Destiny 2 Players Discover ‘Broken’ Gun Bug That Kills Raid Bosses In 8 Shots


Destiny 2 players have discovered an utterly bonkers bug that lets you kill raid bosses in seconds.

It’s called the Jotunn. Not the bug--that’s called something else, like “Stupid McKilly Kill” or something. But the gun is the thing that’s bugged and is letting players murder some of Destiny 2’s toughest raids in no time at all.

Getting the Jotunn isn’t all that hard, although it can be a bit time-consuming. It drops on the Mystery Box Exotic weapon quest available in The Black Armory expansion. It’s an exotic fusion rifle and therefore both looks and feels unique. Firing the gun shoots a homing blast that deals a respectable amount of damage, although it’s not anything to write home about.

Unless you fire it from point-blank range. Then it deals an ungodly amount of damage due to a bug.

The bug appears to have been discovered by YouTuber Ehroar who found that if you fire the Jotunn close enough to do self-damage it causes the weapon's damage to increase exponentially. We're talking 7 to 8 times as much damage as normal, which does a lot to increase the Jotunn's end-game viability.

That damage is on PC. Although the bug also exists on console, it appears that the damage increase is somehow tied to your frame rate, so consoles players only get 2 times as much damage compared to the amount available to PC players.

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PC players are able to finish off raid bosses in as little as 8 shots. Gladd, another YouTuber, recently showcased their ability to go through Destiny 2's most difficult content like a tornado.

Shadowkeep is arriving very shortly, and with it will be the "World's First Raid Contest" set to begin on October 5th. This bug was going to cause some problems for the contest as there's no reason not to run a team full of Jotunns.

Bungie recognized the game-breaking nature of this bug, however, and recently announced that the Jotunn will be disabled and become unequippable 24 hours before the raid is set to begin. A permanent fix is likely to come shortly thereafter.

But that still means two weeks of broken Jotunns, so get those raid kills in while you still can!

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