Bungie Drops Beefy Destiny 2 Character Balance Updates In Advance Of Shadowkeep

In a recent update, Destiny 2 made a few changes to the game, including removing Forsaken character boosts just before the release of Shadowkeep.

The Halo meets World of Warcraft sequel Destiny 2 has already far surpassed its predecessor in terms of valuable loot drops, character customization, and simple story design. With the upcoming DLC, Shadowkeep, slated for release October 1st, the highly underappreciated and undervalued sci-fi looter shooter is making a comeback in a big way. The September 3rd update added a long list of patches, new content, and abilities, though it also highlighted how Bungie axed the necessary addition of Forsaken character boosts.

In its online community post, Bungie lists the specific additions for the update. Aside from raising inventory levels from 999 to 9,999 (which includes all material and token types), Bungie also enhanced drop chances (up to 25%) for Braytech Schematics, addressed balancing issues in both Mountaintop and Wendigo GL3 weapons quests, and added increased weapons drops in Gambit Prime and Reckoning. Many were expecting Bungie to include Forsaken character boosts, but cutting them may have been in Destiny 2's best interest.

With the completion of the Community Challenge on Saturday, including the amazing Mars event, fans have been itching for more accessible weapons content. The Braytech Schematics and the unique items from Ana Bray will now be far easier to acquire, what with the schematics no longer limited to one per account per day, in addition to Bray herself having a higher chance of gifting Guardians a sleek unique weapon. Though this is necessary for the in-game title of Wayfarer, the four unique weapons gifted from Bray won't be as randomized as they were before.

Both Mountaintop and the Wendigo GL3 also had their challenges massively overhauled in the wake of their teeth-grinding difficulties. For the GL3, players can now utilize Playlist Strikes to boost their progress and can worry about maximizing kills rather than dying, as death penalties have been removed. The Mountaintop requirements have been drastically fixed, with multi-kills reduced from 200 to 75 and medals from 100 to 25.

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Bungie has also made steps to ensure that activities have been upgraded to suit all players' needs and wants. The Reckoning and Gambit Prime events have had updates in increased weapons drops and what Bungie called "bad luck protection," which ensures players receive a weapons drop when none appear after several matches. Reckoning was given a facelift, as enemies now have lowered health and damage, as well as higher drop rates at the more challenging level of Tier 3.

While dropping Forsaken character boosts might be both uncalled for and suspicious, it may have something to do with bug fixes and the quality of life for the game. It may also have something to do with in-game balancing issues, as this was a major problem with Destiny. They're sure to be brought back into discussion once Shadowkeep is finally up and operational, which is certainly taking up most of Bungie's time and attention. Now that the MMO genre has been reborn thanks to Destiny 2, we just have to wait and see what Shadowkeep and the developers over at Bungie have in store for us in the future.

Source: Bungie

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