear

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Similarly to the pinnacle PvP weapons, Bungie does an excellent job with Destiny 2's exotic gear as each new piece almost always manages to carve out a niche purpose even if it does not impact the larger meta. Bungie accomplishes this by putting unique perks onto their new exotics that seem designed with specific playstyles in mind.

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In addition to this, exotic armor drops with randomly rolled stats and non-exotic perks which allows you to continue to hunt for that perfect roll even after you have already acquired the gear.

6 Activity Variety

While some hardcore players may tell you that there is not enough to do in Destiny 2, if you were to look at the total number of available PvP modes, Strikes, Missions, Raids, exotic quests, Forges, Gambit maps, and public events, there is more than enough to keep you busy.

Additionally, if you look at the game from a perspective of PvP versus PvE metas, playstyles, and loadouts, there is a ton of extra mechanical depth to explore in each activity as well.

5 Seasonal Activities

A more recent change to the Destiny franchise has been the introduction of seasons that add brand new seasonal activities each time a new one starts. This includes things like the Black Armory Forges and The Reckoning, which offer players an entirely new activity to complete with unique rewards to collect.

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While each new activity has not always become a fan favorite, they do still provide players with a new mode to master and at the very least some new gearsets to complete.

4 Raids

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Destiny 2's raids are arguably the thing that allows the game to stand out the most when compared to other shooters. These six-player endgame PvE missions often take multiple hours to complete the first time as they are packed with numerous complex boss mechanics and puzzles.

Raids are typically released with each new content drop in Destiny 2 and the race among the game's most hardcore players to complete the latest raid first is something that previously was unheard of in shooters.

3 Clans

Of the multitude of elements Destiny 2 borrows from MMOs, one of the most impressively implemented ones is the games clan system. Not only do clans have their own sets of weekly and daily bounties, but they also have seasonal goals that level up their group's banner for rewards.

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Along with this, clans also have weekly point contribution goals for playing different modes that reward every member of the group with activity-specific gear from things like Crucible, Gambit, and raids.

2 Earning More Powerful Gear

One of the better changes to be added to Destiny 2 following the original game was the added ways you could earn gear that was guaranteed to be a higher power level. In the first Destiny, this was accomplished primarily through completing endgame activities, but in Destiny 2 players can earn powerful gear through weekly and daily resets related to PvP, PvE, and bounties in addition to endgame activities.

This change means that players can make their Guardians more powerful each time they log in and can choose to play a more laid back activity without being overly punished for it.

1 Balancing For Casual And Hardcore Players

In the past, striking the right balance between catering Destiny 2 to both hardcore guardians and casual players has been a difficult process, but recently Bungie seems to have found a good sweet spot. As Bungie has continued to add new raids and endgame rewards for the hardcore fans to complete, they have also added the brand new Menagerie activity which offers raid-like mechanics without the severe punishments for failing.

Additionally, the upcoming release of Destiny 2's free to play version New Light should serve as an excellent jumping-on point for new players.

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