Destiny 2 Will Reward Original Players With Exclusive Loot

Bungie is offering original Destiny players exclusive loot - and maybe other rewards - when they upgrade to the sequel.

The PlayStation Twitch stream has confirmed that the original Guardians will receive exclusive content to identify them in Destiny 2.

In a post linked on Reddit, Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague announced that players of the original Destiny will have a little something special to help them stand out when Destiny 2 hits stores.

“If you have played Destiny with us up to this point we will have certain identifiers so players can look at you and say, ‘You've been around since the beginning, you're one of the original guardians’," DeeJ said during the stream.

This set off a maelstrom of speculation on what those identifiers could be. The most popular theories would be for some sort of unique symbol, badge, or emblem next to the player’s gamertag. This turned out to be the most low-key theory on the thread.


From there speculation went to player portraits or frames that would be different depending on whether the Guardian played the original Destiny. This is something that Blizzard does already in most of their online multiplayer games, such as Overwatch or Diablo III, to denote gamers that have played for a very long time.

via Reddit user ReachJuggernog

Things started getting more elaborate with players suggesting actual cosmetic items, like backpacks, capes, or even angel wings. Why exactly a science fiction game like Destiny 2 would have stylized angel wings on what is ostensibly a futuristic soldier was not explained.

Still, others felt that Bungie would offer veteran players some exclusive weapon, such as a legendary sword. It’s not unheard of for multiplayer games to offer such things, although it is exceedingly rare, as it seems to provide an unfair advantage over new players. Still, the pull of fat loot is a strong one.

Many players, however, expressed complete indifference to the news of what will most likely be a small emblem that will carry little more weight than the player’s name does already.

Whatever it turns out to be, I’m sure players won’t complain about being rewarded for having played the original. And who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be a legendary sword after all. We’ll be sure to report more as Bungie releases more info.

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