Upcoming Destiny 2 Expansion - After Warmind - Will Bring Completely New Mode To The Game

Destiny 2 is getting a big new expansion. No, not Warmind. I mean, yes Warmind, but speculation is already happening on what the upcoming fall expansion will be. The official announcement will probably happen at E3, but to feed their hype, fans are digging into Activision's business meetings and listening to Youtubers. From those things, they've learned that Destiny 2 is getting a brand new mode.

The first thing most people will guess is that Destiny 2 will be adding a battle royale mode. After all, pretty much every other shooter is doing it. But actually, that doesn't seem to be the case. Polygon has gathered what evidence it could and while most of it is very vague business speak, none of it mentions anything similar to PUBG or Fortnite.

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The biggest hint comes from Activision's latest financial earnings conference call. Collister Johnson, Activision's president and chief operating officer, said this about the fall expansion:

"But even more of what’s coming this fall into the innovations and gameplay there, including to what we think will be an incredibly engaging new mode, one that introduces a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming generally and certainly for the shooter space that Destiny created."

Of course, as with all big game updates, phrases like "whole new style" and "innovative gameplay" were tossed around liberally. Like with most promises by big gaming executives, it probably isn't as unique as it sounds. But one thing we can glean is that this new mode seems more specifically tailored to Destiny's style of gameplay rather than just tossing a battle royale onto it.

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The Polygon article also cites Datto and UnknownPlayer, two Destiny Youtubers who were invited to an exclusive event to give feedback about the new mode. While restricted in what they could say, they did mention that the new mode is endgame-oriented and repeatable.

With all that said, the only thing fans can do is continue to speculate and wait for a reveal. Activision did confirm it will happen at E3. So perhaps there will be one bright spot in the sea of copy-paste battle royale reveals.

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