Destiny 2 Meets Dragon Ball Z With New Fusion Emote

Fusion Dance

Destiny 2 has now added the Dragon Ball Z Fusion Dance as a new emote.

Sadly, it does not cause the two players to fuse into a single super Sayan-like being with enormous hair and the ability to blow up planets. Although that would be cool too.

In case you’re not a fan of Dragon Ball, the Fusion Dance allows two characters in the show to fuse their powers and thus become a single, exponentially stronger being. Fusions started out with just the regular Sayan cast, but then quickly involved Android 17, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, and basically the whole cast.

Dancers also ran the risk of becoming a failed fusion if they performed the dance wrong, often with hilarious results.

In Destiny 2, the Fusion Dance is less a way of combining powers and more just a fun emote. It’s also not called the Fusion Dance.

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Destiny 2 already has several multiplayer emotes, such as High Five, Chest Bump, Fist Bump, and Secret Handshake. To perform one of these emotes, one player starts the emote by offering a beckoning hand (usually), and then anyone around can take up the offer to complete the emote.

Which is how it works with Link Up (Destiny’s name for Fusion Dance), with one player offering to start and then someone else completing the emote by doing a little dance and them tilting at the waist to bump fists.

Link Up isn’t quite exactly like the Fusion Dance. First, the dance involves touching fingertips at the end, not fists. Second, Link Up really just uses the last two movements of the Fusion Dance and not the whole thing, where the two characters would perform a sort of crab-walk towards each other from several feet away.

It’s a bit of a weird overlap between Destiny 2 players and Dragon Ball Z, but we’re sure there are those gamers willing to pay the 800 Silver it’ll cost to obtain this emote. And who knows? Maybe Bungie will add the Spirit Bomb or Kamehameha attacks as emotes next.

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