How Did Eris Morn Survive?

As the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep nears, players have been gleaning more information about what lies ahead, and many wonder how Eris Morn survived all this time. The story of her miraculous but tragic survival goes back to The Great Disaster: The Tragedy on Luna.

The Rise of Crota

It all starts with the decision to attack the Hive on the Moon shortly after the battle of Burning Lake, which saw Guardians fighting the Hive on Earth. The conflict resulted in a victory with only a narrow margin. The Guardians of the City then moved to the Lunar Surface and joined the Praxic Order and the Sunbreakers in an effort to fend of legions of Thrall. Thousands of Guardians stood at the ready to take back the Moon, when a single Hive Champion arrived with power never before seen. This was known as the Rise of Crota, and Eris Morn was among the many to witness the event.

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Crota moved as an unstoppable terror, slaughtering Guardians everywhere. Watching the carnage unfold, Eris states, “I watched as Crota's soul rose from the abyss, his sword cracking the Moon's surface with every stroke, and countless Guardians, losing their light to his wrath."

In no time, the Guardians shifted from a confident offensive to a scrambling retreat, but not before the loss of many, including the legendary Titan, Wei Ning. Eris Morn became increasingly focused on destroying Crota.

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To do so, a fireteam was assembled, consisting of Eris Morn, Eriana-3, Toland the Shattered, Vell Tarlower, Sai Mota, and Omar Agah. Now it was time to leave Earth again to locate the throng of Crota.

Vell fell shortly after, having underestimated the Thrall and Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, another Hive Champion. As the fireteam moved deeper into the Hellmouth and sought to eliminate the Will of Crota, its spawn was able to summon the Might of Crota as an abomination. From there, an overwhelming power shocked the Guardians, and they knew that death was near. Toland sought ascendancy, to be part of something massive with the Hive.

Omar Agah has his light ripped from him by the Heart of Crota, while Sai and Eriana-3 charged the Hive, and Eris watched from the shadows, but knew they were dead in their final charge. Sai was stopped by Omnigul, while Eriana-3 slayed a thousand hive.

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Eris Survives At Great Cost

With the entire fireteam wiped out, only Eris Morn survived the tragic mission. "Robbed of her Ghost," reads the lore, "Eris remained lost among the darkest shadows of the Hellmouth for countless cycles. Despite all odds she endured, using the very dark she battled to emerge a changed warrior— driven, some would say obsessed. The Speaker and Commander Zavala find her compulsions a sickness, convinced she has been fully seduced by the shadows.”

Survival came only because of a dark power, a Ahamkara Bone acquired from the Great Ahamkara Hunt. Afterwards she found the opportunity to avenge what was lost and either recovered or created artifacts to honor two of those who had died so tragically. This is seen in the Ankh of Sai mota and Vell Tawlowe’s Vigil.

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Now players have been reintroduced to this changed Eris Morn, who is strongly attuned to the Hive and senses what they are doing. Drawn back to the Moon, she has discovered the nightmares unleashed by the Hive, some of which must be her old comrades.

Eris Morn is sure to have a significant role to play in the development of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and it remains to be seen if she will be a strong ally in the story that plays out on the moon, of if her obsession twists her to the point of no return. When one considers everything that she has been through, it seems like more than enough to drive even the strongest characters to madness.

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