Destiny 2: 10 Things You Still Didn’t Know About The Black Armory

The Black Armory was a great addition to Destiny 2 both in terms of gameplay and a wealth of lore. This secret weapons foundry from the Golden Age of mankind hides a lot of secrets that fans are still trying to dissect even now.

What has been learned suggests some incredible things and gives great insight into the collapse and even the nature of the Darkness. Some of these entries include a bit of speculation and some of the questions may never be resolved, but it’s likely the average player has never stumbled across these interesting tidbits about the Black Armory.

10 Defense Against The Traveler

The Black Armory was originally created in response to the presence of the Traveler and mankind's growing obsession with it. Between the cults worshiping the alien object and Earth's governments collaborating with it, the Black Armory founders wanted mankind to have weapons that could defend themselves from the mysterious sphere in the event it’s intentions turned out to be hostile.

Entry 10 of the Black Armory Papers shows one of the founder's paranoia regarding the object and what other things might be hiding among the stars. This is part of the reason why Ada-1, the keeper of the Armory, is so hesitant to work with the Guardians.

9 Likely Illegal

With so many government organizations siding with the Traveler it’s highly unlikely they would have supported a rogue group of scientists wanting to build a weapon’s foundry to produce weapons to potentially take down their benefactor.

Henriette even alludes to this in Entry 25 of the Papers saying there was no way those in power would ever sanction the idea of citizens taking up arms. In order to protect mankind against potential tyranny from the Traveler and whatever was detected in the blackness of space the founders began the creation of the illegal foundry.

8 Conflict Amongst Founders

Throughout the Papers it’s apparent that not all of the founders saw eye to eye when it came to the development of the Black Armory and the future of the program. One founder wished to make the Armory mobile and responsive to potential threats while another wished it to remain secretive and hidden.

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There was also conflict about the decentralization of the foundries and the inclusion of Exos into the program’s operations. These things would ultimately be implemented to both beneficial and detrimental effect.

7 Exos Were Included Because Of Titan

According to Entry 50 of the Papers the founders unanimously agreed to the inclusion of Exos after the evacuation of Titan following the arrival of Darkness. The founders were so unnerved by the presence of a vast and powerful being they quickly implemented the Exo program and began decentralizing the Armory.

This is part of the reason why the Black Armory is still around during the events of Destiny 2 as the only Exo, Ada-1, created for the program survived the Collapse and ensured the Armory’s continued existence. Without Ada-1 the entire program would have been lost forever.

6 Ada-1 Daughter Of Founder

It turns out that Ada-1 is the daughter of one of the founders of the Black Armory Henriette Meyrin. Formerly Adelaide, the little girl was badly injured during an attack on the Black Armory and the only way to preserve her life was to upload her consciousness into an Exo.

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This was the only Exo ever created for the Black Amory and contains the sum total of the scientists' knowledge and inner workings of the foundry. Like most Exos Adelaide memories have largely been forgotten and the little girl for all intents and purposes no longer exists.

5 Project Niobe

Ada-1 is essentially the culmination of one of the founder’s main pursuits to strengthen and expand Black Armory, Project Niobe. Project Niobe led to the creation of a device known as the Obsidian Accelerator that could perform on-the-spot phase transitions for Black Armory weapons.

This tech was meant to be wielded by Exos to act as mobile foundries capable of upgrading Black Armory weapons in battle. Unfortunately, only one Obsidian Accelerator and one Exo was ever created causing Project Niobe to be limited in effectiveness. Although it certainly proves helpful to the player in Destiny 2.

4 Attacked By Darkness

The Black Armory initially fell during the attack by Darkness that led to the Collapse. One of the founders, some workers, security detail and perhaps close family members were killed when something attacked the Armory.

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Entry 71 of the Papers describes the attacker as having, “the smell of wet earth, and a sound…like a machine being stretched and then compressed.” But no further details are given about this creature. Many fans believe it’s either a manifestation of Darkness itself or possibly one of the Nightmares that will soon be unveiled in the upcoming DLC Shadowkeep.

3 Might Have Averted The Collapse

One of the founder’s speculates in the Black Armory Papers that much of the destruction may have been mitigated had the Black Armory permitted the mass production of their weapons. If mankind was properly armed with these powerful weapons, they may have had a fighting chance at keeping the Darkness and it’s minions at bay.

But because of the founders’ hesitancy to pursue experimental technology, decentralize their operations, and implement mass production methods mankind wasn’t prepared for the invasion and many lost their lives.

2 Accidentally Empowered The Warlords

That being said the founders weren’t entirely wrong about hesitating to share their tech. In Entry 100 of the Papers one of the founders talks about being attacked by warriors wielding Black Armory weapons.

In fact it’s entirely possible that these weapons may have assisted some of The Risen to become the immortal warlords that terrorized Earth. Entry 104 talks about a man falling in battle only to get back up again when a red drone flashed a light on him, a clear description of a ghost reviving a Guardian.

1 Unsavory Alliance

Entry 67 of the Papers mentions that in order to progress with Project Niobe the founders turned to “unsavory types” to overhaul production in response to the arrival of Darkness. Some fans believe because Project Niobe involved Exos the reference may have been about Clovis Bray and his team joining to introduce Exos into the program.

Another theory is that because of the illegal nature of their project the founders were forced to work with criminal organizations in order to obtain funding and resources. This would explain how the Black Armory weapons ended up in the hands of the Warlords and their henchmen.

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