Destiny 2 Needs Console and PC Crossplay

With a completely revamped free-to-play platform, called New LightDestiny 2 has come a long way since its lackluster start back in 2017. From new planets and quest lines to recalibrated armor (called 2.0) and even cross-save capabilities, the only thing the game now necessitates is the constantly requested crossplay feature. It's a feature that many Destiny fans have been begging Bungie to add since 2018, yet with Bungie now free from Activision and capable of running its own brand, console crossplay may very well be on the star-glazed horizon.

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Cross-Save, Yet Still No Crossplay

Games like Fortnite and Diablo III have both been granted the crossplay seal of approval, yet Destiny 2 still languishes in limbo. Though it now sports cross-save capabilities, which grants players the option to switch between multiple platforms while maintaining their clan rankings, Destiny 2 still remains void of crossplay. The team over at Bungie is very interested in the possibilities of this highly requested feature, as noted in a reply Tweet to Jason Schrier posted by Destiny general manager Mark Noseworthy:

"We’re focused on Cross Save this year (for all platforms). Cross Play is absolutely something we’re interested in doing some day, but we have a lot on our plate to chew through first!"

With Shadowkeep among the most anticipated gaming expansions this year it's clear Bungie is busy keeping the game well-attuned and online. Yet, there remains plenty of gamers who simply can't or won't play Destiny 2 merely for the fact that they have no companions to join them, thus necessitating crossplay for bridging this gap in player base.

 A Truly "Shared-World Shooter"

With a whole new game aside from their sci-fi shooter in the works, in addition to whatever Destiny may eventually evolve into, Bungie has much more in store for patient fans. Though the future is unclear, there are bits and pieces of a roadmap that can be gleaned from a Kotaku interview with Luke Smith, who states:

"It’s hard for us right now to predict what we’re going to do in 2020, because we’re changing a bunch of stuff in 2019, and part of being a live service game is: put something out, test it, learn from it."

Despite the massive amounts of criticism attached to the lack of a crossplay feature, it may turn out to be an impossibility in the overall functionality of the game. As Smith himself notes, these features take mass amounts of R&D before being set in stone, and though cross-save itself may be a viable option, that doesn't mean crossplay can be easily implemented.

Bungie is one of the few developers that actually listens to its players. In that same interview, Noseworthy proves this very notion by stating, "We have a plan and we think it’s pretty good and we’re going to find out from our players if it’s really good or if we need a new plan." It's clear that not only is player enjoyment an extremely important element in Bungie's game development but so too is their feedback. In this case, crossplay should be at the zenith of their forthcoming game inclusions, otherwise many of their players may bail for the simple reality of having a minimally-changing player base.

Bungie may well consider Destiny 2 as a "shared-world shooter," yet not until it garners crossplay will it truly emblemize this title.

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