Destiny 2 Corsair Down Guide: Tracking Down Fallen Soldiers In The Dreaming City

The Corsair Down in Destiny 2: Forsaken lets the player track down fallen soldiers and collect their Corsair badges for loot.

It took Bungie some time to get Destiny 2 to catch up with its predecessor in terms of near perfection and, admittedly, there are still some kinks needing to be worked out in this latest installment. But the looter shooter title remains one of the best around nowadays.

As fun as it is, though, the game can be just a tad frustrating due to its complexity. This isn't your regular "dash through levels and beat bosses" game, there's so much more to the vast title that is Destiny 2.

Aside from the missions, there are adventures, quests, raids, and strikes. There are bounties which could be collected from NPCs around the game and there are also pursuits, which deliver legendary weapons and gear at the end. Pursuits are the reason we're here, Corsair Down to be precise.

By the time you're done reading this, you might be weighing up whether or not this is actually worth your time. But we're gonna try our best to answer the questions you might have anyway.

What Is The Corsair Down

The Corsair Down pursuit is more or less of a locator that helps you find fallen soldiers from the Queen's guard in the Dreaming City. The drop rate for this item is more or less random and could be found during patrols in said sector, but it is more likely to be found in a Divalian Mist Public Event.

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Once you get one from a dead enemy, head over to your inventory to inspect it and you'll see a message saying that it's a field communication device sending out a recurring SOS. Messages can differ player to player but it's along the lines of something like: "The fieldcom device crackles weakly. You can just hear an encoded SOS, repeating something about a garden."

Other messages will end with "bay" or "harbinger" so what you're looking for could be in different places, but you simply stick to whatever you get. There are a few other endings, including "Spine and Mist", "chamber", " and Aphelion".

Where Is The Corsair Down Telling You To Go

If your Corsair Down transmits "something about a garden", you're going to want to head to the Gardens of Eslia, south of The Strand, where you should find a downed body.

A message noting a bay means you should go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes, a lost sector in the Divalian Mists with the entrance just behind the landing zone.

A harbinger message points to the Harbinger's Seclude, north of Rheasilvia, while Spine and Mist means you're to make your way to the Spine of Keres. As for the message ending in "something about a chamber", that points in the direction of the Chamber of Starlight in the southern sector of Rheasilvia.

Aphelions Rest is where you'll need to be going if yours ends in "something about Aphelion". The location can be reached by heading to Petra Venj in The Strand and then jumping off of the cliff. When you land, turn around, look for a cave and, of course, get in there.

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You're always going to arrive too late whenever you've managed to track down the person you're looking for. You can still interact with the dead body, something which results in the spawning of a boss and several enemies. Once that boss is defeated, you'll see a dropped item with a diamond icon over it, pick it up and you're in possession of that Corsair Badge.

How To Use Your Corsair Badge

So what do you do with the Corsair Badge once you get it? It's actually pretty easy from there on out as all of the hard work will already be behind you by then. You need to take it to a Queen's Guard camp and hand it to one of the NPCs there. They'll extend their gratitude for you informing them of their comrade's death and you'll get a reward, likely dark fragments and rare blue gear.

To be honest, it doesn't seem like that huge a deal if that's all you get but maybe the means will justify the end for you, so you decide if it's worth it.

Various gamers have reported that you need the Ascendance Buff to see the dead Corsairs but it hasn't come across as an absolute necessity. If you aren't seeing them then consume the Tincture of Queensfoil for a 30-minute buff; that should solve your problem if there is one to solve at all.

It's worth noting that Destiny 2's Dreaming City is not immediately available. You're going to have to beat the Forsaken campaign in its entirety and collect Talisman Fragments, which can be found in Lost Sector raids. There's also the small matter of killing 300 Taken, and then you'll need to complete the Ether Harvest Public Event at Four-Horn Gulch. Don't concern yourself with triggering a Heroic Event, though; you're only there for the Ether.

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