Destiny 2: Farm Social Space And Mini-Games Revealed

With any sequel, there’s always a fear that the developers will rest on their laurels. Just pump out more of the same, safe in the knowledge that it’ll sell. After all, the more popular the series, the bigger the title, the more devs have to lose. We all know that hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned, and creators are often unwilling to change anything too drastic as a result.

You see this with a lot of AAA franchises. Sports games, such as FIFA Soccer, are often criticised for releasing spot-the-difference installments every year with only the most minor changes. The original Destiny was one hell of a big deal, being the first post-Halo FPS from Bungie and all, and it’s had quite a life. Now that it’s sequel time, what can we expect?

Bungie have got the hype train for Destiny 2 running at full speed now, having announced that they are no longer updating the original so as to concentrate on the second game. It’s set for release in September (with a delay until October for the PC version), and we’ve already seen that the team are keen to balance the old and the new.

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Veteran Destiny players are being honoured with exclusive loot, emblems and titles, some of which are already unobtainable if you’ve missed the event that triggered them. It’s a time to pay homage to the old while ushering in the new, though, as the revamped subclasses demonstrate. The changes are more than just mechanical, too, as Bungie have introduced an expansive new feature they’re calling The Farm.

The Farm is a dynamic, expansive social space a little like a hub world. Here, humanity are rebuilding and repairing their assets, in an attempt to recover from the destruction of the first title. It’s a similar area to the towns of Capcom’s Monster Hunter, with all the tools, vendors, and other activities you need to keep your gear in top condition.

The Farm is a safe haven not only for shopkeepers, but refugees and civilians as well. It will grow and advance as you progress in Destiny 2, with NPCs passing through and more functionality becoming available to the players.

The biggest deal here isn’t the NPC element. At the Farm, you can get yourself and your strike team set up for the next raid, and a number of other players will be right there with you. While you’re waiting for your squad, you can engage in mini-games like soccer - there’s a fully-scored futuristic soccer game available which looks great. And hilarious.

Bungie haven’t detailed everything yet, but you can take a look at IGN’s tour of the Farm right here.

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