Bungie Forced To Temporarily Remove Gun After Player Discovers Infinite Super Exploit

Bungie has been forced to remove a particular gun in Destiny 2 for giving players an infinite source of Super energy in both PvP and PvE.

If you’re a Destiny 2 player, you might be wondering why you suddenly can’t use your new Telesto exotic Fusion Rifle. The Telesto is currently being sold by Xur, so a lot of folks have picked it up for a few Legendary Shards. It’s a pretty sweet looking fusion rifle, and its unique ability makes it a pretty powerful choice for Fusion Rifle fans.

Telesto’s unique perk is “Unplanned Reprieve.” Unlike normal Fusion Rifles, Telesto’s projectiles attach to the enemy before exploding after a slight delay, dealing a ton of void damage and usually one-shotting whatever they struck. It was a popular choice in PvP for a time in Destiny 2’s first year, although not nearly as popular these days.

There was a brief spike in Telesto’s popularity yesterday, however, after players found out that the gun was bugged in a big way. This exploit allowed any Destiny 2 player to have infinite Super energy wherever and whenever they wanted.

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To activate the glitch, players just had to use the Telesto to shoot the ground. The Telesto’s projectiles would stick to the ground but not explode because they weren’t attached to an enemy. However, the player could then detonate these projectiles by throwing their grenade at it. Each projectile is considered an "enemy" by the game, for some reason, so your grenades can cause them to explode.

Combine with the Ashes to Assets mod which turns grenade kills into Super energy, and this strange recipe would then cause that player’s Super bar to become instantly filled.

You can see the whole process in action below. It works for all classes and all locations, whether you’re in the Crucible or in a Nightfall Strike.

An infinite source of Super is something that is pretty obviously game-breaking, so developer Bungie did the only thing they could and disabled the weapon. It’ll stay in your inventory, but until Bungie figures out how to fix the exploit, players won’t be able to equip the Telesto for use.

It’s been 24 hours since the Telesto exploit was discovered, but so far, there's no word from Bungie on a fix. One thing is for sure: next time Xur is in town, check out whatever weapon he’s offering. Maybe it’ll have another game-breaking exploit just waiting to be discovered.

Source: Twitter

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